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Barcardi - Mojitos


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Hot Wheels - at SOHO LOUNGE - Miami, Florida

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White Party 2003- Tracy Young

FMC - Destune Records & D'Luna
(Winter Music Conference 2004)
NU-Freestyle/Electro Dance Queen puts face on front page of The Miami Herald.


It is our birth place and our sanctuary. It always has been  and is why we still thrive and once again it modes to rise once again.

In the beginning there was sound , the drum, and what that drum signified for a generation searching for the beat of their identification.A voice for the underground club and street children. It rose from the culture of Americas streets and its disco floors. It merged and crossed back from the alternative gothic sides of synth pop and new wave. It was part of Americas Rhythm and Blues  and help define another style of a people's rhythms and their blues. It linked the street to the club, the disco of the previous decade to the new decade . It linked black to Latin to white. It linked gay to str8.

Just A little bit of jazz, a little bit of soul.SALSA, disco, calypso,bosa nova.FUNK and ROCK fusion.

It merged and in its own freeform  adapted to the changing times and changing trends,utilizing and improvising within itself.  The freeform Electro hiphop genre and sound uniting the world.

Jellybean, Arthur baker, Latin Rascals, Lewis Martinee, Mantronix, Eve Electro, Dominatrix, Debbie Harry, Avenue D, Blondie, jay jay johanson, D'Luna, Oba, Plummet, Dynimix II,

That was Freestyle/electrodance then and that is Freestyle/electrodance now.

Miami Beach

To begin this "community Report"..many thanks go to all who attended this years Tai shan ball 3".............Mickey Garcia, sandee,D'Luna, Dave the one Mendez, MADELINE RED, RAY GUELL, Victor Jinete, CHARLIE ROCK and so many others.......even Miami's number one fan, some dude that goes by the name "freestyle flaco" whose attended EVERY Freestyle event ever dating back to the early 80's.

Thank you to Jay and Jessica and the SoHo Lounge staff. So ho lounge continues to have every Saturday night Vice and Hot Wheels who play Freestyle and bass and in the back room is The Kitchen Club, playing Dark Electro,synth pop, goth, EBM with DJ Sin...Miami's godfather of the dark realm.

This issue is a pre-issue leading to number 29......where we have LOTS TO COVER.

A lot of Developments in the Freestyle and dance music world.

In the meantime here is some info of some new things coming your way.

Mickey Garcia will be hosting his "Banging Beats Then and Now" CD release party and the NEW micmac/BMG reintroduction party at the cutting edge XL.

XL ,known for John Blaires style parties, is one of New York's elite club/Lounge spaces catering to a crowd who knows their sh*t. John Blair has been hosting his parties at Roxy Saturday nights bringing the club world biggest names and elite in the gay Circuit club world.When John Blair and Beto Suter aren't at Roxy, they bring the magic to XL,even with some  crazy nights like club kid Richie Rich's Thursday party "Faggot Feud".


As Micmac is now distributed by BMG, Mickey felt it was time to raise the bar a little in all aspects of Micmac. "We want to bring quality back. Mic Mac will bring New York back to the front lines in electronic driven commercial music, back to something "cool",something the city and kids from allover could relate to, which freestyle always was" says Mickey Garcia. Banging beats is a collection of classic micmac collectibles meets some of the newest sounding singles and a view of the direction Mickey Garcia is taking the label.......Nu-freestyle/electrodance sides. Included are the new "try yaz" and "radio" by Daniella Simeone. The event is at XL,Chelsea, 357 west 16th street, New York NY on Tuesday April 27th. No admission charge.Music provided by baron Lopez and Dave "the one" Mendez (who will be featured in banging beats II).

For more info go to   "The CD is available at Best Buy, Barnes and Nobles, Tower records, and many other retail can even buy it at the micmac website on line."       "Micmac is BACK"-Mickey Garcia

electropopflyer1.bmp (107338 bytes) And that is definitely no joke as the world continues to make way for the Electro invasion From Nu-freestyle to Electro clash to Electro house to Electro pop records.

The  transition can be seen and felt in many fronts. As of this of New York's largest promotion teams targeting gay underground youth in cities like new York, L.A. Dallas, and other cities  has just opened their new night called ELECTROPOP.

KURFEW, known for their nights of House music geared for teen twinks (18+), Now has a night on Thursdays at HEAVEN.

This night is geared to cater to the Electro generation with all kinds of Electro driven genres. the party is every Thursday at Heaven and it is called ELECTRO POP.

This Thursday April 22 DJ KEOKI will be spinning and there will be a performance by SOIGNE DeLUXE with the new release "I'm tickled Pink".on April 29, the winner of the 1st DJ competition will be spinning. electropop is at heaven on Thursday nights.  579 sixth avenue (between 16th and 17th) NYC. Enter by the left most VIP entrance door.18 and over to party, 21 and over to REALLY PARTY!!!!  Doors open at 10pm. Kurfew will be one of many other event and promotion companies that will have involvement with Freestyle as the electrodance movement works its way up from Florida to New York and meets our Electro clash brothers and sisters in the new York underground.

