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Issue #22
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We have been getting news that there might be a couple of Freestyle Concerts that will be hitting Miami, with major Freestyle artists performing. As soon as these concerts are confirmed we will send out a e-mail to the community to keep you informed.
Check it out! T.K.A "Forever" at the Chance Theater. celebrating the upcoming release of their new CD, October 9, 2001. Singing over 12 hits, This is the first appearance since 1995 in The Hudson Valley. Presented by Universal Language. Tickets are only $10 call the chance box office at 845-471-1966   Spun by Tommy Boy , Robert Christopher and King James. tka.jpg (13413 bytes)
The end of the third quarter is approaching and the Dance music scene just keeps getting hotter with new releases and remakes of the classics. The support for the genre also continues to grow, as the music easily makes it's way back to the mainstream airwaves and commercial media. More and more tracks are finding spots on TV commercials, internet media and video games that normally would have stayed in the underground. This is a positive avenue for the music to gain exposure and promote new talent to the world.  SO, get your asses back to the studio and let your creativity flow !!! Their is no excuse to produce.
00397090.jpg (11016 bytes) In Memoriam

Freestyle Music.Com and CDNOW remembers Aaliyah, who died August 25 in a plane crash in the Bahamas. Her recent self-titled album, which contained the hit "We Need a Resolution," was widely praised as her best.

Safire comes out strong with her new album "Bringing Back The Grove" and single "Don't Break My Heart 2002" released on the Globestar record label.

The album contains several slamming Freestyle tracks featuring the production talents of Carlos Berrios as well as duets with Freestyle legends Tony Moran on "Some Things Never Change" and Cynthia on "Can You Stand The Rain".  Also found on the album is a new Freestyle ballad "I'm Feeling It Too" and Freestyle classics "Don't Break My Heart", "You Said You Loved Me", and "Gonna Make It".

You got to get a copy to add to your collection of tracks.

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Geraldo.jpg (4930 bytes) Look out all you Freestyle heads, R-Jam (Geraldo J. Robles III) is here to make some noise in the Freestyle,dance genre. His single release contains the Latin house, Freestyle oriented track "Forever", which gets you thinking of those glorious Reinaldo days. A tight dance track with all the essentials that make a Latin hiphop hit. Included in the single is "Caliente" a party style Latin jam that will have clubland stomping to it's rhythm. *****5-Stars

Don't forget to check out an exclusive Freestyle Music.Com interview with R-Jam by Jorge A. Ojeda. Coming soon!!!

What is the Filtered sound?

The filtered sound is a sub-genre of dance music that is filled with deep-baked rhythms, hypnotic mantra-like vocals, sporadic use of processed special effects and wind-tunnel-like atmospherics. Tommy Boy Silver Label's amazing compilation, Filtered: Best of Filtered Dance, offers you the ultimate filtered music experience! Contains slamming tracks like Stardust's "Music Sounds Better With You", Funkstar Deluxe vs Bob Marley "Sun Is Shining, and a funky remix of Information Society's "Running".

The CD is as nice as the picture on the cover. "Filtered", The Best of Filtered Dance is the "definitive dance collection of the summer. Guaranteed to raise the roof and keep the party groovin' all night long!" ***** 5-Stars

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Lotus.jpg (6918 bytes) Lotus releases their 12" single "Within or Without You" from their self entitled album "Lotus". A smooth progressive dance sound ready to make noise in radio world. "Within or Without You" is reminiscent of the Annie Lennox track "No More 'I Love You's'.   A great vocal performance, and hot Soul Solution Mixes make a perfect combination for a hit record. *****5-Stars
CT Rock the Techno, House Rock-King steps in and releases the power of his guitar. My favorite track is "Break It Down" located on the CD compilation Bronhadaminuon (nowhere near the end). This Electro funk guitar driven track will have you thinking of the smooth Electro rhythm of Egypt by the Egyptian Lover. I could do without the rap part on the track which does not match, but other than that the track will have you doing the Electro boogilou. Ctrock.jpg (5969 bytes)
Ldyfree.JPG (9744 bytes) One of the hottest Freestyle Mix Compilations to be released this summer. Stylin' Free presents Metropolitan "Ladies Of Freestyle" Volume 1,2,3. The three CD's contain artists like Lil' Suzy, April, Chrissy I-Eece, Deniz, Amy Tori, Nicole Daniels, Denine, Laissez Faire, Rhythmcentric, Cheree, Giggles, Margie Martinee, Elissa, Lia Marquis, Stephanie Marano, Karizma, Baydoll, Alexia Phillips and many more of today's Freestyle Divas. The CD's contain the megamixe talents of DJ Mista Bizy, The Freestyle File and DJ Luis "Like Dis" Mendoza The mixes are full of unique blends of edits and samples, laid down on some phat Freestyle beats- perfectly mixed.
***** 5Stars
The New Remix Album by LawTown recording Artist "Bylli Crayone" will be released this fall.  The album is called "The Remix Project" and features 14 of his Dance Floor Tracks (Remixed!) Including his Underground scores:

