Community Report
Issue #12

We’re going to party like it’s 1999. The New Year is here, let it be known for the year of creativity. The year of the New Freestyle Era. The first steps into the Freestyle Force that will finally unlock the doors of the true believers of the scene, and push aside the fake ass wanna bees that preach all bull without even experiencing what this whole movement is all about, from it’s birth until its evolving state. It’s very easy to talk crap and gossip about other people in this business, but always ask yourself a question. What have you accomplished ? And who's stone have you stepped on for a jump start? Sometimes all it takes is for you to wake up and smell the roses. Remember the truth will always prevail.

Do you all want to read about the sorry ass shit that goes on in this business, or do you want to read about the good shit ? News will always be news, so then we will report it. But this time around our focus we be mainly on what deserves recognition. It’s not going to be like a tabloid publication, face it Freestyle has suffered a downfall for to long. Away with the garbage, it’s time to recycle. If your looking for tabloid material then I suggest for you to start your own website. We have dedicated so much time and effort to make this website a FREE FORM of media for the Freestyle Community.


1999 is becoming the year for the independent label and artist to break back into the scene.

freddy1.GIF (25407 bytes) There has been one person that has been taking the Freestyle Community into another level. His dedication to the music has opened doors for the Freestyle Community to be able to reach a mass majority through the power of TV. Puerto Rican born Freddy Lopez has been expanding "The Freddy Lopez Show" on the television airwaves through Broxnet on channel 69, BCAT Brooklyn/Queens channel 34-69, and Cleveland Ohio channel 63.

His show has become the talk of the music industry. The show is hosted by Mr. Freddy Lopez, Freestyle Diva Chrissy I-eece, producer Artie Rodriguez and Mercy Lee. "The Freddy Lopez Show" is a bilingual program that brings you the best of Freestyle, Latin Dance, Merengue, Salsa and House music.

Not only is Freddy busy promoting Freestyle through his show, but he has also contributed to the community with his most recent release entitled "Tu Jugastes Con Mi Amor". It’s a slamming Latin Freestyle album which is produced by Artie Rodriguez and written by Freddy Lopez himself. The album is found on the Pryme Tyme Latin record label. A big-ups goes out to the busy and talented Freddy Lopez and his crew. Lpzcd.pcx (78046 bytes)

Keep up the good work and positive vibes for the community. For more information on Freddy’s show or album contact F&F Music and TV Productions at 718-519-0084.

Ardella2.pcx (155047 bytes) A new artist that should be knocking down the doors of Clubland is 19 year old Ardella. She is featured on bod Emotions CD entitled Dramatic Dances Vol.1. Coming from a small town in Lancaster California, Ardella Tatro will seduce you with her sweet, hypnotic trance like vocals along with the groove and it’s slap happy deep house kicks with a touch of the Neo-Freestyle sound.

Here is a photo of Ardella and her  two dancers. (Deena on the left and Rachel on the right. This photo was taken at one of her shows in AZ.

All tracks are produced by the talented Esteve Jimenez. My favorite track on the CD is "If You Say", a break-beat/drum-n-bass Freestyle track. This track displays the new form which is quickly developing as the evolved sound that is emerging from the combination of all Latin Hip Hop styles. This track receives a well deserved 4-star **** rating for it’s unique vocal arrangement and rhythmic structure.

Here a photo of producer Esteve Jimenez and his boy Orlando.

esteve1.jpg (16844 bytes)
drama1.jpg (22770 bytes) To find out more about Ardella Tatro and the Dramatic Dances Vol.1 CD contact Esteve Jimenez at 805-951-3791. If you want to buy your copy of the CD just click at the bottom to see how to order it directly through Freestyle Music.Com.

