Community Report
Issue #17
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Round two of the community report for the year 2000 is here and a rise to the genre is on it's way. There are more products to write about, and more events to cover. Can this be the year that Freestyle finds it's way back to the radio airwaves? I definitely think so.
Rome.jpg (8186 bytes) Freestyle Music.Com wants to hear from all mix show DJ's, music programmers, and promoters that are involved in the evolution of genres future radio success. We will put out a list so that the labels can send you the products you are looking for. E-mail us your information to: . We want to make sure the products get out to the right people.

For all our friends in Italy, I will be taking a trip to Rome for five days sometime in April. I'll be looking for some new music to bring down to the States to feature on the next community report. If you need to get in contact just e-mail me at: I will be checking my e-mail periodically.

We are currently running broadcast tests on our new web-radio channel with our partnership. Just click on the link for the station. Freestyle Music Network Web-Radio
Don't forget to check the Artist of The Month. Arlene is well known throughout the world since 1985 from the group Leather & Lace. She was in the Top 10 Dance Hits with the songs “Tender Heart”, “We Can Work It Out” and “Why You Wanna Hurt Me”. She's back and ready to make noise with her recent recording, a duet song with Mrs.Chrissy I-eece called “Amiga” a Estilo Libre (Latin Freestyle) song.This song will be on the compilation EL SHOW DE FREDDY LOPEZ “Estilo Libre 2” Lluvia De Estrellas on E.L.I. RECORDS. NEW-Arle_JPEG.jpg (19746 bytes)


Are you ready for one of the hottest Freestyle tracks to kick off the millenium ? Diamante is ready to explode with "The Fire", produced by the talented Diamante and arranged by Artie Rodriguez. Jeannette (Diamante) Rosario believes that sensuality is the language of the song. And let me tell you she sure does prove it with her outstanding vocal performance. Once you pop in the CD you are overwhelmed from the energy that is delivered from this track. Honored "Queen of the National Cuban Parade" in 1997, Diamante is sure to conquer the title of "Queen of Freestyle" if she keeps pouring out jams like this one. "The Fire" is on "FIRE". *****5-Stars\  In addition, you will soon be able to buy the CD directly from our website. Visit Diamante at her website: Diamante.jpg (4447 bytes)
Alexis.jpg (6694 bytes) Another outstanding dance release is "The Rhythm" album by Alexis. This Latin house-Freestyle project is sure to catch the attention of radio world in both markets. Full of infectious riffs and pure Latin energy makes it a sure shot hit.   Let me see, "Searching For Love" (a Freestyle jam), "Fantasy" (a fast paced tripish, progressive Freestyle jam), "Quiero Bailar" (happy Latin house jam), "Feel My Love" , "Carry On", "Hold On", (future Freestyle anthems),"The Rhythm", "Sweet Promises", (Electro-funkafied jams), but the chart setter is the "Feel My Love" (remix), A Freestyle quality anthem, with a West Coast flavor of tripping basslines, and dark organ riding melodies.

Angela "Alexis" Vigil, not only is a very talented vocalist, but her entrepreneur quality has helped in fulfilling her dreams of running her own record label Bella Records, along with Jammin'J.

"Being a Latina, I come from a deep rooted culture that helps me to stay grounded. I know exactly who I am, where I come from, and where my Dreams will take me. Through my music I am able to express my innermost feelings and when I am performing people can sense that".

I am sure you will agree when you get a copy of this album. *****5-Stars full of energy.

For more information contact Dance Movement Entertainment at: (510)562-6499

Sweet and sensuous Yvette brings us a hot Latin induced Freestyle track entitled "Por Volverte A Ver". The track is in fluent Spanish, but for those who don't speak don't worry. The vocal performance gives you a feeling of what the words mean. I compare Yvette's performance similar to the Freestyle anthem "Change On Me" by Cynthia. The cassette single includes 6 mixes to choose from. All the mixes sound very similar, maybe just the intro's are different. The mix that catches my attention is the Bonus Mix, which is more of a Club Mix with a bit of dub's. Make sure to get yourself a copy. ***3-Stars Contact Van Cott Finance Sta. at: (718)519-0084 Yvette.jpg (4331 bytes)
Detour records finally releases their long awaited single by Barbie. The remake of the Eurythmic's song "Here Comes The Rain Again" is going to catch everyone by surprise. After the songs introduction on Detours website-web poll, much props have been given about the track by the entire dance community. My favorite mix "Zelon Y2K Compliant" sounds like it belongs in the Wesley Snipes movie soundtrack "Blade". With the community's continuos positive response, it would seem that Miami's radio scene will take notice. But, I guess the political trip is much too strong to give a local their chance in radio world. Ooh well, it's just a shame that the only way to hear good music these days is online. ****4-Stars
Contact Gerald Godbout at: (305)227-6837
Check out one of the hottest CD compilations to hit Miami, "Miami Dance Freestyle Vol.2". This CD contains a couple of hard to find Freestyle anthems to be released, (It's All About You-Sound of Destiny, Next 2 Me-2 Sex Z & more). In addition, new unreleased tracks from Destune recording artists Rosie & Hilda Mariee. You will also find Teaz II Pleaz, Felix, Mara, Los Sucios, Horizon and Kassidy Wray. This CD will be available to buy as a internet promo release directly from our website. Just follow the link to our Freestyle Music Network catalog. Licensing for the CD is now being negotiated, for worldwide distribution.
Get your copy first !!! *****5-Stars
Miami2.jpg (5582 bytes)
12.jpg (4234 bytes) Do you want to get a bit of history on the 1&2's ? Then you need to get Masters of the 1&2 presented by MTV on Priority Records. This CD will teach you the art of turntable turntablism. Featured are the talents of inventor of scratching Grand Wizard Theodore with the track "Military Cut" (one the first tracks to use all original sounds for scratching), and one of my favorite pioneers

