Johnny O in Miami
by: Rosa Cordero

Jony1.jpg (7592 bytes)        After five years of silence, a major freestyle legend has returned to the stage.  Many fans packed the popular Ft.Lauderdale club, Emerald City on Friday, January 21, 2000.  The night began with a wonderful variety of freestyle songs and some of the new and popular trance, hip hop and booty jams.  The party was complete, friends, freestyle and fun.  Not to mention a new Freestyle Friday host, Power 96‚€™s DJ Laz. 
After his long awaited return to the stage, he finally appears, looking as if he had never left.  Johnny O takes the stage, and the crowd goes crazy.  A room packed with fans let him know he has never left their hearts.   He sang his hits, "Fantasy Girl", " Highways of Love" and many of his other Freestyle favorites. Unfortunately, without Cynthia, "Dreamboy, Dreamgirl" could not be performed!      Jony2.jpg (5579 bytes)
Jony3.jpg (8269 bytes) Nevertheless, he sang and danced with such amazing feeling that the crowd was not able to contain themselves.  They sang to the top of their lungs along with him and let him know he hasn‚€™t been forgotten.    

Johnny O loves his fans and appreciates all their support throughout the years.  He is very nice in person and promised that future plans are in the works.  I will keep you posted!

Many acts are going to be headlining at Emerald City in the near future.  Make sure to come out and show them your support.  Friday, February 18th will be Nyasia and Giggles performing live, and February 25th will be Tito Puente Jr.   Many more groups planned for the immediate future.  Feel free to email me at for future performance dates or information.


Until next time..........Keep freestyle alive forever.