30th Anniversary of Freestyle

October 16, 2015 // 0 Comments

Come join Wepa Fm Nov.14th at The Bank United Center for the BIGGEST FREESTYLE EVENT OF THE YEAR!!! The 30th Anniversary of Freestyle Concert Event. Over 15 of your favorite Freestyle artist performing all under one roof. Wepa.Fm will be in the house with our entire staff. Spinning LIVE DJ Jorge Ojeda, DJ Otto, DJ Fate & DJ Stunna. Another Charlie Rock Production.

The Kromozone Project

September 15, 2014 // 0 Comments

THE KROMOZONE PROJECT Who are Randy Lance & Elle? Could you tell us a little bit more about ?Randy: Born in Cheektowaga, NY but raised in Indiana in the US. Realized at age 9, music was my calling… despite the fact that I couldn’t play any instruments or sing at the time. So, I began teaching myself to sing, play classical piano, program synthesizers and drum programmers, write songs and arrange them etc. which has lead me to owning my own independent record label and striking a distribution deal for international sales with radio airplay.Elle:Vivacious, sexy, hardworking, giving… there are so many, I cannot list them all. When did you get into the music business? Randy: I had taught myself to play classical piano (mostly […]


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Hello Ceres, how are you? I’m fine, thank you! It’s a real pleasure to conduct your first interview for a Freestyle web site/ magazine. Thank you very much for accepting this interview. You are welcome. My pleasure. Could you introduce yourself? I was born in Italy (Sicily). I spent my childhood in a little village with my grandparents. Currently I live in Germany and I am working in the IT for a hardware producing company. Where does the name Ceres come from? I have been always interested in Greek mythology. Ceres was a goddess. A little clumsy just like me. 😉 Why did you decide to move from Italy to Germany? Is it only because of your singing career, or maybe for personal reasons? My […]

Carlos Berrios

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Could you tell us a little bit more about you? I was born in Bogota (Colombia) to a Colombian Mother and a Peruvian father. Apparently my parents, who were already living in New York at the time, thought it would be a good idea if I were born in South America. Soon after I was born, we all came back to New York. That’s where I was raised. In Flushing, New York. My father left us when I was about six years old. When I was 15 years old my mother, stepfather and brother moved a few miles away to Rego Park, where I’ve been ever since. I have a small studio in my apartment where I do most of my work now. But in […]

Miguel Reyes

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Miguel, could you tell us a little bit more about you? I am living in South Florida. I have a City job in community services division. Hobbies include karate and swimming. So, your career began in 1990 under the label Afecta Records with the first song “Remember the days” by Full Afekt (you were the lead singer of this band from Philly). How did you get involved in this project? Yes, I was the lead singer. Robert (Pacheco), Bobby (Rodriguez) and Larry (Webb) wanted to start forming a group and I met them through a mutual friend, and I was told they were looking for a lead singer. I sent them a demo when they heard my demo I got involved and that is when […]

Music Reviews 1

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MUSIC REVIEWS by: Francis Tanneur Opinions expressed are those of the individual writer for informational purpose only. They do not necessarily reflect the opinions or viewpoints of Freestyle Music.Com. MUSIC REVIEWS # 1 FIERCE FREESTYLE CLASSICS (CD medley) UBL RECORDINGS / HOT PRODUCTIONS, INC Score: 4 stars Beware that name: The Mixtress (a.k.a. Janelle Tsujiuchi). With this CD, she has just entered Freestyle world with stunning style. Fully mixed with talent and professionalism, this medley includes prestigious artists, like Stevie B’s “Spring Love”, Nocera’s “Summertime, summertime”, Monet’s “Do you remember”, Buffy’s “Give me a reason”, Rochelle’s “Playing for an angel”, Jossette’s “In a dream”… You’ll also enjoy the instrumental interludes (“Stress beats”, “23 purple beats”, etc.) who give to the record the very personal touch […]

Issue #10

October 31, 2000 // 0 Comments

Community Report Issue#10 Get your broom sticks out, and your Dracula caps on because the jack o’ lantern is on the prowl. The GLOBAL 2000 Freestyle Renaissance is here. Starting this month our website we will have direct links to order the music that we mention in our columns. If you see a link either on the albums, artists, labels pictures or on the written information that we provide for you, don’t be scared just click on it. Remember these important words: Listen Before You Buy It’s only the month of All-Hallows Eve. It might be interesting to some of you that in this month which we mark as the beginning of the Global 2000 Freestyle Renaissance, 2000 years ago the celebration of the dead […]

Issue #9

September 29, 2000 // 0 Comments

Community Report Issue#9 “NO MATTER HOW HARD YOU TRY, YOU CAN’T STOP US NOW” 1998. This is the year of the peak of our re-birth. Our rebirth as “Disco”, as well as the rebirth of “HipHop”. The elevation of club and street culture continues, as we enter the long awaited GLOBAL 2000. A couple of years behind us, ignorance dominated. We lived through and surpassed that period in our history we now call the “Dark Age”. We now live through this Freestyle renaissance, a period within the last couple of years that both young and old generations of DJ’s and producers have re-discovered our roots and turned today’s Electro HipHop back to Dance Music the same way it was done back in “83”. For the […]

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