Judy Torres in Miami
by: Rosa Cordero

judyt1.jpg (11690 bytes)        Picture it......an ordinary 80 degree Friday night in Ft.Lauderdale, Florida. Well, an evening that started out ordinary. The lines were long and the anticipation was great. Everyone was waiting to enter Emerald City. A popular Ft.Lauderdale hotspot where Jammin’ Johnny from Power 96 hosts his Freestyle Friday party.

Emerald City was jammin’ with all the great freestyle hits we all remember and love. Right when you think the party couldn’t get any better, the stage is cleared and one of the biggest legends in Freestyle history enters the stage.

The sounds of screaming and clapping amongst the diehard freestyle fans filled the room. Ms. Judy Torres has entered the room. Her voice and smiling face covered the room. She played her hits, " No reason to cry", "Come into my arms", and "Love you will you love me."

Then she introduced the crowd to her new song, "Back into your arms." A beautiful follow up to "Come into my arms." She reminded us of all the silly dance steps we use to do and reminisced about other freestyle hits.

judyt2.jpg (18164 bytes)
judyrosa1.jpg (11101 bytes) On stage performance may not say much about the "real" person behind the music. Meeting Judy backstage was a wonderful experience. She is so sweet and dedicated to her fans. She answers e-mails personally and doesn’t hesitate to smile for a picture.

Judy Torres remains the reigning queen of Freestyle in my heart and in the heart of many. Check out her web site at: http://www.judytorres.com .

Don’t miss future live shows at Emerald City. Many BIG names will be appearing soon. November 26, 1999, Soave, who had the hits: "Crying over you" and "If you say you want me" will be performing live at Emerald City. All diehard freestyle fans should come out and show their support. If anyone has any questions feel free to contact me at: FIUgirl99@aol.com.


Until next time..........Keep freestyle alive forever.

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