Community Report
Issue #13

We are back with another Freestyle Music Community report. The last couple of months, especially March was full of parties and events that kept everyone in the entertainment business busy. The Grammy’s, Oscars, Espy’s and Miami’s own Winter Music Conference, were some of these events. Special congratulations goes out to Madonna for her contribution to Dance music.

41_logo.jpg (5849 bytes) Category 10
Best Dance Recording

Ray Of Light

Madonna, Pat McCarthy & William Orbit, producers/mixers
Track from: Ray Of Light [Maverick/Warner Bros. Records]

Last month I asked a questioned about the Grammy Awards regarding popular artist jumping on the Dance music bandwagon. So this month I include a comment from one of our readers, who happens also to be a popular Freestyle artist himself. Thanks Peter.

Comments: For starts we have to look back at Freestyle and where it came from.. The streets, being a form of outlet for a lot of artist to express themselves to the public about love, pain, anger, etc, etc. The only thing that held us back was the big industry. They found, but little places for us . Yeah there was some of us who have made it to billboard, but as soon as we got there something else came into play, politics! Not knowing how to market us not for filling net sales etc., etc., keeping the ones that don’t know, dumb and blind. For example why do you think rap has made a big come back ? Not only does it relate to the culture,times and feelings of the people but it is a national culture that helps each other. It also shows each others the ins and out of the biz. In addition, they also sell in the gold and platinum status. Freestyle to the true heads is just a way of life and to others it's just a dying form trying to stay alive. We at all times must not forget how far some of us have taken Freestyle and not to make the same mistakes of the past. It’s great to see how some are able to continue to stay real, opening up their own labels,mags, and t.v shows. The  more support and the more albums and less compilations with the blessing of the man from above, we should hopefully put Freestyle on platinum status ( that’s what is needed ). We should run all the independents as if they where major labels ( that’s what is truly needed). So to add to your question about big artist doing are music; They can come back and make a dance track ,because they have that ability to do so. They are all ready up there, and for sure they are going to try to keep up with the times. Now we have to reach that Plato, not only keep up are music but also to make changes that change with the times. I hopefully made my opinion clear and respectful, because I too believe that Freestyle will prevail in 99. Peace and god bless.     
Peter Fontaine  


The Freestyle Community is in store for the new kid in the block. Joey Acuna making his debut with a slamming CD single entitled "If This Is Love". A reminiscent vocal sound of the early Joey Kidd days, mixed in with the Slammin Sam west coast sound, with a touch of the Egyptian Lover’s backed up Egypt beats. This track is sure to be a guaranteed spin on radio mix shows and clubland dancefloors every where. The CD contains four jam packed mixes. Mix 1 is the Wild Club Mix, Mix 2 is basically an instrumental of the Club Mix called Wild Club Beats, and Mix 3 is a shorter version, Wild Radio Edit. Last is Mix 4 the Planet Z Mix. Jacuna.jpg (7923 bytes)

This mix is more of a uplifting house mix, with a touch of that Euro NRG sound. This mix is provided by Lenny "Linus" Douglas for Linus Productions. Vocals are provided by the talented Joey Acuna Jr., written by Joey Acuna Sr. And Sam Maxion/Maxion Music. Full production, keyboards and engineering is provided by Slammin’ Sam for Slammin’ Entertainment. The track was recorded and mixed at Slammin’ Studios. Joey Acuna will be the new kid knocking down the doors of the Freestyle Kingdom with a jam packed performance. DJ’s beware, don’t let this one go by. A must !!!!!!! 5-stars*****

Nev.jpg (10432 bytes) Loran Recordings presents it's second release, "Dimensions of Sound" a full length CD full of 11 non-stop transient jungle/ drum & bass funk. A must for the true, deep,deep,deep jungle purist. Heading the Loran label is the talented Nev (aka Jungle PHD). As a DJ, jphd started in the early '90's spinning tunes from various innovators of the sound. Playing the Toronto rave circuit and weekly spots on Hard Drive CILIT 89.5 between '91 and '94, DJ Jungle PHD has remained a respected DJ in the Toronto scene.

  In addition, JPHD is also discussing his remixing potential with a major label in Canada, along with licensing Loran Recordings' material for compilations and major releases. If your into the jungle/drum & bass and you want to updated with it's sound make sure to check "Dimensions of Sound". For all inquires, orders, affiliated events and DJ bookings contact Neville Blackman at: (416) 534-3903 or fax# (416) 534-7846 or e-mail:

Look out for the new Freestyle sensation taking over all radio airwaves. Alvendia is a 21 year old Filipino, American diva which has the singing and dance abilities for the next millenium in Dance music. Alvendia is featured on WHAEVAH Records, with her soon to be hit "Always On My Mind". A Freestyle jam which features the production talent of Slammin Sam. The track is her debut single from the forthcoming album "Alvendia".

