A Night Out With Freestyle Music.Com
( Club Taj & Club Deep- Freestyle Parties-June 12, 1998 )
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On June the 12, 1998 Freestyle was in the air. We had the opportunity to follow one of Miami's own Freestyle singer Hilda Mariee and dancers, while they toured the club scene for two performances. The first show was at Club Deep and the other at Club Taj. I would like to start off by thanking the following people who made this night possible.

I would like to thank Fever 91.7 FM in Miami, DJ Otto and their staff, for hooking us up for the Club Taj-Freestyle Concert. I would also like to thank Jerry from Detour Records and the entire staff of  Detour Records staff for hooking us up for the Club Deep- Freestyle Concert.  A special thank you goes out to the management of Ten-Lion Records and Destune Records who provided us with a limousine ride for Hillda Mariee and the girls, throughout the whole evening. Thank you, Joey and Marlene. Next, a thanks goes out to both clubs, without them and their willingness to promote Freestyle in Miami this would have never taken place. Keep up the good work!!!   Finally, to Hilda Mariee and her dancers, thank you for a fun and interesting ride, we all love you here at Freestyle Music.Com.

Joey111.jpg (12238 bytes) It all started right here from the Freestyle Music.Com headquarters. Toasting the night away. (left Joey Lopez from Destune Records & right Jonpito from Extreme Music)
We were picked up by the Ten-Lion Records limo.   The limo was a ten person stretch limo. Very appropriate since it was coming from Ten-Lion. Inside the limo were all the accommodations you could imagine.  Raudi from Raudi Party Promotions and his girlfriend  Maria on the right.  limo1.jpg (13571 bytes)
limo2.jpg (12399 bytes) To give you an example of how much space was in the limo, here's Jonpito from Extreme Music demonstrating on how comfortable it was. Next we were off to pick up the Hilda Mariee and the girls.
Here you see the beautiful girls Hilda Mariee and dancers as they smile for a camera shot in the limo. Starting from the first girl in the very front, lead singer Hilda, behind her is April, behind her  is Christy, and behind her is Ci- Ci. limo3.jpg (18847 bytes)
Deep11.jpg (18698 bytes)

Our first stop that night was at Club Deep. Here is where we met up with the Detour Record staff.  In this picture you have from the left to right, the owner of Detour Records, Mother Detour- Pricilla Garcia, myself in the middle Jorge A. Ojeda, and Jerry Godbout, owner and producer. Not only is Detour Records one of few labels still pumping good dance music, but they are also one of the friendliest.

Next it was time for the girls to meet the Detour Record staff. Thanking them for their promotion of the Club Deep concert. From the left to right  Jerry from Detour, April and Hilda , Mother Detour, Christy & Ci-Ci,   and Mike. deep3.jpg (18971 bytes)
Deep4.jpg (16534 bytes) As the night started to develop I couldn't go out without mentioning the combined talents of  Club Deep's DJ & light technician, for a great job.  From your left is light man Jose Gabriel and on the wheels of steel , DJ Trigger (Nelson Martinez).
The show was ready to go on, and the look out from the DJ booth was the best place in the house.(Jonpito- Extreme Music) tt800.jpg (10868 bytes)
deep6.jpg (12848 bytes) The girls went on and started to strut their stuff. . In this picture you see Hilda (lead) pumping away to the music. As the crowd is watching along.
   In this picture you see Hilda dedicating a song to her fans, as they watch the girls work it on stage. On the left of Hilda is Ci-Ci, and on the right you have Christy. deep8.jpg (15441 bytes)
deep10.jpg (16163 bytes) Right after their performance the girls were greeted back stage by their fans. In this picture you have the girls posing along with one of their fans.
It was time to head off with the girls to their next performance. But before that, Joey of  Destune Records decided to chill a little with them, after the performance. Joey on the left, Hilda and the girls in the middle, Jonpito from Extreme Music on the right. deep12.jpg (22211 bytes)
deep13.jpg (21431 bytes) Even though the girls had to leave Club Deep because their next performance was only a couple of hours away. Onnie from Detour Records (classic   record "Come Back") and Noel (Silent Morning) were their to continue the Freestyle party. From what I heard they had the house rocking. Here are the girls with Onnie, seconds before making their breakaway to show number two at Club Taj.
Once we left the club we were  back in the limo. By then everyone was loose, and the feeling of a non-stop party night was to continue. The girls were preparing for the next show while in the limo. Make up was flying every where, as the girls were brushing up to greet their fans at Club Taj.  Ci-Ci was ready with her great, beautiful smile(on the left) , while April (on the right) was waiting anxiously to arrive at their next destination.  One way ticket to Club Taj. Tt6.jpg (6181 bytes)
taj100.jpg (13397 bytes) As soon  as we arrived at the front doors of Club Taj, we were greeted by no other than DJ Otto, from the Fever 91.7 FM.  The girls were very happy to see him since he was one of the key figures that made this Freestyle night possible. (From left to right, April, Ci-Ci ,Otto, Hilda and Christy)
When we arrived the party was just getting started. The largest Freestyle Concert of the Summer (as advertised by Fever) was about to get under way. The club was rocking to the old and new sound of the Freestyle Music community. With the staff of 91.7 on wheels of steel. Taj300.jpg (14506 bytes)
Allegra222.jpg (19625 bytes) The first artist to take the stage was Alegra. Let me tell you something about this girl, she can move. Her show electrified the crowd with her energetic dance routine. The track that she performed was also slamming. Alegra will be one of the dominating forces of the dance music scene of today. Alegra is found here with her producers and manager Carmine Cristofer and Tony Livoti.

