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Issue #16
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Happy New Years everyone. Not only are we celebrating the beginning of a new millenium, but we are also celebrating the break through of more than one million hits on Freestyle Music.Com's website. And we owe it all to you, the fans and  the talented columnists that have continued to pour their love for the Freestyle Music Community with their reports. Thank you for your support. Our promise to provide the community the best in the Freestyle genre will be Freestyle Music .Com's number one goal for the new millenium.


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Turn to the Beat

What's new on our website ?
One main accomplishment to the website will be the development of our web-based internet radio, that will contain archived shows of the material we receive for our website by labels and artists. You can find the Freestyle Music Network Radio Show at:
Right now the archived shows consists of Master Mix Sets.
We will like to welcome a new columnist to our family, Rosa Cordero which will be providing the inside scoop on the Miami Freestyle club scene. She will be updating the community with her "Freestyle In Miami" special reports. Check out Rosa's first contribution to the website, based on one of the genres favorite Freestyle Diva's, Judy Torres.
(On the left Judy Torres, right Rosa Cordero taken from Jammin' Johnny's - Freestyle Friday party at popular Ft.Lauderdale hotspot Emerald City.)

More to come from " Freestyle In Miami" by Rosa Cordero.

yolilamond.jpg (4703 bytes) In addition, don't miss on our Party Events page the Heineken en Vivo Party @ CLUB LIQUID in Chicago, IL. The event was held on Dec. 18th, 1999. Thanks to Yolanda Villalobos you can check out some photos of George Lamond in action, along with "Mario" Pryme Tyme-Freestyle recording artist, and B-96 top jock Tim "Spinnin" Schommer.
On the left is Yoli & George Lamond.

As some of you know by now we have been promoting several live chat   conferences on our website. The first chat we had was with legendary Freestyle diva, Cynthia. It was a big treat for everyone who joined the chat, and talked to Cynthia via chat conference.

Cyn2.jpg (4538 bytes) She gave us insights how she got started in the music business, and updated the community with where she is heading. Most importantly she expressed her devotion and love for the Freestyle genre. The main purpose for the chat was not only to promote her new album "Thinking About You", released on Robbins Entertainment, but for the community to feel a bit closer to the artist they love. Cynthia's chat conference was made possible by Fever Entertainment and the man P.J. Salas.
Our most recent chat conference featured Freestyle Empress "Lil Johanna", which was also a great success. "Lil Johanna" talked about her development as a young artist in the business, and how she now has her own TV show in New York called the "Lil Johanna Show". In her show she features well known and new artists. Don't miss the "Artist of The Month" column, which features an interview with Ms. Johanna. lijohannalp.jpg (11660 bytes)

Be on the look out for many more live chat conferences, right here on FMC. We have developed this section on our site so that community can learn more about the artists they love. In addition, we will be hosting and promoting live chat conferences with new up and coming artists, so that they can also promote themselves and their releases to the community.  Don't miss the opportunity to chat with a future legend and get a peep at the new Freestyle flavor that's pumping out on the streets of the underground.

Check out the new Freestyle artist to hit the community with a bang. Alexis is featured on Bella Record. Her latest release " Quiero Bailar" is creating a major buzz in the Freestyle market as well as a latin crossover. With 5 juciy mixes to choice from this track is a DJ's dream. Also check out the album "Rhythm" available to buy by clicking on the photo.

For more information contact:
Jammin J @ Bella Records 1(510)319-1844

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chbann1.gif (3684 bytes) All labels and artists interested in some major publicity, make sure to get in contact with us at:

Party People, let's go get funky. The beginning of the millenium is sure to be full of futuristic hit's that will bring the dance community closer to a world of Planet Rock. We should devote and dedicate our efforts on the development and evolution of the Freestyle-Dance genre. Let creativity and experimentation be the focus on all new dance music. To the labels; the community is behind you 100% percent. So let's make music for the ears and the dance floors. Let's develop a new concept of arrangements and sound that will give Freestyle a fresh beginning. All other genres are driving with this goal in mind. "Evolution is the key for all genres to survive."

To the community; we should all support every Freestyle artist regardless of their artistic level. Remember, we all start from the beginning. It's like a baby that takes it's first steps in life, soon it will learn how to walk. But, if you keep knocking it down, it will revert back to crawling. Let's be part of a community that is held up by the support of it's people.

Afrika1.jpg (14321 bytes) If we can't become a unified force, Freestyle will never fully develop into a respected form of music that it deserves to be!!!

