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Issue #18
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What’s up all you Freestyle heads? I’m back with the 411 on the COMMUNITY REPORT, and like I mentioned to you on the last issue we are finally starting to see more and more releases that are worth focusing on. We are starting to see a trend of producers and artists that are taking the genre seriously. This is a positive step into the development of a genre that has been push aside from the airwaves by radio land; because of it’s lost of mass appeal.  Thanks to the Freestyle Music Community their support has never died for the music. This eventually has been paying off because of the dedication that we are now starting to see once again from the industry, labels and it's artist.

In addition, the community has come to realize that evolution is the key to the genres survival. And that everything has a root or foundation, here being Latin Hip Hop. “The mother of our rock.” So without further a due lets begin with the jams for the next quarter.

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Rfox1.jpg (6498 bytes) "I See Stars" with this new artist that's making all kind of noise in radio and clubland everywhere. StreetBeat Records releases their new hit single " I See Stars", from the very talented "Robin Fox". The song written by Robin Fox contains 6 slamming mixes which are produced, arranged and performed by Ford for StreetBeat Records. The mixes contain all types of Dance music flavor, from Freestyle, House, Euro-NRGY, and the funky ass Trance. In addition, tracks 7- 12 contain sound snippets so you can create your own remix of the track. Great marketing technique. A perfect track to add to your mix collection to get the house jumping. So if you want to take a trip on a rocket ship your guaranteed to see stars with this one. Favorite mix no#5 Freestyle Mix. I SEE*****5-STARS
Don't miss the Artist of Month report featuring Robin Fox.
The Highly Anticipated New Single from Jocelyn Enriquez is here "When I Get Close To You". A hot energetic dance track which includes remixes by Thunderpuss 2000 ( Chris Cox & Barry Harris), Alex Carmenates a.ka. DJ Cubanito for Salsamania Productions, and Albert Castillo for Little Big Man Productions. Written by Frederick Jorio, available on the Tommy Boy Silver label. The track contains 4 jam-packed mixes, my favorite being the Cubanito's Breakbeat Remix (Freestyle Mix).This is one dance track that will sure to crossover to the pop,dance radio culture.  *****5-Stars

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Check out Jocelyn Enriquez biography brought to you by

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For additional information contact Mickey Girl at: 212-505-3498
VM 917-919-0401

Tony "Dr. Edit" Garcia is pumping out the funk once again with his High Power label. First is Krystal with "Loving Arms" which chronicles the fun, anticipation and yearnings of young love, and combines blazin' dance tracks with a strong vocal performance. "Lovin Arms" contains 4 high powered mixes; a hard stomping garage style house groove (NY City Club Mix), a high-nrgy mix for the Euro lovers out there( Euro Dream Club), the classic Freestyle oriented mix (Trip Hop Mix), and of course the Tony Garcia signature sound, hard pumping planet beats with sweet melodies and horn driven riffs (Funky Melody Mix).   Additional production is brought to you by William "Eye 2 Eye" Rivera. We can't go out without mentioning the strong vocal performance from this 16 year old native New Yorker. Krystal's passion for music started since the tender age of 2 and at the age of 12 has embarked on a professional singing career- singing background vocals for High Power Records premiere artists. " Loving Arms" is just the beginning for Krystal as she is completing her new album, a mix of salsa and various up tempo songs that are sure to be crossover hits. *****5-Stars
High Power Records is continuing to discover new talented artist with extreme vocal abilities. China Prynz is Tony Garcia's new discovery with her electrifying single "C'est La Vie". Another 4 high powered mixes that combine a mixture of dance, tribal, house and our favorite Freestyle. China's vocal style delivers a very powerful performance that only comes true from the heart. In addition, China not only writes her own songs but for other artist on High Power Records as well. Her well rounded talents as an artist will surely place a stamp in today's dance music scene.
Don't miss this track, it's a jam. *****5-Stars
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Are you ready for one of the hottest DJ's of the Millenium? Eric Muniz a.k.a DJ X is one of Florida's leading "breakz," DJ's. For eleven years his unique brand of scratching and one of a kind remixing of the classics and underground anthems have packed dance floors from the hottest clubs in the Southeast all the ways to Canada. Now you can obtain a copy of the new DJ X CD release entitled Phat Cat Records presents DJ X.... the true innovator of funky breaksz "Club 2000".

The mix is so tight you think that you are listening to a non-stop rhythm of perfect blends and cuts. In addition, not only is the mix set phat, but it contains some of the hottest tracks to date, both new and old. 