"Touch Me All Over" and "Drop Those Pants!"  The album will contain music from both his 1999 release "Original/Unique" and his most recent "TOYFRIEND". You will find the remix talents of Autocad, DJ Sky, MG 'N' Tony P, DJ Stephen, and Jorge Ojeda, Mike Check O.N.E. from Freestyle Music.Com.

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Rmaster.jpg (5687 bytes) "Disconnect Your Head" features 13 ecliptic tracks from Steve McGuiness and Rob Chetcuti, the masterminds who are the Rhythm Masters. This album is a pure Electro ride into the Underground, with it's deep filtered type sound. My favorite track is Electronic Funk, which sounds like a remake of the classic old school Electro-funk track by OSE- "Electro Funk".
Rmasters.jpg (4134 bytes) Dam I wanted to remake that track. Oh well.  You got to get a copy to hear the evolution of Electro music. ***** 5-Stars
redirector.jpg (18826 bytes) America welcomes with open arms top DJ, producer and artist Gigi D'Agostino. His powerful new album "L'Amour Toujours" on Arista Records is burning up the charts with hit dance tracks like "I'll Fly With You". One of the top requested tracks in the airwaves and club floors, this track is full of hard pumping Freestyle beats with ragga style chants and sweet melodic vocals.

Gigi D'Agostino believes that music has no boundaries and that cultures are not impassable. "Dance is a language," he says. With this language, this artist is crossing boundaries and impacting cultures worldwide. The secret to his success? His answer is simple: "Thanks to your discipline, you can realize all your dreams." Check out Gigi D' Agostino Website

TKA's new entitled album "Forever" (October 9th) is soon to hit the streets, get ready!!! Their new filtered type dance sound is going to re-open doors for the dance music genre, letting the world know that the Freestyle legends are back ready to make another musical impact. Their new sound remains true to the Freestyle roots of the group, but breaks new musical ground for them as well, allowing the group to expand their creative vision beyond the Freestyle realm. forevertka.bmp (95462 bytes)

The first single to be released from the album "Feel The Music" (Sept.4th) is a guaranteed dance-floor burner, incorporates the neo-disco flavor of filtered dance music, yet retains the classic TKA vocals, indelibly marking the track and making it a distinctly TKA song. One of my favorite tracks is "Sexual Fantasy" which is more Freestyle oriented.  The music of TKA came from the streets and lived through the streets; the rhythms represented the youthful heartbeat of Spanish Harlem. Through the music of TKA the Freestyle dance movement was born. They were truly Latin Kings! The new album will bring to the table TKA's new matured sound that will prove that they are here to stay "Forever".

Check out another review on the new TKA album by:
Sal Cinquemani for slant magazine, 2001

Think way back. Okay, well not way back, but just before New York's Hot 103 morphed into Hot 97 and long before K7's "Come Baby Come." TKA (the dance/pop trio of which K7 is a part) helped bring the rhythms of the Freestyle dance movement from the barrio to the 80s pop mainstream. A decade after their last studio release, the group has reformed for Forever, an album that celebrates their musical roots and embraces the sound that they helped spring forth in the post-Alternative pop world.

Click on the link to continue with the review.

"DJ Mixmaster releases his latest track "El Bimbo Latino", under the moniker Love Selective is a hard house tribal extravaganza featuring a driving bassline, thrilling percussion and a Latin inflection sure to please. The single features a remix by Axwell which takes the track to the next level introducing a smooth, sultry vocal hook while Miami's Eddie X turns up the heat with a remix featuring his signature tribal style, creating a track that is guaranteed to rock the party."  ***** 5-Stars

"While the lyrics of most dance tracks rely on simple word to convey simple themes of sexuality. "Yes!" finds its inspiration in the writings of one the 20th century's greatest poets, James Joyce. The chorus of "Yes!" is based on an excerpt from Joyce's famous literary work "Ulysses."  "Yes!" is a pop style melody that brings out the best of Ambers sweet, sensual vocal style.

