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Issue 29, Newsletter

La Invasion by Neonwork
Remix edit by: DJ Jorge Ojeda



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Leaders of A New Revolution


Over the past ten years, when most of the radio and music industry sneered at the thought of Freestylemusic or while the remainder of the Freestyle recording industry lived on only hopes and dreams of Freestyle once again reaching the mainstream at the same time oposing change and opting for the more common "traditional" sound found in records of the early 90's, along with the rest of Miami's underground continued to Flourish and lead a new movement.

It took the signing of one record to a new York house label to bring world recognition on what had been happening in Miami's underground rising out of the early 90's Techno rave scene. If Techno lust "woman" or the original expose (x-pose) "Point Of no return" shined light on Miami freestyle  in the early 80's before the Latin Hiphop movement even when it was at full swing during the early to mid 80's, it would be George Acosta's coming out with Nadine Rene and signing "Set You Free" by Planet soul to the Fulcrum New York House label of the 90's , the now defunct Strictly rhythm that would once again shine light on a new wave and evolvement of Miami Electrofunk and Freestyle. Some called it Acid phunk or trip hop others still call it Electro breaks. Regardless, influences would quickly infuse other break regions in the underground scene of California,Canada and Europe and have since then continued to flourish. Today the Nu-freestyle/Electrodance is one of the most cutting edge scenes when it comes for the demand of Quality sides of freestyle and experimental records taking on new directions of FREESTYLE DANCE MUSIC.

In present day records continue to cross from the more Electro funk (AKA new Electro funk or breaks) and the electroclash scene, as Trance and House DJ's ,Vocalist, trance artist and their following continue to favor and migrate to more Electro freestylish records. It's heard in the current clubs, it is heard in the current radio. Around the globe Classic Electrofunk and Freestyle records are still played and still keep dancefloors and radio formats alive,while new forms of Freestyle AKA Nu-Freestyle/electrodance continue to evolve and influence key players in today's underground and global music scene.


MARCH 2004  the electrodance/nu-freestyle circles were a small percentage of artist and industry personnel  in between the world of the breaks and Freestyle's already existing scene. Since then we have grown in numbers, influenced new companies to open and both new and old artist to take new directions. Eight months ago it was rare to see anyone taking part or take any interest in FREESTYLE., and Freestylefile, Destune records, Micmac records and a handful of   other s were the ONLY ones taking part in any present day Freestyle influencing the present day recording industry (with a new sound and Direction).

Eight months would seem like the opposite.

Hopefully that direction continues for both classic and newer formats.


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Friday October 29 join Fever and Sal Abbatiello at the second Freestylefever concert at Bongos.

"I will be bringing so much more events to MIAMI." said Sal Abbatiello..part of Freestyles pre-history. Sal and fever recently had recognition during the VH1 Hiphop honors show while the BEASTIE boys took the stage wearing FEVER records t-shits, paying a tribute to the club that had a huge part in the early 80's hiphop movement DISCO FEVER.

Coming Early 2005, Destune records introduces "The Pumps". Brand new Cunt ElectroDance/Clash and Puta Breaks.

Lead vocals by Xtasy (aka companny b in message boards."not the real comany b,as they are...well you know).Destune records, the only label with the balls to bring you your pair of chacha pumps!

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Pandisc records is now releasing the "A Night at Casanovas" CD with anthems from the mid to late 80's Miami freestyle reign. In December word has it pandisc along with will be hosting several signings at retail stores.Participants will be Amaretto and other artist that appear on the compilation. More information will be included on future updates of  issue 29 of the 'Community report".

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Flashback to 1990


Stay tuned or you will  miss it, like you missed the evolution of Freestyle.

While the world figures it out, we are already on the next level!!









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