Dramatic Dances Vol. 1- bod Emotions feat. Ardella

"It’s About Tyme" for me to introduce to the Freestyle Community an up and coming artist "MARIO". I received his promo tape and let me tell you, this guy can sing. Mario’s Ep demo tape is entitled "It’s About Tyme" a very appropriate title. There are five tracks, "I Can't Go On", "Givin' Up On You", "Mystery Love", "Only Lonely" and Every Day I Pray". My favorite track is the well rounded Freestyle Jam "I Can’t Go On". A good way to describe this track is a combination of the George Lamond sound mixed with the FFWD sound. A Freestyle anthem in the making. Once released this is a must add to your collection, a DJ tingler. 4-stars **** Mario01.pcx (42434 bytes)

To find out more about Mario and the album contact Muzz Muzik at (916)721-6259 or 5 Starr Productions at (630)985-1189. It’s About Tyme we hear good vocals from a new artist.

Next on the list, Mr. Vilante better known as "The Master" brings us fresh tracks that will have the community reminiscing the Tolga, GT and Noel years. Julian Vilante and his "Master Of Jam Part II" CD has a slamming Freestyle track entitled "I’ll Think Of You" (Hip House Mix). Let me see how can I describe this track? Well if you take Noel’s "Out Of Time" and mix it with GT’s rough cut, but smoothly layered vocals along with a flare of Tolga’s melodic keys, then you have another Freestyle hit. Julian2.jpg (4193 bytes)

Two other tracks that grabbed my attention were "Crying In The Dark" an Electro-Freestyle, House driven track and "Feel The Force" another Electro-Freestyle track with a touch of that Man Parrish, "Man Made" sound. On this CD you can find Freestyle, Hip Hop, Techno and Rave influences.

Julian1.jpg (5287 bytes) BUT WAIT, Julian Vilante returns with his "Master of Jam Part III" CD. This CD is an EP of his productions, plus 3 mixes of "Fool 2 Believe". The Freestyle track on this CD is "Let The Music Take Control" a A-LA Captain Hollywood European sound backed up by a female singer and Vilante vocals. Both CD’s are brought to you by KICK ‘O’ NAMIC RECORDS. For more information they can be reached at 818-981-4691.

You can also check out their website\~kick or
e-mail them at:


The addition of the Dance category to the Grammy’s has been a very controversial subject amongst Clubland. Lately it’s been becoming a trend that popular pop, country and even rock artist have been jumping on the Clubland bandwagon. Are these artist really in it for the love of creating Dance music, or see it as an easy way to conquer a new category because of their fame. The Dance music industry in the past was slowly being ignored by the mainstream executives and since the acceptance of the new category for the Grammy’s, it’s popularity has been on the rise.

Cyndi Lauper, Shania Twain, and Englebert Humperdink, to name a few , have been enjoying there new found success in the Dance community. Madonna, Gloria Estefan and now Cher have even returned to their Dance roots. Do you "Believe" in the power of Dance? I think it’s great that the community is now receiving more respect along with a little help from popular recording artists. But, will this make it harder for well deserving CLUB acts that have not received super star status to make their way up to the Grammy’s?. Is this a good thing for the Dance community ? Or is the scene being used like a cheap one night stand? What do you think? Click here to e-mail us your comments.


Delay is Back!!!!!! Genuine Parts is about to release a remix of "Did It Feel Like Love 99". Delay (the original voice on Did It Feel Like Love) has reunited with Producer Avy Gonzalez and will re-record 3 Genuine Parts records. She will also re-record "You're The One" & Always Beside Me (Originally performed by Sandee' , and originally written for Genuine Parts by Avy) and "Is There a Chance" by Merci Mercy ( Also Written & Produced by Avy).

Avy will be mixing "Did It Feel Like Love 99" at Kokopelli Recording Studio in Homestead by mid January and rumor has it that DJ George Alvarado will be sitting in on the mix. Stay Tuned.

