Community Report
Issue #14

miami1.gif (1458 bytes)COMMUNITY UPDATES:

The 1999 Summertime Community Report is here ready to sizzle. Time seems to be flying by, while Y2K is just around the corner. So in tribute to the new millenium we have decided to change the look of the website. In addition to the new look, we are making the site easier to surf and get your way around. It was time for a little facelift, hopefully you like the changes.

Check out the NEW
Frank Lords, Kino Moreno & Machete welcomes you all. 
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trophey.gif (5071 bytes)      Let's start the report with a big, phat congratulations to Rockell and Robbins Entertainment. They swept in the 14th annual Winter Music Conference, Freestyle Award. A well deserved win for the label and artist, for being one of the biggest contributors to the Freestyle Community in the late 90's. Look out for WMC next year. For more information here's a link to their website:

Another plus for the Robbins Entertainment label is the acquiring of two top Freestyle legends. Cynthia and George Lamond have found a new home with Robbins. This move from the Timber record label for Robbins to distribute both artists, hopes to be a positive one for future endeavors, and the Freestyle Community as a whole. Robbins Entertainment has been a strong force for Freestyle, and has continued to help the genres success in the industry today.

Here's the formula: New Home + Legendary Artist = More Great Freestyle Jams

You can buy the new Cynthia "Thinking About You" and George Lamond Latin album "Entrega" right here by clicking on the album cover.

Cynthia:new10.gif (234 bytes) Thinking About Youra_wide.gif (517 bytes)
Producers include: Tony Moran, Frank Lamboy, Andy Wedeen, Kenny Diaz, Joey Gardner. Click an underlined track to hear a sound sample.

01.  If I Had The Chance
02.  Thinking About You
03.  I Never Said
04.  No Holding Back
05.  It Wasn't Enough
06.  How I Love Him
07.  All The Days Of Love
08.  Save Your Love For Me
09.  Feels Good
10.  Like A Star
11.  If I Had The Chance (Tony Moran's Old School Mix)
12.  No Holding Back
316334.jpg (11133 bytes)
lamond1.jpg (4372 bytes)

George Lamond's new10.gif (234 bytes) LATIN ALBUM!!!ra_wide.gif (517 bytes)

George Lamond: Entrega / Sony Discos
Producers include: Sergio George, Ricky Gonzalez, Angel Fernandez, Miguel Bonilla.Click an underlined track to hear a sound sample.

01.  Que Te Vas
02.  Cuando Se Ama
03.  Solo Palabras
04.  Te Amo
05.  Me Niego A Perderte
06.  No Vivire
07.  Amor De Entrega Total
08.  Y Ahora Donde Estaras
09.  Nothing
10.  Si No Estas Aqui

On July 2, 1999 we had a Chat conference with Cynthia. She was promoting the release of her new album. Let me tell you it  was a big success. Over 200 fans registered, and joined the chat room. Freestyle Music.Com thanks Cynthia, PJ Salas, and Fever Management for making it a memorable time for the entire community. Thanks again, and be on the look out for the next chat conference.  If you want to become a chat member, it's totally free just follow this link to the Chat Room.

Good News for everyone in the Freestyle World:
The Freddy Lopez show will not only be on TV and on the internet, but they will now have a brand new radio station. They guarantee to be playing the newer Freestyle and some of the older stuff as well. The program will be hosted by Freddy Lopez, Chrissy I-eece and Artie Rodriguez. All labels that have material which deserves recognition, (meaning; it sounds good), email the show at:, for more details. In addition, they are also looking for a place right now to throw their first concert, celebrating the grand opening of the show. For now you can catch the radio show every Saturday at 12:00 am till 6:00 am on WXMC 1314 AM, until the move to the new station. Remember, catch El Show de Freddy Lopez on the internet at:

ATTENTION all Freestyle Heads , DJ's , recording artist,producers, remixer and record labels. please send all charts products reviews , promos, demos, press kits, and advertisement to the following names to get your materials promoted:

Freestyle Music.Com
10387 SW. 186 Street
Miami, Fl. 33157
DJ Love
3171 Eglinton Avenue East Suite #809
Toronto,Ontario MIJ-2G8 Canada
Freestyle Madness
PO Box 1392
La Grange Park, Il 60526-1392
Oklahoma Record Pool
Zacary Miller
2008 NW 19 ST
Oklahoma City, Ok 73106


Tenlio.jpg (9280 bytes)      Ten-Lion Records is back with their new release from Teaz II Pleaz ", End Of An Era". The girls of Teaz celebrate their 10 year anniversary by bringing you the best complete compilation from the early years until today's new Freestyle sound. This is a must for all true heads of the genre, for this will soon be a collectors album.

