Community Report
Issue #21
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You can visit his website at:
(602) 743-7369

Hummer Adventure Tours

What’s up Party People? I'm back from my trip to Arizona, man is it hot over there. I mean weather wise, it was about 106 degrees day and night. It is a dry type of heat. To give you an example it's like opening an oven and feeling that heat through the whole day. But, I love the place. The city of Scottsdale is one of the cleanest cities I've seen. I didn't get the chance to visit the Grand Canyon, one of the seven wonders of the world but I still had fun with river rafting and hummer ride tours. If you have the chance to go to Scottsdale, Arizona give Charlie Hartmetz from Hummer Adventure Tours a call. The hummer ride was the bomb.
Another new community report is here, and jam-packed with Freestyle tight sh_t. In the meantime, here is a little news from the FMC camp. We have been expanding our company by working on the re-development of our record label, Destune Records. We are currently building our catalog of old school tracks once released, and also in the process of working with new up and coming talents. In fact, a new addition to our production staff is Michael Gallon aka Mike Check One. Mike is one of the phattest, new producers that has a unique style of R&B, Dance and Funk influences that will soon be revealed in Destune’s new releases. We will keep you up to date with our new releases. Follow this link our our recording studio (Freestyle Recording Studios.)

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Mike Gallon
Freestyle Studios

mario~.bmp (233298 bytes) One of today's hottest Freestyle talents is back and keeping busy in the recording studio. Mario’s track “I Can’t Go On”, was first introduced to the Freestyle Music community back in 1999, when we received his demo album “It’s About Tyme”.  Shortly after our review he was signed with Pryme Tyme records which featured the official release of “I Can’t Go On” on their compilation CD, “Freestyle A New Dimension In Tyme, Vol.#2. But, now Mario is a free agent again, so labels look out. If you're looking for a quality type artist then this is your chance to make a move because Mario is coming out stronger in the new millennium. The name of the new track is “Freestyle Love”, and if it sounds anything like his last two releases “Nobody’s Fool, or “I Can’t Go On”, then it’s sure to be a hit. With the right label and attitude Mario is destined to have a very promising career in the music business. You can contact Mario direct at: (630) 551-1054 or email:
Who is Rosalinda? I tell you who she is. A very beautiful and talented young artist from  the San Francisco Bay area, that is definitely going to make Latinos proud. Rosalinda was formerly in a group called Alma De Mexico, which was showcasing her talent to the general public and while singing at a friend’s party was approached to audition for producers, DJ Raj and DJ Chilli. Before she knew it, Rosalinda was in the studio recording her first single. With her hit debut single, “Give Me All Your Love”, under her belt, “Feel The Love”, her much anticipated album released on Illusive Records is just hitting stores. Let me say that this album contains the best of all dance music styles. “Feel The Love” is a must for your music collection. The albums strong Freestyle, Latin, and House styled grooves will have any party moving. Rosali.jpg (11618 bytes)
You will sure be “Hypnotized” once you play this powerful Freestyle anthem. The first time I heard this CD , I felt a chill and just know that Rosalinda will be one of the top new artist to break into the music scene big time. Two of my favorite tracks are the Electro-Funk styled track “Let’s Find A Way”, a Trinere type sound reminiscent of “Look Out Weekends”, but with a 2001 feel and “Goodbye” a dark Latin Rascal type sound with Spanish guitar riffs. I can’t go out without mentioning  her powerful and sweet melodic vocal style that will have you wanting to hear more. 5-Stars*****
For more information contact Rajeev Prasad at: or (650) 871-8921
Sam2.jpg (15837 bytes) Coming out with his second commercial release mix CD is radio mixshow DJ/producer/remixer Slammin’ Sam., entitled “In Da Mix Episode Two” on SE Entertainment.  As a prominent guest club and radio DJ, Slammin’ Sam takes his unique style to the masses from the East to the West. Doing DJ shows in New York, San Jose, Sacramento, San Diego, Los Angeles, etc. Just like “Episode One”, “Episode Two” includes exclusive tracks of Slammin’ Entertainment artists as well as unreleased remixes. The CD contains tracks by Aysia, Epic Voices, Steelo, Alvendia, Daisy, Paradigm and many more!  A must for all Freestyle and dance music fans everywhere. The man is bad, and keeps pumping out the goods. DON’T MISS THIS ONE, you will regret it. 5-Stars***** For more information visit the Slammin’ Sam website at:
or call (925) 473-9043

Freestyle artist, where are they ? Remember, Miami based Freestyle legends Paris by Air. Well they are still pouring out the jams. I ran across their MP3 website and was happy to find out that they are still one of the hottest Freestyle, Dance groups in the business. Check out their website at: (

Here you will find new tracks  and also their classics, “Voices In Your Head” and  C’mon & Dance With Me. In addition, you will find a remake of the Freestyle classic Wild Mary’s “No One Knows” with a Paris By Air touch. 

