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FMC Columnist Francis Tanneur
FMC Columnist Francis Tanneur
Contact Francis Tanneur at:


Final Update: February 1st, 2004
This is the last update for year 2003.

Hello my fellow Freestylers,
The purpose of this column is to propose once a month a complete list of the Freestyle releases “commercially” out during the year 2003. If you want to see your production among the track listing, don’t hesitate to contact me through email. Only LEGIT products will feature on this list. 

Freestylely yours,
Francis Tanneur

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05 DVDs:

Down Low: “Vision (The Best of…The Singles 1997-2003)” ZYX MUSIC [Germany]

Freestyle X-Zone SHIFT MUSIC & MEDIA / ZYX MUSIC [Germany]

Kings & Queens of Freestyle Presents Best of Stevie B “Then and now” PHAT JOYNTZ / URBANWORKS ENTERTAINMENT [USA]

Kings & Queens of Freestyle Presents vol.1 PHAT JOYNTZ / URBANWORKS ENTERTAINMENT [USA]

Kings & Queens of Freestyle Presents vol.2 PHAT JOYNTZ / URBANWORKS ENTERTAINMENT [USA]

21 maxi singles:

A-Jay: “Candy coated luv” SLAMMIN’ ENTERTAINMENT [USA]

Billy Crayone: “Touch me all over” / “Drop those pants!” –Limited edition DVD Biopack- ZIPIT RECORDS [USA]

Chrissy I-eece: “I don’t mind chasing you” (Promo) E.L.I. RECORDS [USA]

Chrissy I-eece: “Love desire” (Promo) E.L.I. RECORDS / LUFRE RECORDS [USA]

Chrissy I-eece: “You & me” (Promo) E.L.I. RECORDS [USA]

Collage: “Dreaming” ZYX MUSIC [Germany]


Dominatrix: “The dominatrix sleeps tonight 2003” (12” vinyl) INTERNATIONAL DJ GIGOLO RECORDS [Germany]-

Fernanda: “Porque la vida es asi” (Promo) E.L.I. RECORDS [USA]

Freddy Lopez: “Mentiste” (Promo) E.L.I. RECORDS [USA]

Freestyle bootleg Megamix” (Medley) -Limited edition- MNF RECORDS / ZYX MUSIC [Germany]

Freestyle Project: “I’m your dance instructor” MNF RECORDS / ZYX MUSIC [Germany]

Intonation featuring Joe: “Better than you” TI AMO RECORDS / SPG MUSIC LTD [Canada]-


Joey Santana: “You are the one for me” (Promo) E.L.I. RECORDS [USA]

La Bouche: “In your life” LOGIC RECORDS / BMG MUSIC [USA]

Nu-Image: “I’ll always love you” (Promo 12” vinyl) ARIA RECORDS [USA]

Original Stylaz: “Let’s move (The haunted house of rock)” / “Break it up” -Limited edition- FON-KY RECORDS / DANCE STREET / ZYX MUSIC [Germany]

Stevie B featuring Alexia Phillips: “If you leave me now 2004” MIAMI BASS RECORDS / DMG / SONY MUSIC [Germany]

Stevie B. vs. DJ Diavolo: “Freestyle Explosion 2003” (Medley) MIAMI BASS RECORDS / DMG / SONY MUSIC [Germany]

The Roc Project Feat. Tina Arena: “Never (paste tense)” TOMMY BOY SILVER LABEL [USA]


32 compilations & medleys:

Bad Boy Joe Presents The Best Of Freestyle Megamix vol.3 [2 CD set] (1 Medley + 1 Compilation) WHAT IF PRODUCTIONS LLC [USA]

Bad Boy Joe Presents The Best Of Freestyle Megamix vol.4 [2 CD set] (Medleys) WHAT IF PRODUCTIONS LLC [USA]

BeatBreaker “Freestyle” UCMG [FRANCE]

Divas of Freestyle [2 CD set] (Medleys) UBL Music [USA]

Electro Melody (Compilation) SPOTTLIGHT RECORDS [Brazil]

Estilo Libre vol.2: “Lluvia de estrellas” (Compilation) E.L.I. RECORDS [USA]