Also the Ten-Lion crew is putting together their compilation entitled Streetbeats Vol.2 and 3. These two compilations will consist of all Ten-Lion and Destune records streetbeat hits of yesterday and today. All Freestyle Heads should be on the look out for these albums.

     In addition, you can order the new released CD entitled "Latin Rhythm" Vol. 1. This CD contains out of the closet jams, and slammin Latin persuasive tracks. Including Los Sucios, Teaz II Pleaz, Felix, Hilda Mariee, Chulito, Mara, 2-Sex-Z, M MC Queen of Rap, and many more Latin, Bass, Freestyle jams. The CD comes from the Ten-Lion Records camp and is distributed by Hot Productions, Inc.For more info contact Marlene Ten at:(305) 727-8428 To order click on the album. Lr1.jpg (7025 bytes)

Universal Records, formerly Polygram released a new album from Chris Duran. This album consists of 10 awesome ballads that will really leave you mesmerized. The lyrics, vocals and music are excellent. For all you Latin Lovers, make sure you pick up a copy.

     A fresh new group to hit the Freestyle Kingdom is Tribu Central, with their first single "Esperando Tu Regreso" on Imperial Prestige Records. The CD is produced by D.J. Quincho & Pete "D.O.S. Othman. The track is a Spanish Freestyle sound which is becoming popular today in the Latin market. Hopefully a new direction in which the genre can break into, opening doors for the community to hit the Latin Americas. Tbc.jpg (6840 bytes)

Currently the track is being distributed by DMD Music. My favorite mix is the Planet Q-Rock Mix. No it doesn't contain the over-played Planet Rock riff, it just contains the the Planet name. The track is a smooth Freestyle groove, with pumping traditional Freestyle beats. A nice melodic medley with a light, springing trip-bassline sound and smoothly layered vocals, gives the track it's unique flare.  Don't miss this track, 4 stars****.

For more information contact:
Pete O at (516) 624-8569 or e-mail

Click on the pictures below or song link to order the tracks.

Amber1.jpg (4147 bytes)      It's been three years since Amber released the international pop/dance hit, "This Is Your Night". In the time since, much has happened. The Tommy Boy Records artist released her debut album, the Berman Brothers-produced "This Is Your Night", which spawned such singles as "Colour Of Love", the title track, and the indefatigable "One More Night". she excited audiences, from one corner of the globe to another, with her exhilarating live performances; and as a member of Stars On 54, recorded a cover of Gordon Lightfoot's "If You Could Read My Mind" for the film "54", which she also performed in.
Throughout, she has helped to redefine the parameters of dance music within the larger context of pop. NOW, Amber is hitting the dance floors again with her new single release "Sexual (li da di)",   a superb performance of vocal and lyrical dimensional hooks make this pop driven, house track a hit.  The CD contains 7 different mixes that will make any club jumping to it's sexual nature. Amber2.jpg (3975 bytes)

Try the Thunderpuss 2000 club mix, a ala underground rhythm will be pulsating the dance floor, with backed up Amber samples, finding the production talents of Barry Harris and Chris Cox. "Sexual (li da di)" contains euphoric pop melodies and innovative hooks with genre-stretching beat-intense rhythms.

The song is co-written by the hit songwriting team of Rick Nowels and Billy Steinberg (Madonna, Celine Dion) and produced by the Berman Brothers, is currently making its way to the top of the Billboard Dance Chart, and radio stations everywhere. WARNING!!  This track is rated 5 stars, it's hot.