Experience the phenomenon for yourself!

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United DJs of America is the longest running North American DJ Mix series, widely respected and viewed as leaders in quality mix CDs for consumers. Catch the latest two CD's under the United DJs of America dance series.
Mixer presents:

DJ John Kelly / United DJs of America / Volume 19
DJ Tony Humphries / United DJs of America / Volume 18

jkelly.jpg (5289 bytes) "DJ John Kelly has earned his reputation not only by skill alone but also through his dedication and love for his audience. Never content to rest on his  laurels Kelly is always pushing the envelope with his trademark progressive sound weaving tech-house, breaks and rhythmic tribal beats. With his new mix in the revered United DJs series, DJ John Kelly is not only moving people, he's getting them to move!"
00398322.jpg (7429 bytes) "It can be said that Tony Humphries has left an indelible impression on the global dance community as will his first mix for DMC. Visibility and demand for Humphries continues to grow. Adding to this visibility will be an aggressive nationwide dance co-op campaign in addition to consumer advertising in Mixer and URB as well as independent publicity and a nationwide club tour throughout the summer and fall. Yes, the music, the legend...Tony Humphries."
Artist of The Month
She's back!!!
Nocera is Freestyle Music.Com's "Artist of The Month". Check out an exclusive interview with Nocera by Francis Tanneur. Learn about Nocera's new endeavors while she spins her way back to the music scene with her band "Voice of The Satellites".

An exclusive behind the scene look at one of Freestyle Legends.

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Visit our Mix Music Store
When your talking about hot Freestyle Mix CD's, you have to get yourself a copy of Freestyle Music Master Mix Set. Vol. 7&8. Two exclusive master mixes by DJ Jorge A. Ojeda, brought to you by the Freestyle Music Network.

I'll Be Loving You- Collage Diamond Girl- Nice & Wild No Reason To Cry- Judy Torres Died In Your Arms-Intonation featuring Joey In A Dream-Rockell Only In The Night-Voice In Fashion Dancing On The Fire-India Tender Heart- Leather & Lace Where Are You Tonight-Coro Praise The DJ- Pusaka Wondering- Tonasia Crying Over You- Soave
Can't We Try- Rockell (Duet with Collage) Fantasy Girl- Johnny O Let Me Be The One- Safire Wanna Be Starting Something- PSO Show Me- Cover Girls Al-Naafiysh- Hashim A Day In My Life- Lisette Melendez Then Came You- T.P.E. L.O.V.E- Erotic Exotic

And now for some exciting Freestyle news:

Troy Guy from the group D'ZYRE ("Forever A'mor" fame) and Mario (new Freestyle sensation) are going to hook up in the next couple of weeks to work on a new track entitled "Don't Give Yourself To Me". The music is basically completed they are just waiting to lay down Mario's vocal track. We will keep you informed on the it's release. Rumor has it that it should be the next Latin hiphop anthem. Stay tuned here at FMC for the updates.


The Freestyle Music Network Web-Radio has a brand new look. Resident DJ Jorge A. Ojeda takes you on a Master Mix ride, through his Freestyle, Dance, Hiphop and Bass mix sets. In addition, listen to the Freestyle Radio show were you can find the best in Freestyle.

Freestyle Music.Com
Att: Web-Radio
18565 SW. 104 Avenue
Miami, FL. 33157

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EL Show De Freddy Lopez is going to celebrate Cynthia’s birthday on May 23 for there next taping of the show. Everybody is welcome to come. Place: ELA STUDIOS - 545 West 59th St. - Between 10 & 11 ave (Manhattan) Time: 7:00pm 

For more information contact them directly at 718-325-9037.


TV SHOWS:        

Diantetv.jpg (5669 bytes) "The Diamante Show" hosted by Jeannette Rosario(Diamante) and Artie Rodriguez (the golden boy) one of the hottest Latin, Dance music shows on TV. The show is available on the following channels:

Channel 35 in Brooklyn.. Mondays... 3:00pm and 11:00pm
Channel 71 in Hudson County..Tuesdays... 9:30pm
Channel 56 in Manhattan Thursdays... 1:30pm
Channel 69 in the Bronx...Wednesdays...10:00am, 1:30pm & 7:30pm

You can find the "The Diamante Show" on the internet at: or call: (212) 420-8538.