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Euro Freestyle Invasion vol.3 (Compilation) SPG MUSIC LTD [Canada]

Evolution of Dance –Limited edition- (Compilation) BIG TIME! ENTERTAINMENT [USA]

Freestyle 80s (Compilation) MNF RECORDS / ZYX MUSIC [Germany]

Freestyle’s best extented versions vols.1 & 2 [2 CD set] (Compilation) CUTTING RECORDS [USA]

Freestyle Fusion (Compilation) FUSION RECORDS [USA]

Freestyle Heaven vol.5 (Medley) SPG MUSIC LTD [Canada]

Freestyle in the mix vol.7 (Medley) MNF RECORDS / ZYX MUSIC [Germany]

Freestyle in the mix vol.8 (Medley) MNF RECORDS / ZYX MUSIC [Germany]

Freestyle Party vol.11 (Compilation) MNF RECORDS / ZYX MUSIC [Germany]

Freestyle Party (Compilation) THUMP RECORDS [USA]-

Freestyle vol.19 (Compilation) ZYX MUSIC [Germany]-

Freestyle vol.20 (Compilation) ZYX MUSIC [Germany]

Freestyle vol.21 (Compilation) ZYX MUSIC [Germany]

Jose Melendez Presents Lost & Found (Medley) MASTERMIXX ENTERTAINMENT / MIXEDMUSIC.COM [USA]

Kid Heartbreak: “Freestyle amor: “representing 4 boogie down” ALMA DEL CACHORRO PRODUCTIONS / C.H.I. STYLE ENTERTAINMENT / E.L.I. RECORDS [USA]

Melody hits vol. 1 (Compilation) SPOTTLIGHT RECORDS [Brazil]

Melody hits vol. 2 (Compilation) SPOTTLIGHT RECORDS [Brazil]

Melody hits vol. 3 (Compilation) SPOTTLIGHT RECORDS [Brazil]

MicMac 360 Tour –Limited edition- (Compilation) MICMAC RECORDS, INC. [USA]

100% Freestyle vol.3 (Compilation) MIAMI BASS RECORDS / DMG / SONY MUSIC [Germany]

100% Freestyle vol.4 (Compilation) MIAMI BASS RECORDS / DMG / SONY MUSIC [Germany]-

Power 96 Presents Freestyle Flashback (Medley) SUMMA ENTERTAINMENT [USA]

The Freestyle Mega Box (Compilation) ZYX MUSIC [Germany]

The return of Planet Freestyle (Compilation) ODEON RECORDS [Canada]

The World Of Freestyle [2 CD set](Compilation) ZYX Music [Germany]

The World Of Freestyle vol.2 [2 CD set] (Compilation) ZYX Music [Germany]

13 full-length albums & compilations:

B-Boy Tronik: “Freestyle music” CD LAND [Russia]

B-Boy Tronik: “Rock your body” CD LAND [Russia]

Bubble J. versus Freediver: “The century of Freestyle” (Album) MNF RECORDS / ZYX MUSIC [Germany]-

Freestyle Project: “Welcome 2 electric city” (Album) MNF RECORDS / ZYX MUSIC [Germany]

Freeze: “I gave you my heart” (Album) WHAT IF PRODUCTIONS LLC [USA]

Joe: “A decade of dance” (Album) SPG MUSIC LTD [Canada]

Johnny O: “Famous last words – the very best of Johnny O” [2 CD set] (Compilation) ZYX MUSIC [Germany]

Latin Nation: “Angels in the sky” [Limited edition] (Album) NU STYLE RECORDS [USA]

Lil’ Suzy: “Best of…(nonstop mixed) (Medley - Compilation) MIAMI BASS RECORDS / DMG [Germany]

Lil’ Suzy: “Greatest hits” (Compilation) SPG MUSIC LTD [Canada]

Natalise: “Forever now” 888 (Album) ENTERTAINMENT [USA]

Stevie B: “Greatest hits vol.2” (Compilation) SPG MUSIC LTD [Canada]

The Officer: “Partyzone” (Album) FREEFILES / SPV [Germany] 


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