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The Prophecy Unfolds


Since its earliest day, American dance and hiphop music forms always relied on small communities of DJs, producers, vocalist,dancers and promoters. Most of these communities usually favored younger more energetic and creative youth. In hiphop and Freestyle music (Latin hiphop/dance), this sense of community formed a "family" atmosphere which in time came to help cultivate and develop young underprivileged youth and helped bring out their artistic talents and reach legendary status;not only in their home towns, but at a global scale.

It was this sense of family that brought back together the new generation of African American, Latino and gay youth growing up in the inner city streets of Miami and New York during the early to mid 80's...........A movement where the underprivileged (broke, low income), MINORITY (black, Latin's and Asian's: looked down upon by American mainstream society as untalented and troubled youth), and DOWNTROUGHT (gay youth: outcaste from society or white low income white youth: growing up in a predominant black or Latin neighborhood) where given the chance to form their own opportunities to express themselves creatively, because there was no other opportunities for them at the time.

It was artistic communities like these that broke down walls between all these groups and formed a sense of "family" that would inspire the inner city youth to become the best they can be and along the way help each other out, looking beyond their differences. Break1.jpg (7905 bytes)

In the process, circles of people would help others develop scenes . Rappers would help out and record along side those making dance music (specifically Latin hiphop/freestyle). Dance music people would help out people in the rap scene, dancers (b-boys/girls or others reaching other forms of dance) would help out dance music and rap music artist with their shows. The presence was felt and spread through out the communities even helping and reaching those who had a goal to go in directions of reaching Broadway or the silver screen. The sense of a family community, would spread and include the masses that represented hiphop and street culture of the early 80's :graph, DJ, b-boy, car culture ,dance (freestyle)...and give more of a spirit of what really defined the early 80's American hiphop and dance music scene.

In Miami's history alone, pockets of producers, artist, promoters etc., where vital for the success of Miami disco in the 70's, the Electro Funk/Latin hiphop/freestyle/electro bass booms of the early and late 80's, the trance and electro breaks of the 90's, the tribal house sound of the gay circuit, the "triphop" electro Freestyle of the mid 90's (along side California's Groove movement) all the way to present day dance music forms.

Unfortunately for "freestyle's" industry in Miami and New York, somewhere along the line that sense of "family" was slowly fading. Producers and promoters who had become label owners or high ranking officials became greedy and conniving. Artist became ego centric and envious, the "family/community" defense was crushed by corporate and outside influences. The remainder of freestyle's artist, talented or not, would for many years be looked upon by the rest of the dance and recording industry as secondary citizens. Despite some of their triumphs, the stagnant "freestyle" identity would not work in their favor. In the long run many who had a hand in the Freestyle music industry would downplay or wash their hands from it.

The reality is in fact not that Freestyle was looked down upon because of its sound, its identity or political causes, but for the greed and mindset established by some members of the previous generation. It was not said that the freestyle sound was never "cool" in the eyes of the youth and dance music community, but that a handful of "freestyle" producers, artist and labels are no longer "cool", aging and out of touch with the times.

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D'Luna (China Doll)

Although many have a stronghold of some pockets of the remainder of the already established "freestyle" community and some fans, they are on their way out after many attempts and no longer represent the new and establishing Freestyle and American dance music community that will soon rise and have an affect on the next twenty something years.

Although most of society relates to Freestyle music in the time period of the late 80's and early 90's....the evolution and history of the Freestyle sound and community can be traced as far back as the early 80's and all the way up to today's electro clash and Nu-freestyle breaks/electro dance scenes. The sound and community continues to shift and change itself, underground, with no direct effect or mental control by the already established "freestyle"scene of the previous years.

There has always been an alternative, underground Freestyle scene. Now is the time that the Freestyle sound continues to grow in the hands of new generations of production crews and DJs and a new rise to VOCAL artists , putting a FACE on American and global dance music, once again.