Next to take the stage was new comer Renee who also had a great performance. His new track "This Time" should be a add for all DJ's.   After Renee, rapping Vic came on stage. Let me tell you, if you were not here you missed his flashy dancers put on a show.  In this picture you have the two dancers dressed in a green outfit on your left.

Taj200.jpg (17502 bytes)
Taj400.jpg (21208 bytes) The next artist to go on was one of the top dance music queens of the early 80's, Madeline Red. She performed her high energy classic "Come Back To Me". Madeline had everyone in the crowd singing along. I was very happy to see her once again doing what she does best. Thank you Madeline. Here's Alegra (left) along side the wonderful Madeline Red. (right)
Another group that attended  the concert, but didn't perform that night was Latin Express.  Featured in the group is former member of Secret Society, Frank Lords. They have a new track out, a remake of the original disco classic Soul Makossa on MRX records. It would have been great to see them perform. Maybe next time. Seeing Frank Lords tear up the percussion's would have been a treat for everyone. I consider him to be one of the great percussion players of dance music. On the picture starting from left to right you have Fabi, Tommy, Frank Lords and Erica. Latinex2.jpg (24115 bytes)
Tt156.jpg (9056 bytes) The Hilda and girls where the main act of the night. They closed up the concert singing three of their tracks. . In this performance Ci-Ci, Hilda and April were moviendo la colita. It was a  great show for the girls.
Before the girls made their final exit from the club, they mingled a little more. Here are some pictures with a couple of special guests. In this picture you have Clancy from Magic Apple Records (in the blue) with the girls. (Ci-Ci, Hilda, April, Christy) Tt144.jpg (20250 bytes)
Edd11.jpg (19057 bytes) And yet another picture with a special guest. Here are the girls with Ed- Ten, from Ten-Lion Records. Ed came back from his long vacation to make sure he didn't miss the girls performance.

Well as all good things come to end the night was also coming to it's finale. It's was a  pleasure for Freestyle Music.Com  and myself to have been invited to cruise the night along with one of South Florida's  Freestyle singers and labels Ten-Lion Records. In addition, we would like to thank everyone that made this Freestyle Friday possible.  FEVER 91.7FM who keeps pumping the true sound, Freestyle. Destune Records, Detour Records, Ten-Lion, Club Deep, Club Taj, and Hilda Mariee and the girls..

While back in the limo as we all departed from a wonderful night of non-stop dance music, the girls get their last good-byes. Bye, Bye everyone, and keep FREESTYLING. (left Jonpito, and Teaz II PLeaz) pito900.jpg (15316 bytes)

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