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We provide Recording,Production, Remixing, Song Writing, Publishing, Copyright,Tape-CD Duplication

A complete Digital 24-track & 99 track midi recording studio.
Full Production, Remixes, Pre-Post- Midi - High Quality Cassette Duplication - Music & Jingles for Radio and TV, Producers, Engineers, Musicians, DJs, Song Writers



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Rate Description

Hourly Rate Minimum Time
Basic Recording $45.00 1 Hour
Basic Mixing $45.00 1 Hour
10 Hour Block Rate   $350.00 $35.00 10 Hours

One song Demo
Includes production

$800 Up to
8 Hours


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For booking, please call us a week in advance. A booking deposit will apply for all customers. You may reach the studio directly by calling:

Click Here

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Jorge A. Ojeda
Freestyle Music dot COM

Producer, Engineer, Remixer, Songwriter, Arranger, DJ

Produced groups like Los Sucios, Sound of Destiny, Teaz II Pleaz, Felix, Eddie Mix & more.

Genres: Dance, Freestyle, Electronic,Hiphop, Miami Bass, Techno/House, G-Funk, Reggae, Latin

(305) 978-8883

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 Our Goal  

FMC Recording Studios is located in Miami, Florida and is a premier professional recording studio. Our clients include national, regional and local groups, bands, solo artists, producers, songwriters, composers and DJ's, as well as advertising and broadcast media.

We can provide you with the best in quality full production, and remixing services.

In addition, we can also provide you with the best of our Real Time professional cassette duplication service.

For information call: (305) 978-8883

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Akai MPC-60 Sampling Drum Machine
Proteus/1 Pop/Rock Module
Proteus/2 Orchestral Module
Midi Bass/ 360 Systems Module
Korg Poly-800 II Keyboard
Roland W-30 Sampling Keyboard
Lexicon Lxp-5 Processor
Aphex Aural Exciter Type E
Digitech 306 Digital Delay System
Yamaha SPX 90II Effects System
ART/SGE Digital Effector/Pitch Transposer
Digitech DSP 128 Plus Digital Signal Processor
Digitech HM 4 Harmony Machine
Digitech IPS 33 Smartshift/Intelligent Pitch Shifter
Digitech RDS 4000 Time Machine
Fostex Reverb Unit Model 3180
Yamaha GQ 1031 Graphic Equalizer
Furman Quad Noise gate Model QN 44
DBX 166 Stereo Compressor/ Limiter
DBX 165A Overeasy Compressor/ Limiter
Fostex Model E-2 / 2 Trk Mastering Recorder
Fostex Model E-16 Multitrack Recorder
Alexis XT Adat- 8 Track Digital Multitrack Rec.
BBE II Sonic Maximizer 462
Furman 1/4inch Patch Bays
Vestax HDR-6 Track Dig. Harddrive Recorders
JBL Model 4312A Control Monitors
Digital Designs Studio Monitors
Auratone Studio Monitors
Hill - Remix Mixing Console
Fostex 8316 Remote Control Unit
Panasonic SV-3700 Digital Audio Tape Deck
Panasonic SV-3500 Digital Audio Tape Deck
Nakamichi MR-1 Discrete Head Proff. Deck
Stewart HDA-4 Head Phone Control Monitor
SAE 4200 Speaker Switching Systems
QSC Model 1400 Studio Amplifier
Technic SL-1200 MK2 Turntable
RS 32-1200A Stereo Mixer
Sharp DX-R770 CD Player
AKG 240 Headphones
AKG C414-ULS Microphone
Shure SM-58 Microphones
Nova 40 Headphones
Sony DM 70 Headphones
Talmus Electric Guitar
Peavey T-40 Bass Guitar
Acoustic Guitar
AKG Screen Guard
Music Stand
Microphone Stand


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"The History of Florida's Rock-Soul-Dance Music"

Exclusive MIX CD
by DJ Jorge Ojeda
for Free   with a $10.00
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Freestyle Master Mix Set V.1


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