Mb.jpg (3150 bytes)      M.B. Industry featuring Toni Ann with "Searching", a jam packed, dance groove sure to be a crowd pleaser in all disco's. The production team consists of Darrel Martin and Billy Brown, two New York producers who were destined to work together.

Darrell Martin's musical journey began at the age of six when he was singing gospel in his uncle's church. In the early nineties, Darrell and Junior Vasquez formed the production duo, Kiwi Dreams (Tribal Records). This collaboration launched Darrell's career in dance music. Recently, Darrell teamed with Danny Teneglia on Teneglia's critically acclaimed album "Tourism".

Billy Brown comes from an inspired DJ turned producer clique, who began spinning in the eighties. One of the more gifted producers in dance music, he has worked with Lisa Fischer & Freestyle diva Judy Torres. His latest production for Rockell's "In A Dream" topped many radio playlists around the country.

With Darrell's sound of the underground and Billy's more mainstream commercial vibe, the two came together to write and produce as M.B. Industry, crating music for both clubs and radio. The single "Searching" features newcomer vocalist Toni Ann Bardell.Toni has sung background for the likes of Sandy B & Lisa Lisa, she steps into the spotlight with M.B. Industry.

This track is full of the pure energetic house feel, incorporating the Euro-sound in the M.B. Industry 2000 vocal mix. A must for all club DJ's and a sure to be hit in radio world. "Searching" deserves a 4 star**** rating.

For further information contact: Hillary Siskand at (212) 388-8395 or email

Dano.jpg (3770 bytes)      Pounding those funky house drums is Sal Dano with his track "Hands Up (This Is The Police"). Come out with your hands up and groove to the sound of the underground. A funky sound with techno keys,and acidic bassline, keeps you grooving to a mere ecstasy.

The sound is reminiscent of records such as Razor & Guido's "Do It Again" and Johnny Vicious "Let's Go All The Way" "Hands Up", features the hook of a cop's voice commanding the crowd to "Put your hands up !!! This is the police !"  Making this line so believable is Mr. Dano which is a Brooklyn police officer. Rated 4****stars.

If you want a taste of the NY underground then come out with your hands up, and buy this track. The CD also contains another track entitled "Feel My Drums" which is another record NY DJ's are craving. The song features a variety of different drum sounds with a sinister voice chanting "Feel My Drums".

For further information on the Silver label releases contact:
Hillary Siskand at (212) 388-8395 or email


Do you want your video to be on cable Tv in Manhattan ,N Y ?
Send video to:
Gary Miller
PO BOX 1021
Centuck Station,
Yonker NY 10710-0102.

A new comer to the Freestyle scene, artist Lullaby is looking for a label. Please contact Lorenzo at: 630 985-2658

Artistik! News....... June!.....1999 Dallas, Texas’ very own, Míla Marcil just hits in BILLBOARD MAGAZINE! For the first time a Dallas’ Female Dance (East Indian/American) artist makes it to the #1 music magazine in the world! New hot tracks are currently being shopped around the globe!....

Next , is DJ Felony aka Felli Fel!....the Spanish House Rocka!.(producer/remixer/hiphop artist/mc/radio personality, etc.) Already BLOWING! things up at Dallas’ hottest Hip Hop radio station, K-104FM (10p-2a/Mon-Thurs.) will be making a very special appearance at the LATIN FLAVA DANCE FESTIVAL, Sunday, June 13th! (watch out).......

DJ Felony is already half way completed with his debut album, he is currently in the studio putting together one of, if not the hottest hip hop albums to date!.......DJ Felony also has in finishing stages Dallas’ HOTTEST/LEGAL “BOOTYMIX”!!!! This will featured very hard-to-find classic booty tracks from Back In Da Day, due out soon!

Surreal, patiently waiting as their new single is the works, produced by DJ Felony, once again, these two females will make you feel good with their smooth blend of soulful vocals and their ability to blend in the Espanol!


Out on Peace Frog records L.A. Williams present "Tha Sorcerer" this is something truly for all you deep depth techno/house track, beat freaks to get your jack on. For more info contact .

Good luck, until next time. Enjoy the shows.