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Logic Records releases John Blair Volume 4, a nonstop mix of New York's freshest underground beats mixed by DJ James Andersen.

"The fire that James Anderson ignites in a nightclub is nothing short of amazing. From Miami to Montreal to NYC, James DJ'ing sets are met with thunderous applause from the crowds on the dancefloor below."

This CD is one of the hottest mixes to hit clubland, with it's hard pumping house anthems and hypnotic tribal beats it sure to light up dancefloors everywhere.  If you haven't got your copy yet, you don't know what your missing. *****5 Stars

You have to check out the China Dolls, one the hottest groups to come out from Miami on the Next Step record label. Produced and arranged by Freestyle/Dance legend Lewis Martinee from Expose fame "I'll Know How To Love You", is going to break new grounds for the Freestyle genre. The Freestyle mix (Flatline mix) contains a  high energy sound mixed with trance type grooves, similar to the Robin Fox hit I See Stars. The CD contains 4 mixes along with a remake of Tina Turners "What's Love Got To Do With It". Other producers involved in the project are Eddie "Love" Arroyo, Luis and Hugo Diaz. *****5-Stars- For more information contact Jon Wilson at 305-255-1226 or email China.jpg (4913 bytes)
Roni.jpg (7169 bytes) Filipino/Latin dance artist Roni Rod is making noise with his soon to be released album "This Is Throb". Roni has recently signed with the independent record label American Records, ( and his music will be soon distributed to all major radio stations all over United States this summer 2001. Also, Roni Rod's music will be commercialized and included to new dance artist site by independent record label, "Tomahawk Records" ( owned by Felipe Rose founder/singer (Indian) of Village People. For more information contact Ricky Dean @
00381743.jpg (16931 bytes) One of the hottest underground tracks is Madonna's "Cyber Raga. A unique blend of slammin' Freestyle beats with the Electro-funk space driven rhythms and raga chants that will make any dancefloor groove. You will see that once written all radio mix show DJ's will jump on the Cyber-Raga wagon. Found on the Don't Tell Me import 12" record, Cyber-Raga is pure electrofunk jam. Don't forget to check out this track, before it's not available anymore.
"Stand Up" and face the soulful house groove that is going to take the clubs by surprise. Thunderpuss featuring Latanza Waters with "Stand Up" is a nonstop party celebration. The chorus contains the disco classic "Grace of God" riff which will have all disco purists grooving, while the Thunderpuss signature sound will have the floors jam-packed with their hard house beats. ***** 5-Stars
Malina is making heavy noise with her hit track "By Your Side" on Tommy Boy Silver. Already receiving massive airplay appeal,in the United States this track provides all the energy you need in a dance song. To top it,   Malina delivers a powerful vocal performance that has you wanting to listen for more.  "Malina describes her music as "... a bit of everything. Hard rock, cross-over, jazz-pop, acid jazz, you name it, I've been influenced by it." ***** 5-Stars
Artist of The Month

Don't miss one of the most talented Freestyle, Dance divas tell us all here on FMC with our French Connection Freestyle reporter Francis Tanneur.

Do you have any particular message to give to the Freestyle community?

"Yes… I love each and everyone of you, for always supporting the Freestyle world and for the respect and love you have always shown us." (Nyasia)

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Lemon Jelly releases their debut album on XL Recordings. For more information check out 

Pravina hits the streets with her new track “Taste of Love” on Starcrest Records. Support the music and get your copy today through Pravina’s MP3 website located at: 

Coming Soon!!
"Estilo Libre" La Nueva Generacion featuring:
1.CHRISSY I-EECE "Love Desire"
3.GEO VILLACIS "Porque Te Quiero"
5.JAVIER LOPEZ "Yo Te Amare"
6.FREDDY LOPEZ "Finjiste Amor"
7.SAINT "I Need"
8.LOVARI "These Tears"
9.JOEY SANTANA "You Are The One For Me"
10.CHRISSY I-EECE "Love Desire" (Club House Mix)

E.L.I.RECORDS / FEVER RECORDS - 718-325-9037 or 212-586-6900.
Distributed by WARLOCK RECORDS; 212-206-0800 Fax: 212- 206-1949.
Visit their website and listen to the audios that will be in the compilation at: (press on coming soon new!! link) Also coming soon EL SHOW DE FREDDY LOPEZ "Estilo Libre 2" Lluvia De Estrellas. 