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Djx1.jpg (5894 bytes) For example; Mix Factory's- "Take Me Away", Kromozone Project's- "Take My Love"(which received a rave review from Billboard Magazine), and DJ X- "I Can't Stop This Flow". "Funky Breakz is a melting pot of hiphop vocal samples and hiphop drum loops some Freestyle beats or Miami bass beats at a tempo or 128-134 beats per minute" If your looking to throw a party and don'ts have a DJ, just play this CD over and over, you'll feel the energy. Trust me the party will jam. ***** 5-Stars

Keep it locked here  on FMC for an exclusive interview with the man "DJ X", coming sometime in July 2000. Visit our Interviews page located at:

Another Freestyle, Dance music sensation that is breaking through the charts is Linda Low. " She has been a staple of the San Francisco local entertainment industry for two years." Her latest single, Dancing In My Heart, (on Certified Music) currently enjoys a Top Ten position in sales at San Francisco's Tower records and is climbing the sales charts at other locations. The single contains 6 mixes, a combination of house, pop and Freestyle driven beats. My favorite is the Original Mix, a sweet Electro driven sound with a crisp, energetic pop style vocal performance. This track should easily find it's way to all dance mix rotations, as well as mainstream radio. The track contains the remixing talents of Slammin' Sam, Randy Taylor Webber, Lenny "Linus" Douglas and written, mixed and arranged by Kenny Moulton.*****5-Stars

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For Linda Low Fan Club information,bookings or promotions contact:

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For more information contact: Phil Lam (408)544-1715
or e-mail

Kenny Moultan a.k.a Kenny Freestyle releases his new album "Baby It's You" on Hit Factory Records. A 15 track complete album with a taste of all Freestyle sounds. My favorite track is the the debut "Baby It's You. A Spandu Ballet sampled melody, driven with Electro-planet bass beats and a smooth vocal style performance, gives this track a unique flare that should grab the attention of the Freestyle music purist and collector.

Other tracks that also got my attention in the Freestyle format "Tonight Is The Night" (Electro Stevie B type sound) "Wanna Be Your Lover Tonight" (a west coast Angelique/Jocelyn Enriquez acidic sound) "Empty Memories"( combination of the Miami  track Security, with a High Power Reinaldo vocal arrangement), plus many more other songs that are worth checking out. The album is pure Freestyle, but with a little house, techno and rave flavor. *****5-Stars

Pandisc Records releases "Masters of Freestyle" a CD compilation loaded with top Freestyle hits of today and yester-year. YES, it's Freestyle jams from tracks 1-15. " Can't We Try- Rockell with Collage, I"ll Be Loving You-Collage (special remix),When I Fall In Love-Lil Suzy, Party's Just Begun -Freestyle & Jam The Box- Pretty Tony (hard to find Electro-classics), Miami's Electro Freestyle divas- Trinere -I'll Be All You Ever Need, Debbie Deb-When I Hear Music, new school jams Acid Factor- Fantasy & Torres Bros. featuring Veronica - Release Your Body, also found Bass Trip, Tora, Mona Lisa and Josie. This compilation will have you bouncing everywhere, whether it be in a party or cruising in your car through South Beach. *****5-Stars

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also available
Masters of Freestyle
Volume 2

Alexissi.jpg (5294 bytes) Alexis releases her single "Searching For Love"on Bella Record found on her debut album "The Rhythm". The single contains 5 mixes to choice from. Lyrics by Alexis, produced by Jammin' J & Super JC. You have a classic Freestyle mix, a Euro-mix, happy house and my favorite the Electro oriented HyperClub Mix. DJ's you need to get a copy. A great track to spin to. It has all the intros and breaks that make mixing an enjoyment. *****5-Stars
For booking information: (510)562-MIXX or e-mail at:
Check this CD out. It's the BOMB. Paradox Music presents Arabian Xpress- El Arbi Simarik- Fata Morgana (Arabian Revenge). How about an Electric Kingdom melody with just the right attitude to get a party started? Well DJ Zero delivers the funk with his redemption of Electric Kingdom called Arabian Revenge. If that's not enough how about a superb remix of Sonique's "It Feels So Good" by Marion K, remixed by Mark UC, RG, Gui, &Tchorta. A Rhythmic Soul sound with those pumping planet beats and a acidic deep base line keeps this track jumping. Another track that's hot is "Back At One" by Jay V, the Brian McKnight song. It's a bad ass house remix. These are my favorite tracks on the CD, but you can also find some kick ass techno, rave tracks. *****5-Stars This CD comes straight from Brazil.