F&R Music and TV Productions presents "The Freestyle Music Show" which is being aired on the Bronxnet channel 68, Thursdays at 8:00pm - Saturdays at 1:30pm. The beautiful and talented Chrissy -Ieece and Angel Clivilles (formerly of the Cover Girls) will be hosting the show.

The show guarantees to bring you the best in Freestyle Music from yesterday and today. For more information contact the Fan Club at: (718)519-0084

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lopez1MUSIC_01.gif (48569 bytes)
For half of a decade, “El Show De Freddy Lopez” has been entertaining viewers nationwide. But how did this freestyle based variety show originate? “I noticed that there was  a major lack of exposure on television for Freestyle or any Latin Freestyle music for that matter. One day, I was flipping through cable and noticed a number of interesting access programs with various topics. I decided to call a particular station, BronxNet and get an application,” Freddy recalls.BronxNet, the borough’s public access cable channel, liked Mr. Lopez’s idea for a bilingual Latin based dance show and decided to give it a try. “I never thought it would go so far in such a short time,” he says. “Things started to change. I received telephone calls from producers, singers, promoters, and record companies.” 

 The self titled “Freddy Lopez Show” (aka “El Show De Freddy Lopez”) debuted on March 13, 1995. It’s first guest was the singer Judy Torres, who is now nationally known as a host on the hugely popular radio station KTU. The celebrity roster continued to grow, including appearances by Tonasia, The Rios Sisters, Aby (from TKA), & more, and many others. When the show first debuted, it featured singer Chrissy I-eece as a co-host. Presently, the roster also includes superstar Cynthia.“El Show De Freddy Lopez” has become so momentously popular that it is now shown as far west as Ohio and is extending to Puerto Rico as well. In 1999, it was nominated for Best Entertainment Access Show. 

The program has also spawned a compilation album. Released on E.L.I./Fever Records, “La Nueva Generacion” (aka “The New Generation”) distributed by Warlock Record, It features hosts Freddy Lopez and Chrissy I-eece, a well as tracks from superstar Lissette Melendez and freestyle favorite Saint, a well as newcomers such as Javier Lopez, Geo Villacis, Joey Santana, and Lovari. 

Channel Information
Mondays 1:00am,11:00am,8:00pm
Thursdays 5:30am, 3:30pm, 11:00pm
Wednesdays 6:30pm
YONKERS NY- Channel 71
Fridays 9:30pm
Channel 34 (Time Warner) Saturdays 10:30pm
Channel 67 (Cable Vision) Saturdays 10:30pm 

P.O.BOX 672-172 Bronx, NY 10467
Tel: 718-325-9037 Fax:718-653-6325

Special News!! Now you can email your favorite host of EL SHOW DE FREDDY LOPEZ At the following email Address:


Chat Conference News:

Catch the next
"Live Chat Conference"

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All labels and artists interested in some major publicity,
make sure to get in contact with us at:

Be on the look out for many more live chat conferences, right here on FMC. We have developed this section on our site so that community can learn more about the artists they love. In addition, we will be hosting and promoting live chat conferences with new up and coming artists, so that they can also promote themselves and their releases to the community.  Don't miss the opportunity to chat with a future legend and get a peep at the new Freestyle flavor that's pumping out on the streets of the underground.

FULL LENGTH CD's Worth Collecting:

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FMC would like to congratulate the following winners of the Photo Flashback. Phil, Abi Santana, Johnny.

FMC thanks all participants for their time and efforts in keeping Freestyle Music strong.

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Photo Flashback
Can you name the Freestyle Diva group in this picture?
Follow the link to answer the Photo Flashback Question.
Winners will be posted on the next Community Report.

On The Net: Websites worth checking out!!!
Cindy's Freestyle Site
A TKA Website

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TOP 10
Latin Hip-Hop Jams




1. Gigi D'Agostino I'll Fly With You
2. Madonna Cyber Raga (import)
3. Safire Don't Break My Heart 2002
4. China Dolls I'll Know How To Love You
5. Mario Nobody’s Fool
6. TKA Sexual Fantasy
7. R-Jam Forever
8. Bylli Crayone Touch Me All Over
9. Rhythm Masters Electronic Funk
10.. CT Rock the Techno, House Rock-King Break It Down

18565 SW. 104 AVE
MIAMI, FL. 33157

FMC would like to thank all the labels and artists that have sent in their material for review. If your music was not reviewed on this issue, it will be on the next. Until next time, PEACE.