Freestyle Music dot.Com, A.K.A. ELECTRO DANCE MUSIC dot.Com, represents that sense of Community and "family" that was established in the early 80's and is once again rising out of today's diverse underground youth. It was always the place where individuals felt a kind of comfort knowing that there was an alternative. We at Freestyle Music dot.Com always exposed new music or focused on the overlooked and its effect on present day dance music. In the past, when the freestyle community refused to accept Florida acid phunk/triphop as a new form of electro/freestyle, we were the only media source shining light on people like Friction and Spice, DJ Boom, Jocelyne Enriquez, Angelina, Acid Factor, Nadine Renee, the Torres Brothers, George Acosta, NiteBeat records, Street Beat records , Kram records, Intersound records and many other artist and recording agencies that felt they needed to market their product in a proper form, and at the same time feel represented by what is current in today's freestyle scene and sound.

Today we have many things to look forward to, many things that will effect Freestyle music and the rest of the dance music community in the coming years. Many talented old school founders are finding their way back to plant those last seeds, as new comers are slowly taking their positions as figures and leaders. The old labels are closing, and new labels are opening.

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by Jill Beale (Avenue D)

2003/2004..The fashion and sound that was "freestyle and Hi-NRG" in the early 80's is now GLOBAL and cutting edge...From the Electro breaks to the electro clash, and affecting the tempo and influences of dark progressive House. Visual vocal artist are in demand, as the already established music industry hurts and is standing on cracking ice. The government is attacking the underground global dance music community with its "anti rave laws", and the recording industry is firing on consumers for music downloads.

A revolt has been sparked and is now targeting the "anti rave laws" and music industry, including those against dance music and those corporations now controlling aspects of dance music as a monopoly.(the same way they did with Freestyle before its DEATH).

In the coming issues of FMC, we will cover the evolution of freestyle and other dance genres including how they all affect each other and the facts that surround the current day politics of underground and commercial dance music . We will also take a look back and see how things were resolved decades ago.

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Most of all, we will be that alternative voice that brings The Nu-freestyle electro dance community together and open to share one global community with other electro and underground dance music "families".(house,electro breaks,electro clash, trance,freestyle, etc).

We strongly encourage and open our arms to those "freestyle" artist and producers who are also looking to promote or open to do different forms of dance music, as we also open to help out and shine light on non dance music or other dance genres, interested in cultivating and launching forms of electro dance music.

Stay tuned as we unite the "families" and rise as the new face for futuristic nu-freestyle and dance music. Coming soon...NRG-TV and FMC radio covering all aspects of dance music news that affects directly you and your "hood".

"As the drums of the ancient ones begin to pound in the hands of the new children, the old spirits rise out of the lost and forgotten"




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(305) 234-8033




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Are you the new Miami icon?

Are you the next ICON?.

Freestyle Music in association with Detour Records, Destune records, Eq's recording and live action studios and many other recording agencies are now on the look out for the next faces to become the poster for the new Miami nu-freestyle and electro dance Movement.

If you are between the ages of 17-26 (or at least try to pass in that age range), skilled in vocal talent, dance, acting and LOVE Freestyle and other forms of DANCE music...we are looking for you. If you are inspired to be a dance music vocalist, but rather become a Dance
Music Performer...we are looking for you.

Auditions will soon be held to pick out the next generation of Miami
Freestyle and dance Music Youth. We prefer you know some musical history of dance music, but not really necessary.

We prefer people with some experience, but open to those with no experience what so ever (Artist Development and BOOT CAMP will take care of that!)

Auditions are open to EVERYONE and all walks of life . (DON'T GET SCOURGED!) (you can be in a Gospel Choir or screaming anthems
while doing runway at the COLISEUM in ft Lauderdale.)

We are looking for hard working and determined artist who have an open mind for knowledge and also have patience. In other words, don't bring a bitchy attitude, (cuz IM a bigger bitch than you). Have a good attitude.

Developing, cultivating and perfecting artist is something that takes time and energy.Developing vocal skills, recording and selecting material and perfecting performance is something that takes lots physical and mental work/energy. Know that what you see on TV is just a front and the world is not given to you on a silver platter.

We are not going to make you, but help you make yourself and prepare you for years after. To establish a future Miami Icon.

If you are interested in becoming an artist or know of someone interested or shy, but needs that push, please send a photo, bio and demo, contact info,and a one page paper explaining why you should be chosen and what goals do you have in your life (where do you see yourself in the future,how do you plan to get there).

Send to the following address:

Freestyle Music dot Com
18565 SW. 104 Avenue
Miami, Florida 33157

if you do not have a demo just include the rest or you can e-mail and set up an appointment.

Thank you and hopefully we get to work together.


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