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Issue #23
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Hello Freestyle land, yes I am back with another exciting issue of the community report. I've been busy with a new love in my life, my baby boy Julian. Yes, the Ojeda family keeps growing, maybe a future artist. We will see. I would like thank everyone who emailed me.

Thank You

Now we're off with the show!!!

The new Latin Trio from Houston, Texas are ready to make their stand by delivering the goods with their self entitled album "Phaze 3". The CD contains a variety of styles and rhythms which demonstrate the groups diversity. A mixture of English and Spanish, Pop ballads, R&B, House and Freestyle grooves that will set the group apart from other artists. All their material is written and produced by them. One of my favorite tracks is "Hold Me", a very energetic Freestyle sound that contains a perfect combination of vocal harmonies and catchy lyrics. Phaze 3 is currently being played on KSJS/Delicious D in San Jose, WESU/Larry V in Connecticut and right here in rotation on Freestyle Music radio show:    ****4-Stars Phaze3.jpg (5339 bytes)

For more information on Phaze 3 check out their website at:

Kphilli.jpg (3615 bytes) Kathy Phillips new track "I Wish" is the bomb!!! One of the latest Freestyle anthems to hit the community. A combination of Chris Barbosa's roland 303 synth sounds (Shannon), mixed with a Monet style of lyrical arrangements along with a Noel's, Silent Morning melody pinch, will easily make this track an instant Freestyle gem. In addition, Kathy delivers a strong and tight vocal performance that places her amongst one of the top Freestyle dance artist of today. I never get tired of listening to this track. *****5-Stars
Maria Cantu, the next Latina sensation to impact the dance community with her new CD EP "2 Get 2 You"on Cruces Records.  The CD contains hot dance and ballad tracks in English & Spanish, that will help guide Maria's career to a more international audience. . Look out Cristina Aguilera, here comes Maria Cantu and she has what it takes to be a star. "2 Get 2 You" has been in full rotation on our Freestyle radio show, and has been receiving great reviews from our listeners. *****5-Stars For more info: Mcantu.jpg (4966 bytes)
Desire.jpg (4991 bytes) R-JAM  is pumping out another Latino, Freestyle Hiphop jam with "Desire/Deseo". The Electro-Free-Base Mix is a journey into Freestyle, Salsa heaven. Take out your windbreakers, and cardboard floors to B-Boy your best. A true representation of the Latino Hiphop, Electro sound that took over the streets of New York City. I can wait to add this track to one of my mix sets. Also available is the "Caliente", Latin House, and the Disco oriented "Toca La Musica". ****4-Stars
For more info: Encendido Records 718-252-1698
The Music Squad delivers another powerful mix CD by DJ GEO, a jam packed Freestyle party. Music Squad is a full service DJ oriented company in the Chicagoland area. They are currently working on producing Chicago's best local talents, and creating more Freestyle mix sets. Get a chance to hear their new mix on the Freestyle Radio show.  *****5-Stars For more information contact Julius Cezar at: or visit their website Msquad.jpg (3427 bytes)
Tka.jpg (3533 bytes) TKA's new vision and sound reflects who they are now and how far they have come in each of their lives, both together and separately. A sound that remains true to the Freestyle roots of the group, but breaks new musical ground for them as well, allowing the group to expand their creative vision beyond the Freestyle realm.  "TKA Forever"  ***** 5-Stars

For more info: Lisa Brown -

The crash goes love diva is back, with her latest "And I Am Telling You, I'm Not Going", disco classic. It's so good to hear those high powered soulful vocals of the legendary diva Jennifer Holliday, backed up by the sounds of some of the best dance DJ's of today. Ralphie Rosario, Abel Aguilera and Junior Vasquez deliver the House and Trance goods. If you need to get the dancefloor moving then this track is a must. *****5-Stars Available on Tommyboy Silver Label Tellingu.jpg (2893 bytes)
Dxnyc.jpg (5066 bytes) One of the hottest mix CD out right now is "Dance Mix NYC", mixed by WKTU's own DJ Riddler. It is a well-known fact that New York City is home of the finest and most cutting-edge dance clubs in the world. New York DJ's are also known for being on the vanguard of new music, breaking new artists and for being the most creative turntablists in the world. And they have to be, as New York City is also home to some of the most discriminating dance music aficionados in the world. It is in this spirit that Tommy Boy Silver Label, one of New York City's premier dance music outfits brings Dance Mix NYC to the floor. *****5- Stars


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Can't We Try- Rockell (Duet with Collage) Fantasy Girl- Johnny O Let Me Be The One- Safire Wanna Be Starting Something- PSO Show Me- Cover Girls Al-Naafiysh- Hashim A Day In My Life- Lisette Melendez Then Came You- T.P.E. L.O.V.E- Erotic Exotic

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FMC would like to congratulate the following winners of the Photo Flashback. Enrique Chacon, Jose, Ricky A. Lockhart, Kristin, Mike, Sandman, Haze (thanks for the photo),
Scott Vogt, Raysta, Alberto Nova, & J. Rodriguez.

FMC thanks all participants for their time and efforts in keeping Freestyle Music strong.

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Photo Flashback
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Winners will be posted on the next Community Report.

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TOP 10
Latin Hip-Hop Jams




1. China Dolls I'll Know How To Love You
2. TKA Sexual Fantasy
3. Mario Nobody’s Fool
4. Bylli Crayone Touch Me All Over (Ojeda Remix)
5. Kathy Phillips I Wish
6. Phaze 3 Hold Me
7. Maria Cantu 2 Get 2 You
8. CT Rock the Techno, House Rock-King Break It Down
9. Jennifer Holliday "And I Am Telling You, I'm Not Going"
10.. R-Jam Desire (Electro Mix)

18565 SW. 104 AVE
MIAMI, FL. 33157

FMC would like to thank all the labels and artists that have sent in their material for review. If your music was not reviewed on this issue, it will be on the next. Until next time, PEACE.