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Saturday, May 18, 2002

Saturday, May 18, 2002

Hosted By: Dino Latino and Sidney
By: Yolanda Villalobos at:

To the Freestyle community this is for you! TKA and Stevie B’s special live performance photographs captured in Chicago the place to be on Saturday nights Chromium Nite Club.  For more event pictures visit 

Looking better than ever the New York’s hottest dance groups TKA is back to give Chicagoans the new Tommy Boy Music release TKA Forever.   What can I say but “Louder Than Love” that’s what we have always been for TKA! 

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Angel enjoying Tony’s birthday cake brought in by his Chicago Fans. Angel and Tony doing their thing on stage.
K7 doing what he does best.  Come baby come! K7, Yolanda and Angel
Kathie and Angel TKA in action!
Tony on the phone with MARIO! Tony & K7 on stage.
Tony on stage

Tony on Stage 2.

Yolanda & K7

Yolanda with TKA on stage.

Stevie B resides in Brazil and he is making a return to America and debut at Chromium. Singing his hits, which include everyone's favorite. "Spring Love," "I Wanna Be The One," and "Party Your Body."  I wish it were always Spring Love.  He brought the Brazilian hot weather!  Just look at the pictures…love was all around.

Dino, Stevie B and Mario MARIO and Stevie B
Stevie B Stevie kissing Paola his wife


Stevie B on stage 1. Stevie B on stage 2.
Stevie B on stage 3. Stevie B on stage 4.
Stevie B, Yolanda & Paola Yolanda & Stevie B

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