Soon To Come........ Will To Power - Dreamin 99 by Bob Rosenburg and also included a DJ Laz- Dreamin 99 Bass Mix


Brutal Bill - Remix of Afrika Bambaataa & The Soul Sonic Force - Looking For The Perfect Beat

LiL Jon's - Remix of Planet Patrol - Play At Your Own Risk (including additional vocals from Lathan)

Cevin Fisher - Remix of Arthur Baker - The Break 98

New Releases

DOS Records/Imperial Prestige Records and Decade Management are currently releasing their first single from the group "TRIBU CENTRAL"...The single is "Esperando Tu Regreso". The track is a Latin Freestyle/Dance single. Attached is a picture of Tribu Central and another artist "Jessica" all from Imperial Prestige records....Baby Latin(mustache),Pete O(whiteboy), Cesar(cesar hair cut) and Jessica....
Baby Latin and Cesar are Tribu Central.
Tribu.pcx (83277 bytes)

Scooter, an European Euro Dance artist, has just released a single called "We Are The Greatest". A Hi-Energy Freestyle track.

This single has a strong Electro-pop sounding rhythm, with some Latin Freestyle and Techno influences in it. The maxi-single contains 3 mixes, including an extended mix. The sound sets an example of what Freestyle can become in next decade.

At this moment Scooter is climbing the charts in the Netherlands.

SECRETO y su grupo que "TUMBA LA CASA"
A new musical concept emerged in New York City during the summer of 1997 gaining instant recognition. When the group known back then as "SANCOCHO" now "SECRETO y su grupo TUMBA LA CASA", walked into the recording studio the innovative and electrifying group applied their mixture of merengue and hip hop with house backbeat rhythm to a song they called "Tumba La Casa", it earned international acclaim. Within days the recording was aired on all major radio stations throughout the country (USA), played in all discotheques, private parties and celebrations where vibrant dancing sounds are enjoyed and appreciated."Tumba La Casa" has reached historical status, Billboard Latin Notas says SECRETO is staple top ten in Europe, Secreto has appeared in cameo spots in such films as "Buscando un Sueno" and "M.S.R." (both SAG films), you can find his raps on various recordings such as Zafra Negra remix, Kinito Mendez remix, La Sexy's Killing me Softy, El General's Bamba and also Banda Loca's Sosa La Boto.

Secreto appeared on ABC's Good Morning America New Years Eve, schedule to appear in David Letterman's show this year, has already appeared on Sabado Giante, Sabado 47, Sabado Mediodia, Pachanga Latina. Has won 1997 ACE's award.

Secreto has traveled all over the United States and some parts of South America. Tours are being set for Europe and Canada, this has not all come easy but Secreto keeps his spirit up and keeps moving forward. The newest project besides the new CD being produced by Secreto's Production Company in conjunction with El General, DJ Mafa, DJ Lucho, and other well known producers for Combo Records - home of El Gran Combo and now Secreto, another project is the TV sitcom titled "Un Secreto" for Spanish TV. I'm sure you'll agree that SECRETO has earned his place in the spectrum of Artist we all respect and admire, for he has brought a new era onto the music scene, Merengue House and Latin Reggae.Meet SECRETO y su grupo que "TUMBA LA CASA" Now Exclusive Recording Artist of Combo Records Email:
USA 1-718 235-6656

Rikki Rik
Artistik Management
New Roster Line Up for 1999!

Artistik Management announces the entire entertainment roster for 1999 and promises to bring to you a full load of promising entertainers all gearing up for the future of show business! The roster includes the nations first East Indian/American pop/crossover singing sensation, Míla Marcíl. Born in Canada and raised in Dallas, Texas. Míla Marcil has performed all over the nation including Miami, Las Vegas, Chicago, Austin, Amarillo, Kansas, Dallas, Ft. Worth and has released a total of four dance tracks to date. Already conquering the Dallas’scene, capturing 2 awards for “Favorite Freestyle Song 1996” and “Favorite Female Vocalist 1998”. Plans for signing Míla Marcil to a recording deal are under way!

Next on the roster needs no introduction.