"Always On My Mind" has received mixshow play throughout the country and will be going to several major radio stations. A lengthy remix production with a dynamic introduction and incredible ending. Five stars *****.

Alvendia.jpg (4918 bytes)

For booking & management call 800-753-7266 (Slammin' Sam)


Cynthia.jpg (4839 bytes) The girl is back and better than ever. Cynthia delivers us another jam packed Freestyle track entitled "Thinkin About You" on Tommy Boy/ Timber records. Cynthia proves to be a true believer in the Freestyle genre. Sweet melodic keys, rhythmic soul (planet beats) and a great vocal performance that we are always use to hearing from her, makes this track a sure radio and club hit. For those "House Heads", yes a funky sonic driven groove is part of the delivered package. A must for everyone in the community. Five stars *****.
Ruff Driverz presents Arrola "Dreaming". This track originally busted through the pop charts in England reaching top 10 in the crowded Christmas market. "Dreaming" has achieved over 85,000 sales in the U.K., and was on Radio 1, for six weeks. The track was #1 on their airplay chart after receiving 32 plays… Their most played record. Ruffdr.jpg (2266 bytes)

"Dreaming" is a housed up Spanish/Flamenco groove with a catchy vocal riff, (Vamos a jugar en el sol, todos los dias son dias de fiesta)and riding Latin percussion's. Featured on this release of "Dreaming" are new remixes and production by Eddie Baez and the German remix team Knee Deep Bros. There are six slamming mixes.The track even has a version with an old disco sound, so you can get hot stepping with those disco clogs. Ruff Driverz is Chris Brown, Bradley Carter with vocals provided by the talented Katherine Ellis. Up next for the guys in England is the soon to be released single "La Musica", which has the same Spanish/Flamingo feel as "Dreaming"

Featured on this release of "Dreaming" are new remixes and production by Eddie Baez and the German remix team Knee Deep Bros.

Gigi.jpg (3247 bytes) It’s been a long time since I come across the name of this next guy. I actually had the opportunity to work with him on a couple of productions for the group Los Sucios, and I even released a couple of his own tracks back in the days on my Destune Record label. Since his move from Miami, to New York the man has not stopped spilling the JAMS.

Giuseppe D better known to us as Pepi, is quickly becoming one of the top rated producers/remixers of the dance genre. His move has landed him such jobs as becoming production and keyboardist for Tony Moran, to remixing for the Major Independent label Tommy Boy Records. This brings me to his latest remix/production on the Tommy Boy silver label. The first American release, soon to become a worldwide hit single from the Italian dance superstar GiGi, is entitled "Your Love". The new remixes are brought to you by Giuseppe D for Hothead Productions. Giuseppe’s innovative style of continuous dance grooves will definitely be one of the reasons for this tracks success.

Also included, is a radio edit, edited by DJ Rich Pangilinan. I give this track a 5-star***** rating for it’s energetic, infectious groove, and it’s familiar hook " Your Love" (Don’t Stand So Close To Me, if you know what I mean.) A positive crowd pleaser. Check out one of Giuseppe’s Freestyle productions "Love Is Blind" by Los Sucios on the Ten-Lion Records CD compilation, "Freestyle Music Volume 1". Frev1.jpg (9258 bytes)


Mar.jpg (4699 bytes) In the last community report we featured "Mario", a new Freestyle artist that is destined for success. The write up included what I think is one of the best tracks I've heard from a new Freestyle artist, with great vocals. WELL GUESS WHAT ? Mario has signed with the one of the top Freestyle labels of today.

MARIO has signed with Pryme Tyme Records and his song will be out on their compilation CD in three weeks.

Complication CD:  Freestyle A New Dimension In Tyme Vol. #2

A special thanks goes out to Yolanda Villalobos for the updates, and Mario. Good luck on your new venture.

For more information contact Mike Lunn at:
1-888-99Pryme (77963)

Michelle Crispin has just signed a three album deal with Polygram records. The release date will be this Spring. You can check out Michelle Crispin on the Dance X-tra page.

"DMA", Dance Music Authority magazine has put together a kick ass two part issue on Freestyle Music and artists. Order your magazine today. Order here. Make sure to let them know Freestyle Music.Com sent you.

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