Grandmaster Flash with "The Adventures of Grandmaster Flash On The Wheels of Steel" ( 1981 release was the first hip-hop megamix released on vinyl, and one of the first recorded songs to include scratching). Also included Malcolm McClaren "Do You Like Scratching" and many more turntablism masters. This is a collectors.*****5-Stars

European Platinum selling artists Infernal are releasing their latest hit "Voodoo Cowboy" for American ears on Playland Records.

Infernal is comprised of the trio team, Soren Haahr, Paw Lagermann and Lina Rafn. The CD-5 contains 5 mixes all full of hard stompin' nrg. You fill find the Original Mix, Club Mix and the Aliens ate my C-C- Country Club Mix on both the 12" and CD-5. Their sound is a unique flavor of hard-house and breakbeats with a twist of NRG. Something different for your ears. A harmonica driven, hardcore house track with a sampled "Voodoo Cowboy" lead vocal line, ready to pound the dancefloors. Make sure to check out the single!!! My favorite mix is the breakbeat "Original Mix". ***3-Stars Infernal.jpg (4062 bytes)

Check out Infernal's website at:

IRS releases their new single "Sections" on Playland Records. A hard house track, but with all the build ups and breakdowns of progressive house & trance. The group consists of E-Liza, Justin K, and DJ's K-Mixx and Prince. This track will surely be a hit in clubland with it's hardcore sound and unforgettable sampled hooks that will keep ringing in your head all day long. 5 mixes to choose from.****4-Stars Irs.jpg (4072 bytes)

Contact: Jean-Paul (323)993-3293

Tommy Boy Silver still delivers the goods with a couple of more jam-packed club tracks.

Pusaka with "Praise The DJ" just to mention the two people involved in the project gives you the sense of how good the track is. When Chris Cox and DJ Irene got together for the first time it was electrifying. The energy that they generate when placed in a room together is unstoppable. It was only natural that they would combine their efforts and attack the dance world with their hard-driving beats and completely unique keyboard and sampling work. They have already made history together in 1999 when their first co-production, "Something For The DJ's", became the first song to chart in Billboard as a release only available on the internet (via

So along with millions of people from all walks of life all across this great planet.... Pusaka urges you to "Lift Your Hands Up To The Sky" and "Praise The DJ!" *****5-Stars

The Sugarbabies and "Encore" (Ooh Ooh Yeah Yeah) is another slammin' release from Tommy Boy's Silver label. The group is made up of Muriel Fowler lead vocalist, Darrell Martin and Billy Brown. In 1994, Muriel and Darrell met Billy Brown and they began working together. Their collaborations include the underground hit "A Man's Luv" and the gospel anthem "Life" on Jellybean Records. The new track is a packed with 4 fresh mixes to choice from, including the remix talents of Robbie Rivera & Peter Presta. My favorite mix is the Peter Presta "Big Blue Room Mix". ****4-Stars

Renowned producer, engineer, remixer Norty Cotto a.k.a Cosa Nostra delivers the goods with his "Going Out Of My Head", swinging house track. This Latin influenced house track with a bit of a disco injection we keep you grooving on the dancefloor. 5 mixes are available on the CD-5, my favorite being the NY Club Mix. ****4-Stars

For more information contact:
Hillary Siskind at (212)388-8395 or e-mail

Catapila's U.S. release "Void" (I Need You) is a great club oriented track, which contains an outstanding vocal performance from Louisa Glen. This house jam is a guaranteed crowd pleaser, great for mixing. The CD-5 contains 6 powerful mixes from top talented DJ, producers Junior Vasquez, Dave Sears, Mark Picchiotti and Lisa Marie. ****4-Stars

Jbo.jpg (2885 bytes) J-Bo Dynamite goes out with a bang with his new CD album entitled "Bang Bang". The album is a 33 minute blast into the new millenium with a unique blend of 90's dance grooves, and contagious 80's new wave chorus hooks. J-Bo Dynamite has specifically designed a unique collection of songs to make dance halls across the planet explode.

