Community Report
Issue #15
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WE ARE BACK !!! The end of summer has arrived to pave the way for the Fall, Issue #15 of the Community Report with more exciting news and updates.

crispin-.jpg (31560 bytes) WE will start this issue with an update on the last Artist of the Month report. It's no surprise to us that Michelle Crispin, former lead singer for the group Fem 2 Fem, has been named "Best New Dance Artist" for 1999 by Billboard Dance Music, editor Michael Paoletta. Congratulations Michelle, from all of us here at Freestyle Music.Com. In addition, Michelle's new album "Lovegroove" will be released on Lovegroove Records. For more information call: (818) 769-7500. or visit her website at:

Hi.jpg (4044 bytes) The new Freestyle diva to hit Freestylelandia. Michelle Diaz premiers with "I Won't Cry For You", a Angelique style, West Coast Freestyle flavored track, with vocals reminiscent of Little Johanna.

This seventeen year old performing artist of Latino and Filipino descent hails from the San Francisco, Bay Area. Michelle's performances have taken her from Hawaii to Florida. Her talent has been showcased at the 1997 Winter Music Conference right here in Miami, Florida. The track is very energetic, with the trippish, Freestyle pop feel. A good add for your record crates.

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D394268H724.jpg (12896 bytes) Released on HI Impact Records, there are several remixes to offer; Latin House Mix, Freestyle Mix, Michelle's Mix, Clubhouse Mix, Funky Club MIx, and two radio mixes. Contact David Hernandez at: (510) 445-9304 for details. You can also find Michelle Diaz in DMA's Freestyle Flava CD, with her track entitled "Mr. Player", which was made for the Miami based Wise Guy Records. "Mr. Player" has gained mix show airplay in California, Texas, Florida, New York and Hawaii. **** 4-stars
FEEL IT, FEEL IT, FEEL IT - The Dynamic Duo is back !!! The Arabian Knights of dance music "Latin Rascals", Albert Cabrera and Tony Moran re-unite to bring you the best of their new release Mix Masters Vol. 1.". With the duo's long list of remix and production hits, and their classic street oriented mixing techniques, this album is sure to gain the approval of the dance music purist and community.
A must, do not miss it. ***** 5-stars
D53750PT73Q.jpg (6453 bytes)
C74114QLXOP.jpg (18303 bytes) Check out "B96 Mix Master Throwdown Vol. 4" featuring the mixing talents of Tim "Spinnin" Schommer. His new Freestyle mix contains a couple of never released tracks along with some classics. It's worth checking out, so don't miss this one. You can also find the mixing talents of Bobby D, Julian Jumpin Perez, Brian Hitmix Middleton, DJ Mark Ski, To Kool Chris, and Bad Boy Bill who is featured on the other volume sets.. "B96 Mixmaster Throwdown" is a four volume set. You can buy all four Mix Sets right here, by just clicking on the link.
Collage released their numero dos album,
"Chapter II - 1999" on Metropolitan Records. The follow up to "Chapter I", should be another big seller for the label. "Chapter II - 1999" contains 13 tracks including previous hits " Love of Life Time", "Love Me or Leave Me" the duet with Denine, and "Let's Fall In Love". Collage is mostly known for his Freestyle sound, so it might be disappointing for some  that only about half of the songs are Freestyle tracks.  BUT, the dance tracks are still worth checking out.
Included is a Hi-Enrgy mix of "Angel". **** 4-stars
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The long awaited George Lamond album is out. George Lamond's "Hits & More"  is featured on the Robbins Entertainment Label. The album contains classic Freestyle tracks like "Where Does That Leave Love", "Look Into My Eyes", "Bad Of The Heart", and "Without You". In addition, there are a couple of new Freestyle tracks, and pop style songs, which shows how diverse George can be. Get your copy before it runs out. This album is sure to be a collectors.*****5-stars

Taken from the "Breakfast In Bed" single on MCA Records.
FMC would like to congratulate the winners,
of the Photo Flashback question.
Nancy Quesada, Maria Neves, B-Boy 2000, Eva & Erika, Angel Love, Tommy, Franck, Osby, Luigi Man,
Lloyd Glavocich, Michael Floro, & Rikki Rik.

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Photo Flashback
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Follow the link to answer the Photo Flashback Question.
Winners will be posted on the next Community Report.
FMC thanks all past participants for their time and efforts in keeping Freestyle Music strong.


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TOP 10
Latin Hip-Hop Jams




10. MICHELLE DIAZ I Won't Cry For You


The CLUB TRACK for 1999 is here !!!

Mr. Spring presents " Blaxxtrax 3 (funky Nassau). Get ready to spill the funk, with groovy, house driven, salsa riffs making a combination which is ready to deliver an explosion on the dance floor. This single was first made available on white label during the winter season '98.