The new DJ Hannabal is done and you can pick it up online at or on

New York, NY-MTV: Music Television and Tommy Boy Music announced that Party To Go Remixed, a new CD featuring music from the Backstreet Noys, Pink, DMX, the Bloodhound Gang, and more will be available April 10, 2001. Sales of Party To Go Remixed, the 14th release in the series, will again benefit the AMC Cancer Research Center. To date, Party To Go CD sales have raised more than $14 million to support cancer research. 

Contact Mr. Sam at: 

Daisey curret single is "Take Me Far Away" duet with Willie Valentin. 

Sin Cortinas" by Chichi Peralta
The enticing new single "Sin Cortinas" by Chichi Peralta is taking music fans by storm! They are absolutely in love with the smooth, sensual rhythms of this cutting-edge love song! "Sin Cortinas" has already invaded the radio waves of Puerto Rico, Miami, Atlanta, New York and Boston, stirring up passion and excitement among all its listeners!

Check out Chichi at:

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Visit our Mix Music Store
When your talking about hot Freestyle Mix CD's, you have to get yourself a copy of Freestyle Music Master Mix Set. Vol. 7&8. Two exclusive master mixes by DJ Jorge A. Ojeda, brought to you by the Freestyle Music Network.

I'll Be Loving You- Collage Diamond Girl- Nice & Wild No Reason To Cry- Judy Torres Died In Your Arms-Intonation featuring Joey In A Dream-Rockell Only In The Night-Voice In Fashion Dancing On The Fire-India Tender Heart- Leather & Lace Where Are You Tonight-Coro Praise The DJ- Pusaka Wondering- Tonasia Crying Over You- Soave
Can't We Try- Rockell (Duet with Collage) Fantasy Girl- Johnny O Let Me Be The One- Safire Wanna Be Starting Something- PSO Show Me- Cover Girls Al-Naafiysh- Hashim A Day In My Life- Lisette Melendez Then Came You- T.P.E. L.O.V.E- Erotic Exotic

On The Net

Below is a list of new websites worth checking out. 

Electronic gurus “Kraftwerk”, yep! One of the earliest pioneer groups of the Electro-Funk movement have a website, and it’s worth checking out. Don’t miss it!!! 

SickMix.Com = online radio also to be up soon. 

New Dance Artist/Choreographer/Producer-Remixer =

Just Dance Chicago =

Delicious D’s Joint =

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Join Xtasy with the three part report of Freestyle's "Girl-Group" Divas. Featuring groups like Expose, the Cover Girls, Sweet Sensation, Company B, Pajama Party, Seduction, and Laissez Faire. This is a three part report that you can not miss, providing lots of history and great memories of the best Freestyle years. Don't miss it. Oldschool photos will be coming soon to complete the report, so keep it in check.


The Freestyle Music Web-Radio has a brand new look. Resident DJ Jorge A. Ojeda takes you on a Master Mix ride, through his Freestyle, Dance, Hiphop and Bass mix sets. In addition, listen to the Freestyle Radio show were you can find the best in Freestyle.

Freestyle Music.Com
Att: Web-Radio
18565 SW. 104 Avenue
Miami, FL. 33157

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EL Show De Freddy Lopez is going to celebrate Cynthia’s birthday on May 23 for there next taping of the show. Everybody is welcome to come. Place: ELA STUDIOS - 545 West 59th St. - Between 10 & 11 ave (Manhattan) Time: 7:00pm 

For more information contact them directly at 718-325-9037.


TV SHOWS:        

Diantetv.jpg (5669 bytes) "The Diamante Show" hosted by Jeannette Rosario(Diamante) and Artie Rodriguez (the golden boy) one of the hottest Latin, Dance music shows on TV. The show is available on the following channels:

Channel 35 in Brooklyn.. Mondays... 3:00pm and 11:00pm
Channel 71 in Hudson County..Tuesdays... 9:30pm
Channel 56 in Manhattan Thursdays... 1:30pm
Channel 69 in the Bronx...Wednesdays...10:00am, 1:30pm & 7:30pm

You can find the "The Diamante Show" on the internet at: or call: (212) 420-8538.

