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The Freestyle Music Community
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This page is dedicated to the development of The Freestyle Community.
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FM.C 1998 People Choice Award Winners

What are your views on the use of the famous "Planet Rock" beat for Freestyle Music ?

What changes would you make in Freestyle, for it to become a dominant force in the
Dance Music Industry of today ?

This month's question is in tribute to El Cinco del Mayo.
Maybe a controversial topic, but a big demand for the Taco Bell Chihuahua has taken over the airwaves.
What do you think ? What's your comments ? Is this a down play of the Latin (Mexican) culture or should this issue be taken as a joke?

The peoples choice. Vote for 1997 best Freestyle:
Artist - Song - Producer - Record Label
Which of your favorites deserves Freestyle Music.Com's
1997 Award of Recognition ?

What is Trip-Hop ? Do you consider it to be Freestyle ?

What Freestyle track do you love the most & why?.

Where is the Freestyle Music Scene heading to?
And what steps can we take to keep our Community Strong?

Is the Old School better than the New School Freestyle Music ?
Yes or No & WHY ?

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