CHROMIUM Entertainment
brings us Live and On Stage George Lamond
by: Yolanda Villalobos

Saturday, Jan. 12, 2002 @ Chromium Nite Club, Chicago IL.
By: Yolanda Villalobos

GEORGE LAMOND, singing his hits @ CHROMIUM, 817 W. Lake Street Chicago IL.
George does it again putting on another memorable performance! The fans can't seem to get enough of this great artist.  George, Chi-town is your home. Freestyle recording artist "MARIO" shows his support by phone! Enjoy the photographs!  BESOS! XOX
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1. George Lamond & Yolanda Villalobos
2. VIP Style ~ Yolanda & George
3. Fans! Lisa Delao and Yolanda
4. Kathie Erickson & George Lamond
5. GEORGE LAMOND on Stage, doing what he does best.
6. "Without You!"
7. Fans @ Chromium
8. George Lamond looking Hot!
9. George on call with Mario
10. MARIO ~ Look for his new song "Freestyle Love"
11. Mario and George
12. George Lamond ~ We Love You!
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George Lamond & Yolanda Villalobos@Freestyle Music.Com VIP Style ~ Yolanda & George@Freestyle Music.Com
Fans! Lisa Delao and Yolanda@Freestyle Music.Com Kathie Erickson & George Lamond@Freestyle Music.Com
GEORGE LAMOND on Stage, doing what he does best@Freestyle Music.Com "Without You!"-George Lamond@Freestyle Music.ComFans @ Chromium@Freestyle Music.Com
George Lamond looking Hot@Freestyle Music.Com George on call with Mario@Freestyle Music.Com
MARIO ~ Look for his new song "Freestyle Love"@Freestyle Music.Com Mario and George@Freestyle Music.ComGeorge Lamond ~ We Love You@Freestyle Music.Com