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For more information contact Santiago Malnati (Mister Sam)
at: +55-11-3105-5454

Planetd.jpg (3894 bytes) One of the hottest CD's to come out is Planet Dance: The World's Greatest Club Hits. It's a non-stop groove into the club zone. Planet Dance  contains 17 of the hottest dance remixes of the past year, including tracks from such esteemed dance artists as Hypertrophy, Cevin Fisher, Mr. Spring and Catapila. All tracks, previously released on Tommy Boy Silver, are now available in one grooving' CD mixed by DJ Rich of NYC's Z100 and Jimmy Kim from KIIS L.A. If it's a party your looking for with the best dance tracks in the planet, this one is a must. *****5-Stars
Another slamming mix CD compilation is "Shut The F*** Up And Dance" put together by Richard "Humpty" Vission, on the Tommy Boy Silver record label. An established DJ, producer and remixer. Humpty Vission has made a name for himself with his series of dance mix compilations including Drop That Beat, House Nation and This Is My House. The new compilation "Shut The F*** Up And Dance" is full of house stomping grooves including three new tracks from Humpty himself. Get your copy today and you will "Shut The F*** Up And Dance". *****5-Stars Richh.jpg (4906 bytes)
Hypertrophy's very first single "Just Come Back 2 Me" was a #1 import during the time of it's European release and Tommy Boy Silver feels it's time to let you hear the hit that started it all! With a red-hot remix by the NY Production team Friburn & Urik, "Just Come Back 2 Me" will have all dance music purists jumping to their feet. You can also find the track on the "Planet Dance" CD compilation. *****5-Stars
Amber does it again with her new single release "Above The Clouds". The tracks unique flare of trans oriented sounds and hard pumping house beats, along with Amber's sensual vocal style will definitely be pounding the doors of clubland as well as radio land everywhere. Thunderpuss mixes available on the single. My favorite mix is the Thunderpuss Anthem. This single is too hot to handle. *****5-Stars
Sit back and enjoy an exclusive one on one interview with the KromOzone Project.

Join Francis Tanneur while he takes you on this journey to:

The Interviews

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The Freestyle Music Network Web-Radio is up and running, playing the best in Freestyle Music. The webshows have brought in over 1000 listeners per month and growing. Keep it locked on the shows for new releases as well as jam-packed mix sets. If your a DJ and would like to have your mixes played on our Web-Radio Network, please send a tape or CD along with your picture and bio to:

Freestyle Music.Com
Att: Web-Radio
18565 SW. 104 Avenue
Miami, FL. 33157

TV SHOWS:        

Diantetv.jpg (5669 bytes) "The Diamante Show" hosted by Jeannette Rosario(Diamante) and Artie Rodriguez (the golden boy) one of the hottest Latin, Dance music shows on TV. The show is available on the following channels:

Channel 35 in Brooklyn.. Mondays... 3:00pm and 11:00pm
Channel 71 in Hudson County..Tuesdays... 9:30pm
Channel 56 in Manhattan Thursdays... 1:30pm
Channel 69 in the Bronx...Wednesdays...10:00am, 1:30pm & 7:30pm

You can find the "The Diamante Show" on the internet at: or call: (212) 420-8538.

F&R Music and TV Productions presents "The Freestyle Music Show" which is being aired on the Bronxnet channel 68, Thursdays at 8:00pm - Saturdays at 1:30pm. The beautiful and talented Chrissy -Ieece and Angel Clivilles (formerly of the Cover Girls) will be hosting the show.

The show guarantees to bring you the best in Freestyle Music from yesterday and today. For more information contact the Fan Club at: (718)519-0084

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Special News!! Now you can email your favorite host of EL SHOW DE FREDDY LOPEZ At the following email Address:



Chat Conference News:

chbann1.gif (3684 bytes) All labels and artists interested in some major publicity, make sure to get in contact with us at:

Be on the look out for many more live chat conferences, right here on FMC. We have developed this section on our site so that community can learn more about the artists they love. In addition, we will be hosting and promoting live chat conferences with new up and coming artists, so that they can also promote themselves and their releases to the community.  Don't miss the opportunity to chat with a future legend and get a peep at the new Freestyle flavor that's pumping out on the streets of the underground.

FULL LENGTH CD's Worth Collecting:

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"Information Society" taken from their first single release "Running" on Wide Angle Records. This was before the single became available on Tommy Boy Records.
FMC will like to congratulate the winners,
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Portia Sieupersad, Alexx Kotschack, Sandy Herrera,
David Arroyo, DJ PARADISE, Marlon a.k.a B-boy2000

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TOP 10
Latin Hip-Hop Jams




1. Robin Fox I See Stars
2. Jocelyn Enriquez When I Get Close To You
4. Diamante The Fire
5. Alexis Searching For Love
6. Krystal Loving Arms
7. China Prynz C'est La Vie
8. Linda Low Dancing In My Heart
9. DJ Zero Arabian Revenge
10.. Kenny Moulton Baby It's You

18565 SW. 104 AVE
MIAMI, FL. 33157

FMC would like to thank all the labels and artists that have sent in their material for review. If your music was not reviewed on this issue, it will be on the next. Until next time, PEACE.