Other new York news,  May 30th is the official industry party at   the new Latin quarter. Angel Cosme and Alex Lugo have come back to the Freestyle scene and in a big way. the new Latin Quarter will host one of the biggest Freestyle events of the year with performances by Angel Clivilles( the original lead of the Cover Girls), Lydia Lee Love, Fascination, Nyasia debuting her new release,DJ  Paradise, Coro, and so many more. Anyone who is anyone will be there. "The club is part owned by Ralph Mercado, one of the forces along with Sergio George responsible for the careers and crossover of Mark Anthony, India and many others.It is VERY IMPORTANT when people like this come and invest in FREESTYLE events. This is not just another party......its the party. SO MANY CELEBRITIES and INVITES will be present. SAFIRE WILL BE HOSTING and many rare pioneers will be present." says Alex Lugo.

The Companies and artist involved are all artist that are having new material coming out and in the front lines of the current Freestyle and radio industry. 

The websites sponsoring the event are Freestyle and, both who are at the front lines in informing the world with the latest and current Freestyle releases and politics, as they both united to represent the freestyle industry during this years Winter music conference.

FreestyleConcertBlowout1.jpg (17063 bytes)

For more info, visit and keep it locked to Freestyle


D'luna, queen of the Nu-Freestyle/eelctrodance sound, will now be working on projects with frank OBA Lords. Frank Lords who was known for Miami freestyle band Secret Society, Latin Xpress and currently known as the tittle of the MURK smash "DARK BEAT", will be gearing to produce and write projects with D'Luna as he finishes a santero album with INDIA.  D'luna will be working with many names in the coming months as her new release "come with me" is slowly gaining across the country

Out This month is Frank Lords new single "Personal Jesus"   (right on time for good Friday,lol).A dark Electro house gearing towards synthpop status, with a Freestylish Electro pop bonus called "I Need You". More of OBA's new release in next issue,as he will be next months cover artist.

OBA - Frank Lords

Plummet has their new release out called "cherish the day" already getting rotation on radio one LONDON, via Judge Jules and Dave Pierce. U.S. release will be soon. The Electro/freestylish breaks hit "damaged" is still making noise at all levels with its Breaks and Trance remixes. As soon as we have more info on the new Plummet, you'll see it first here on Freestyle

Detour Records and Film will now relocate to executive offices in Orlando. Miami offices will remain as International affairs and handle markets through out Europe and Latin America. Although new numbers and addresses have not reached my deadline...we will keep you posted with the events at detour records and film.For more info visit  Detour has been one of MIA's home labels for freestyle music and breaks  and known for artist as Robyn Z, Nasty boys later releases, onnie and many others.

MTV announced that it will be hosting its MTV awards this August 2004 in Miami's American Airlines Arena. This follows after many other events such as the Winter Music conference, the M3 Summit, Britney Spears concert tour kick off and television shows such as Eve, CSI:MIAMI and several Hollywood movies have and will continue to flock the new dance capital of the world. More of this next issue.

Other funky stuff:

Tina Novak After the success of "never" feat Tina arena, The Roc Project is back with another breaks scorcher feat Tina Novak. On Tommy Boy records, the Roc project has taken the Freestyle driven Breaks sound beyond commercial levels and influencing larger pop acts to take and experiment with other forms of Electro.

The new release called "deja vu" is in a similar form to "trip hop/freestyle records" of the past five years, such as "how long" by  Becca, yet holds freestyleish vocals and a sound leaning to mid 80's Freestyle/R&B driven tracks. We will continue to report and give more info on this new scorcher ,as it will grow to be a summer scorcher.

Blondie (Debbie Harry was born in Miami!), has their new single out called "Good boys".The single comes from their album "Curse of Blondie" and is in the lines of Electro clash house.Debbie Harry has always been in touch with the times and has had several disco anthems though out the decades including two Freestyle anthems in the early 80's with the freestyle/electrodance "feel the spin" and "in Love with Love". With "Good boys" Debbie and the rest of Blondie show they are still shattering glass. Blondie - Debra Harry

More info about remixes will be in the next issue.

Larry Tee has out now his E2 compilation CD on his label  mogul Electro "Electro Clash Volume 2" featuring hits from W.I.T. , "studio hair gel" by Barcelona, proper filthy naughty "Fascination", Tobell Von Cartier "X-stream fashion and more. More will be featured about this compilation in next issue, for now you can buy it direct at

Also check out next issue as we look closely to the new Tiesto DVD "Tiesto in Concert".  A documented dvd of his may 10th 2003 gig with 25k people in attendance.Dvd is now in stores everywhere.

DJ Tiesto

Tony Moran This wraps up the #28 "community Report". stay tuned for # 29, when we will focus on ALL material ,new releases, and news.

Big shout out to Scott from Takeout, Power Infinity, la duka, to all the fans and labels and to all the artist..your time will come.

Big shout out to Tony Moran............(thanks Tony), who rocked this past Sunday the 4th of April at south beach's Crobar/ANTHEM. His Winter party vol. 7 CD is now available on centour records and will be featured here as well. Tony not only being a Freestyle legend, but now a Tribal circuit God.




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