F&R Music and TV Productions presents "The Freestyle Music Show" which is being aired on the Bronxnet channel 68, Thursdays at 8:00pm - Saturdays at 1:30pm. The beautiful and talented Chrissy -Ieece and Angel Clivilles (formerly of the Cover Girls) will be hosting the show.

The show guarantees to bring you the best in Freestyle Music from yesterday and today. For more information contact the Fan Club at: (718)519-0084

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lopez1MUSIC_01.gif (48569 bytes)
For half of a decade, “El Show De Freddy Lopez” has been entertaining viewers nationwide. But how did this freestyle based variety show originate? “I noticed that there was  a major lack of exposure on television for Freestyle or any Latin Freestyle music for that matter. One day, I was flipping through cable and noticed a number of interesting access programs with various topics. I decided to call a particular station, BronxNet and get an application,” Freddy recalls.BronxNet, the borough’s public access cable channel, liked Mr. Lopez’s idea for a bilingual Latin based dance show and decided to give it a try. “I never thought it would go so far in such a short time,” he says. “Things started to change. I received telephone calls from producers, singers, promoters, and record companies.” 

 The self titled “Freddy Lopez Show” (aka “El Show De Freddy Lopez”) debuted on March 13, 1995. It’s first guest was the singer Judy Torres, who is now nationally known as a host on the hugely popular radio station KTU. The celebrity roster continued to grow, including appearances by Tonasia, The Rios Sisters, Aby (from TKA), & more, and many others. When the show first debuted, it featured singer Chrissy I-eece as a co-host. Presently, the roster also includes superstar Cynthia.“El Show De Freddy Lopez” has become so momentously popular that it is now shown as far west as Ohio and is extending to Puerto Rico as well. In 1999, it was nominated for Best Entertainment Access Show. 

 The program has also spawned a compilation album. Released on E.L.I./Fever Records, “La Nueva Generacion” (aka “The New Generation”) distributed by Warlock Record, It features hosts Freddy Lopez and Chrissy I-eece, a well as tracks from superstar Lissette Melendez and freestyle favorite Saint, a well as newcomers such as Javier Lopez, Geo Villacis, Joey Santana, and Lovari. 

Channel Information
Mondays 1:00am,11:00am,8:00pm
Thursdays 5:30am, 3:30pm, 11:00pm
Wednesdays 6:30pm
YONKERS NY- Channel 71
Fridays 9:30pm
Channel 34 (Time Warner) Saturdays 10:30pm
Channel 67 (Cable Vision) Saturdays 10:30pm 

P.O.BOX 672-172 Bronx, NY 10467
Tel: 718-325-9037 Fax:718-653-6325

Special News!! Now you can email your favorite host of EL SHOW DE FREDDY LOPEZ At the following email Address:


Chat Conference News:

Catch the next
"Live Chat Conference"

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Keep it locked here!!!
All labels and artists interested in some major publicity,
make sure to get in contact with us at:

Be on the look out for many more live chat conferences, right here on FMC. We have developed this section on our site so that community can learn more about the artists they love. In addition, we will be hosting and promoting live chat conferences with new up and coming artists, so that they can also promote themselves and their releases to the community.  Don't miss the opportunity to chat with a future legend and get a peep at the new Freestyle flavor that's pumping out on the streets of the underground.

FULL LENGTH CD's Worth Collecting:

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FMC would like to congratulate the following winners of the Photo Flashback. DJ Dez, M' ria, DJ Mongo, Scott Vogt, Sammy B, and  J. Rodriguez.

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Photo Flashback
Can you name the Freestyle Diva group in this picture?
Follow the link to answer the Photo Flashback Question.
Winners will be posted on the next Community Report.
FMC thanks all participants for their time and efforts in keeping Freestyle Music strong.

On The Net: Websites worth checking out!!!
Latin Nation
Concord's Most Ultimate Freestyle
Apollo Freestyle

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TOP 10
Latin Hip-Hop Jams




1. Linda Low Dancing In My Heart
2. Diamante Fire
3. Jocelyn Enriquez When I Get Close To You
4. DJ Lino featuring Julie Dreamin'
5. Mario Nobody’s Fool
6. Soleil Pleasure and Pain
7. China Dolls I'll Know How To Love You
8. Rosalinda Let’s Find A Way
9. Krystal Loving Arms
10.. Madonna Cyber Raga (import)

18565 SW. 104 AVE
MIAMI, FL. 33157

FMC would like to thank all the labels and artists that have sent in their material for review. If your music was not reviewed on this issue, it will be on the next. Until next time, PEACE.