"The development of a strong underground will cause a rise to the movement of our genres evolution." Do you want to be a Renegade of Funk,
or what ?

The first artist on my list is the lovely Rios Sisters from New York. This sexy duo has proven that success can often come in pairs. The Rios Sisters is made up of twins Awilda and Mildred. Born and raised in Brooklyn and of Puerto Rican descent, the sisters combine their own unique image with strong audience participation. Their tracks are comprised  4 floor stomping hits, "You", "Hold Me", "I Don't Want You Back", and "Are You Looking For Love". All the tracks except "Are You Looking For Love" were written and arranged by the sisters.  There sound is reminiscent of the strong pounding beats of Leather & Lace, and the rhythmic melodies of the early July Torres, but with their own unique flavor. Rios.jpg (9715 bytes)

If your looking for something that will get the party started, or the dancefloor jam-packed, then you need to get all four tracks. *****5-Stars

The Rios Sisters, will soon have a website where people can purchase their C.D.'s online. In addition it will let the fans know where they willl be performing. Keep it locked here, FMC will provide the updates. Don't miss the Rios Sisters performing live at Cylo's in Staten Island on Feb.23rd.

A track worth checking out comes straight from our hometown, Miami. "Can You Love Me" by Cignal featuring Ishah comes from Next Stop Records, which is a subsidiary label of Extreme Music. Extreme Music is owned by Expose', Sequel, Voice In Fashion famed producer Lewis Martinee. You can find all types of dance influenced mixes like house, high energy and the progressive Freestyle sound we all tend to label as Trip-Hop. Strong female vocals add to the well produced track. This track is a showcase on what the new Freestyle sound is evolving to. For more information contact Jonpito at:(305) 255-8922.  A must for the crates. *****5-Stars

Also coming from Miami is the well awaited 10 year anniversary album of Miami's top female Freestyle group sensation Teaz II Pleaz. Ten-Lion Records released "End of An Era" the new Teaz CD album. A well produced album containing the production talents of Jorge A. Ojeda and Vic-Ten, featuring the vocal talents of Hilda Mariee.

This album should be a huge comeback success, since their last Billboard dance hit " I Want U". *****5-Stars For more information on "End of An Era" contact Vic-Ten Promotions via e-mail:

In addition, another CD to check out from Ten-Lion Records is "Latin Rhythm Vol. 1", distributed by Hot Records. This album contains hard to find classics as well as never released tracks from Ten-Lion, and Destune Records. Here you find such artists like Chulito, Los Sucios, Hilda Mariee, 2 Sex Z, M MC Queen of Rap, Teaz II Pleaz and more. A well balanced arrangement of Latin, Bass & Freestyle influenced tracks, set the trend for Miami's club crowd, both newschool and oldschool. *****5-Stars Lr1.jpg (7025 bytes)
Liulcds.jpg (13538 bytes) Out on Metropolitan Records is The Lil Suzy Mega Mix. Featured in the mix her top chart breakers, "Take Me In Your Arms", "Til The End of Time", "Real Love", "You're The Only One" and many more. Mixed by mix master Steve 'Chip Chop' Gonzalez. The CD also contains freestanding bonus tracks recorded and remixed. *****5-Stars.....

Also released on Metropolitan the long awaited single "You're The Only One" by Lil Suzy. Get your copy today. *****5-Stars

A track that has Freestyle anthem written all over it is "Do You Know" by Win Marcinak. Produced by Paul Scriver and remixes by Lenny Linus Douglas of Linus Productions, can be found on the Burning Tyger Music record label. A unique style of high energy melodies, combined with well produced arrangements and a powerful vocal performance gives this record a fresh new sound that should be a trend setter for today's Freestyle genre. A mmmmust !!! *****5-Stars  For more info call: 415-661-4155

Check out the group Cquence with "Our Love is For Real" (Slammin' Sam Rhythm Bass Club Mix). If your into the funky, rhythmcentric sound known as Rhythmic Soul a.k.a (Freestyle with bass = Freestyle), then you will love this mix. Well rounded Freestyle, Bass beats and acidic Westcoast bassline, gives you that true Slammin' Sam, sound signature.