Spring.jpg (4699 bytes)

Gaining support from UK A-list DJ's" Judge Jules, Pete Tong and Norman Cook ( of Fatboy Slim), it's no surprise that the single is one of the most buzzing records out of the UK. With the worldwide right to release "Blaxxtraxx 3 (Funky Nassau)", Tommy Boy delivers another jam ready to make a mark on their history of hit tracks. There are four mixes to choose from; Remix Radio Edit, Original Mix, Remix, Original Chop. For further information contact: Hillary Siskind (212)388-8395. This track is a must for all clubs and radio everywhere, but don't take it from me. Just get a dam copy. ***** 5-Stars

Hypertrophy features their new release "Pullover". A futuristic funk, house groove, with tweaking main melody rides, and a phat pulsating kick drum, will have everyone in the party jumping. There are seven jam packed mixes, all having a different dance feel. This track is a perfect club groove for DJ's to spin. Hypertrophy's "Pullover" can be found on the Tommy Boy Silver label. **** 4-Stars


Barbie8.jpg (14475 bytes) Detour records is back with a new artist which will be knocking down the doors of clubland and radio world. Barbie will be featuring her rendition of the Eurythmic dance classic, "Here Comes The rain Again". Gerald Godbout and Onnie Velez producers, have put together two jam packed mixes which include high energy and tribal house influences with a hint of the tripping funk. I sat down in the Detour recording studio while listening to the mixes and even my chair started bumping to the sound. Also in the works is a pop style mix, and most important a Freestyle mix which will be provided by Tito Puente Jr. Be on the lookout for this track. I am sure your will be hearing it on the radio soon. You can contact Detour Records at:
(305)227-6837 or their website:
Tito Puente Jr. has a new album release entitled "Sientelo" which is making noise here in Miami. The album consists of Electro-Latin funk, house, and salsa a combination that will keep you dancing all night. Peter Pan records offers you the best of Tito in this album.  The tracks should easily find there way to club and radio play. **** 4-Stars sientelo.gif (69742 bytes)
latin_X_6-2.jpg (11876 bytes) The group Latin Xpress now has their own website at:

Frank Lords, Kino Moreno and Machete welcomes you all. Latin Xpress is also under new management, with Joe Granda and have a planned tour in Canada. So to all of our Canadian friends try not to miss this group, they can put on a hell of a show.

Re-live the classics and have a SUNSHINE of a time, with Miami's own hometown group.  K.C. and the Sunshine Band release their "25th Anniversary CD Collection". The album is a two disc set and contains all of their Greatest Hits. This album is a definite party mover for old and new crowds everywhere. This collection is brought to by Rhino Records. ***** 5-Stars D558269539A.jpg (9728 bytes)
00138231.jpg (8710 bytes) Miami's own Willie Chirino is making the country of Mexico dance to his new release. It's a merengue track entitled "Todo Se Vale", and it's taking Mexico by storm.

Jon Secada has also released his "Greatest Hits" album, including hits like "Just Another Day", "Angel", "Do You Believe In Us", I'm Free" and more. The album is also available in Spanish, entitled "Grandes Exitos".


MDO new release "Dame Un Poco Mas" (Spanish), "Groove With Me Tonight" (English) is already being played in radio stations nationwide. The Spanish mix is found on their new album, "Un Poco Mas" on Sony Discos. The English mix is available as a single.

D432628N453.jpg (11531 bytes)
oscar.jpg (9716 bytes) The "Golden Boy" Oscar de la Hoya is not only preparing to fight the greatest match of his life September 18, 1999 against Felix Trinidad, but he is also getting ready to release an album. Yes, he will also be putting on his gloves to fight in the music business arena. His debut album release is scheduled for February 14, 2000. Are you ready for a Y2K Valentine release? I hope he doesn't break some peoples hearts.


Grand Rapids, Michigan has a new dance radio station WWIP 105.3 FM, formerly WCXT. Contact Jim Thias "Music Director" and Todd Ernst "Mix Show Director at (616) 725-7171.

Miami has a new radio station "The Beat of Miami" Mega 103.5, which is slowly becoming the Miami's choice. Their format consists of Miami's dance music that spans over three decades, including love ballads (which we have not heard for a while) and Freestyle. YES, Freestyle !!! And guess who's on the air ? The one and only, Mr. Energetic- Gino Latino, formerly of the original Power 96 crew and Mega 92.

Speaking about Power 96, as some of you might already know the new music director is no other than Eddie "Lick 'em' Mix. Well, Eddie it's time to make some changes. Play more Dance and Freestyle!!! You know what the people really want to listen to. You can even check the Power 96 website and vote for your favorite format.

For now it seems that Dance is the most requested format, and Freestyle is right behind it, so that should help in making some kind of decisions. Miami wants to hear more DANCE & FREESTYLE !!! Besides the old school Freestyle  & Dance mixes that are played in the lunch hour and on Freestyle Friday, do some research on the new stuff. We are not saying to just play anything new, but play some GOOD, new  Dance & Freestyle. Your audience is craving for it. You have the key in making the music scene here in Miami what it was in the 80's, and the people are just waiting to listen.

We have seen many Music Directors come and go, and still nothing has been done to change the format. Being a DJ producer you should know what the people want. CHANGE !!! Do you remember back when the club's were packed, artists performed, everyone made money in the business and the fans were happy ? Miami was on the map. That's what the people want. That's the response we get everyday on e-mails. SO, Miami call your local stations and request a change. IT'S ALL ABOUT CHANGE!!!

18565 SW. 104 AVE
MIAMI, FL. 33157