He’s a man of al ltrades....DJ FELONY a full-blown production producer, a re-mixer, an artist(rapper), capable of producing R&B, Hip Hop, Dance and lots more, this artist is beyond serious about his talent and final product! Having produced many artists, too many to name, DJ FELONY is finally under way with his artist career. Currently in the studio producing his own tracks, DJ FELONY is destined for great success. Hailing from Los Angles to Atlanta and now in Dallas,Texas, DJ FELONY has accomplished what others take years to achieve. In the Dallas radio market, DJ FELONY has managed to be heard on the #1 Rap/R&B station, K-104FM six nights a week..straight up at 7pm! Brand new tracks are under way to shop for a recording deal!

Next up is the new girl on the block, but already on #1 K-104 FM in Dallas, Texas for over a year without one track finished....What an accomplishment......her name is Lorena Del Söl....The Latina with lots of soul! Gearing up for production, this young lady is ready to rock the house...Latin Style....crossover Latin, Latin Urban and more! Already in the works is an up tempo/booty/dance track that will put that thunder on the dance floor and the radio!.......

Next on the roster is a brand new, very talented female singing duo straight out of Duncanville, Texas! Their name fits their description and that is Surreal.......these two high school seniors are preparing themselves for the promising future in R&B/Dance. Already making their singing debut on Dallas’K-104FM every Saturday Night at 10pm with today’s hottest radio promo for the Tight at Night crew. This duo is made up of Tiffany and Aishah, the future of the industry....With an industry demanding DJ’s around the country and the world...Artistik has announced ready and available for booking now is Dallas’legendary Stevie-D....serving the industry since 1981....Dance, Tejano, Old School, Motown, Banda, Norteno, you name it, Stevie-D. is now ready to take your event to the next level....conventions, concert productions, now!

Next is DJ Patrick F. of ENERGY 89.3FM...Patrick booking now for club dates both nationally and internationally....from House, Hard House, Trip Hop, BreakBeats, Hip Hop and more.....Patrick F. is ready for your next club residency, outdoor event or private now!.....

Representing Dallas’ finest is the one and only DJ Unknown of ENERGY 89.3FM....mixing the hottest Hip-Hop, R&B, Trip Hop,Freestyle, House Latino, Breakbeats and more........DJ Unknown is ready to take you on a trip to the millennium!.......Booking club and private dates now...........

ON THE NET (Cool websites worth checking out.)

Lana's Official home page - singer of "Don't Ever Leave Me"


Weekends were made for Dance Music, and New York City's Party Station for the internet, FRESH 106 brings it to you. Every Saturday night beginning at 9PM Eastern, join Steve Fox as he brings back New York's classic old school Latin Hip-Hop and Freestyle on the new "Freestyle Flava" show. All of the top club jams from the early '80's to the '90's, and Steve Fox's personal pick hits of future Freestyle jams. A show that Freestyle fans won't want to miss!

Then at 10PM eastern, Tony Diaz and DJ Wildcat pumps New York's hottest underground house and club jams in the mix on "New York Afterhours" till 12AM. 2 hours of nonstop deep house music in the mix with exclusive new music from the clubs and imports direct from the UK. For Club-Hoppers who love the late night/early morning cool house vibe, "New York Afterhours" is for you!

You work hard all week..... We party hard all weekend long.
Check out the flava on "New York's Party Station" - FRESH 106 "Representin' All The Flavaz of Hip-Hop."

Check out DJ Necio Representing KNON Energy 89.3 FM in Dallas Texas. He has a Freestyle/Dance show on Saturdays from 12 noon to 4pm on this station. He is looking for material for the show. Labels represent.
                                     DJ NECIO
                                     14414 CIMARRON DR.
                                     BALCH SPRINGS, TX. 75180

Special Hellos (Looking for Tolga Katas)

Hello I was wondering being that you guys deal with Freestyle music if you know the where abouts of TOLGA KATAS? He was with the band Linear and then Tolga. He was a very good friend of mine and we went to high school together. I just wanted to tell him hello because its been awhile. If you know how to get a hold of him please give him my e-mail address  my name is Becky Hussle. Thank you very much. Take care ...

Well until next time, keep supporting The Latin Hip Hop Movement.