There are two tracks on the CD that grabbed my attention because of it's Electro-funk influences. "We Go Back Like Car Seats" has that Egyptian Lover sound which evolves to a new wave sound, similar to Gary Numan's track "Cars". The other track "Sticky" is a Electro-bass, bottom groove that incorporates the group Freestyles "Push The Button" track, but with J-Bo's unique new wave flare. If you like a taste of the progressive 80's sound, but with a polished 2000 feel this is a CD for you. **2-Stars

Something new worth checking out if your into the more progressive type of influences. A combination of U2 meets Fat Boy Slim, with a grunge feel. Six by Seven releases their new track "Candlelight". 00210392.jpg (6599 bytes)
00127891.jpg (13506 bytes) Another track that has the same progressive style is "Voyeur's Blues" by Penthouse. A deep underground sound that will have you on the edge of the darkside. For you head bangers don't miss these new releases available through Beggars Banquet. **2-Stars For more information contact Damian Anderson at: (212) 343-7010 or visit their website


Show.jpg (6278 bytes) What do you get when you mix two of the hottest Freestyle divas in one show ? You only get one of the hottest Freestyle show today. F&R Music and TV Productions presents "The Freestyle Music Show" which is being aired on the Bronxnet channel 68, Thursdays at 8:00pm - Saturdays at 1:30pm. The beautiful and talented Chrissy -Ieece and Angel Clivilles (formerly of the Cover Girls) will be hosting the show. The show guarantees to bring you the best in Freestyle Music from yesterday and today. For more information contact the Fan Club at: (718)519-0084
Don't forget to check out "Freestyle In Miami" this month !!! You all wanted to know what happen to Johnny. Well he's still here and hotter than ever. Fellow columnist Rosa Cordero takes you behind the club scenes in Miami to bring you the one and only Johnny O, from club Emerald City.
More to come from " Freestyle In Miami" by Rosa Cordero.
Stevie B fanclub news!!!

Stevie B has launched is new Live Web-Radio Station. You can check the station directly from his website located at:
Stevie B Fan Club click on this and hit the radio live on air freestyle 24/7 with Stevie B as your host and dj.

stevie_b_2000%20copy.gif (30496 bytes)
Rios.jpg (9715 bytes) The Rios Sisters website is now up and running. Check out the latest news on the hot and seductive Freestyle twins the Rios Sisters.

Chat Conference News:

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DMA - Freestyle Flava
70mins.of non-stop hits

The last chat conference to take place was with "Dance Diva" Mila Marcil. To learn more about Mila Marcil, check out her website located at:

You can buy The DMA "Freestyle Flava" Cd which contains
the Mila Marcil single "I Don't Think So" by clicking on the CD cover.
You can also buy the single by clicking on the song link:
I Don't Think So - Mila Marcil

Mila Marcil has a new Disco/House dance single "Party Tonight" coming soon. The track is produced by the Beat Mekanics. It also contains a Tito Puente Jr. mix (Latin Dance Remix) and a DJ Zak & Kamran mix (Desi/East Indian Dance Remix).

Visit the next
"Live Chat Conference"
Keep it locked here for the next "Live Chat Conference".

chbann1.gif (3684 bytes) All labels and artists interested in some major publicity, make sure to get in contact with us at:

Be on the look out for many more live chat conferences, right here on FMC. We have developed this section on our site so that community can learn more about the artists they love. In addition, we will be hosting and promoting live chat conferences with new up and coming artists, so that they can also promote themselves and their releases to the community.  Don't miss the opportunity to chat with a future legend and get a peep at the new Freestyle flavor that's pumping out on the streets of the underground.

FULL LENGTH CD's Worth Collecting:

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"SASHA" known for her old school singles " So Good For You", "Open Up my heart" and Falling for your love"...
FMC will like to congratulate the winners,
of the Photo Flashback question.
marlon a.k.a b-boy2000, Geoffrey Rodriguez,
Franco Carlos, Sammy Cortes, Jeanette Ramos 

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Photo Flashback
Can you name the Freestyle group in this picture?
Follow the link to answer the Photo Flashback Question.
Winners will be posted on the next Community Report.
FMC thanks all participants for their time and efforts in keeping Freestyle Music strong.


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TOP 10
Latin Hip-Hop Jams




7. Diamante The Fire
9. MICHELLE DIAZ I Won't Cry For You
10.. Alexis Feel My Love (remix)

18565 SW. 104 AVE
MIAMI, FL. 33157

FMC would like to thank all the labels and artists that have sent in their material for review. If your music was not reviewed on this issue, it will be on the next. Until next time, PEACE.