The original mix is of a slow R&B nature which will help find it's way to the R&B radio market as well as being played in clubland. The remix also contains additional production from Lenny "Linus" Douglas for Linus Productions. ****4-Stars
For more information contact Cquence via internet at:

A record that is worth checking out, no doubt is DA Trax Vol. 1. Da Hottest Wax on the Planet - Sorry, for DJ's only. Six hot jams to choose from. The one that stands out from the rest is "Falling n Freestyle" track. Do I hear another anthem on the rise ? If your a DJ you must get your hands on this. The other tracks on the record our the Rhythmic Soul style as well as a housed up remake of White Horse. *****5-Stars For more information contact Da Trax at: 925-775-5143, remember this is a promotional

Marcos B with "When You Go" (Slammin Sam Y2K Mix), hard pumping beats, quantized snare rolls, and melodic keyboard riffs, make up the production of this track.Marcos B's vocals are reminiscent of early Johnny O (Fantasy Girl) tracks. In addition, to the "When You Go" mixes which also includes a DJ's bonus beat, there are two other tracks. "Rich Man, Poor Man" rhythmic soul Freestyle track and "Tradiciones". I think you'll find interesting "Tradiciones" a Latin styled hiphop track with nice flamenco guitar riffs. This track should easily find it's way into mainstream & commercial Latino radio. ***3-Stars

Pravina "Let Me Be The One" comes from Starcrest Records. The "Hit Party Anthem Mix" is my favorite, including the bonus beats which are great to mix with. This mix is basically a club styled remix that contains deep 808 bass kicks and the famous 808 cowbell sound. A combination of Miami bass beats meets the Slammin' Sam Westcoast sound. Also in the record the original Lenny "Linus" Douglas - High energy mix. Written by Lenny "Linus. ***3-Stars For more info contact:
Out of the universe of dance & Freestyle music comes the premiere mix CD from renown DJ/remixer/producer Slammin' Sam. Check out "In Da Mix" Episode One. This CD contains dope mix sets put together by Sam himself, and also includes exclusive remixes only found on the CD. A combination of Dance, Freestyle, House, Bass and Hi-nrg. Let the rhythm take you to another level of music mixing. Available on S.E. Records. *****5-Stars Sam.jpg (10209 bytes)


The classic Freestyle, Dance label Destune Records which has released several artists such as Sound of Destiny, Jeannette, Hilda Mariee, Rosie, Los Sucios and many more local Miami artists is now back. For the last few years in the 90's, Destune Records has been put on hold because of different joint ventures achieved by the labels creator. party1.jpg (13249 bytes)

BUT NOW, the the time has come to put everything aside and pour out the jams once again. Destune Records promises to bring a new line up of hits and artists, ready to take on the Millenium. In addition, to the new material, the classic released tracks will also become available for your ordering needs. The label will be run once again by Jorge A. Ojeda, along with Metro Music record pool veteran, Joey "Jo-Jo" Lopez.

Freestyle Music.Com will be in charge of all distribution and licensing for the label.
If you need further information regarding the label, please contact by e-mail:

Robbins Entertainment picks up Galaxy Freestyle recording artist Daisey. Her single "Boogie Your Body" is being re-released with special remixes that should build up some pop success.

FULL LENGTH CD's Worth Collecting:

00141075.jpg (17423 bytes) 00301819.jpg (14436 bytes) cutting.jpg (17431 bytes)




MIDEM, the World's Premier International Music Market is back!!! January 23-27, 2000 - Palais des Festivals - Cannes - France. Pre-opening MidemNet Forum -  January 22. For further information call: USA (212) 370 -7470 or visit the website at:

logo.gif (9200 bytes) Get yourself ready for WMC 2000. The Winter Music Conference is sure to be a great success again this year. This time it will be held at a different location. WMC 2000 will be held at the Radison Deauville Resort in Miami Beach, March 25 - 29, 2000.

For registration and information call: 954-563-4444 or visit the WMC website at:


Taken from the "Ultimate Love" single featured on Cyntone Records. FMC will like to congratulate the winners,
of the Photo Flashback question.
Kris Jokinen, Mr. Miami - Steve O'neil, B-Boy 2000,


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Photo Flashback
Can you name the Freestyle Diva in this picture?
Follow the link to answer the Photo Flashback Question.
Winners will be posted on the next Community Report.
FMC thanks all participants for their time and efforts in keeping Freestyle Music strong.


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TOP 10
Latin Hip-Hop Jams




7. MICHELLE DIAZ I Won't Cry For You

18565 SW. 104 AVE
MIAMI, FL. 33157

FMC would like to thank all the labels and artists that have sent in their material for review. If your music was not reviewed on this issue, it will be done on the next. Until next time, PEACE.