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FMC Columnist Francis Tanneur
FMC Columnist Francis Tanneur
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Concocted by Francis Tanneur 

By alphabetical order 

(Last update: September 01st 2008) 

Hello my fellow Freestylers,

The purpose of this column is to propose once a month a complete list of the Freestyle releases “commercially” out during the year 2008.

If you want to see your production among the track listing, don’t hesitate to contact me through email. Only LEGIT products will feature on this list.

 Freestylely yours,

Francis Tanneur

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Issue 2002
Issue 2001
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00 DVDs:

- No release -

01 maxi CD, 12 inch or MP3 singles:

- Split Mirrors: “Freestyle remixes” (MP3 - EP) TRIGGER JAM RECORDS [Germany]

12 compilations & medleys:

- Artistik’s Freestyle Parade (4 CD’s Set - Compilation) MICMAC RECORDS, INC. [USA]

- Dance Party (Compilation) MICMAC RECORDS, INC. [USA]

- Freestyle Heroes (3 CD's Set - Compilation) ZYX MUSIC GMBH [Germany]

- Freestyle: The Ultimate Collection (4 CD's Set - Compilation) UBL RECORDINGS [USA]

- Freestyle Vol.34 (Compilation) ZYX MUSIC GMBH [Germany]

- Freestyle Vol.35 (Compilation CD + DVD) ZYX MUSIC GMBH [Germany]

- Fresh's Greatest 12" Mixes Vol. 1 (Compilation) ACROBAT MUSIC GROUP LTD [UK]

- Kruize Kontrol Vol. 01 (Compilation) EPX ENTREPRISE [Canada]

- Maxximum Freestyle Mania (Compilation) BLUELINE (BELLAPHON RECORDS GMBH) [Germany]

- Sleeping Bag's Greatest 12" Mixes (Compilation) ACROBAT MUSIC GROUP LTD [UK]

- The Best In Breakdance And Electric Boogie (3 CD’s Set - Compilation) ZYX MUSIC GMBH [Germany]

- Bad Boy Joe Presents The Legends of Freestyle -Mixed by James Anthony- (Medley) MEGAMIX RECORDINGS [USA]

06 full-length albums & compilations:

- Carlos Berrios Presents "Don't look back - Sessions 1 (Album) - ADM RECORDS [USA]

- Carlos Berrios Presents "Don't look back - Sessions 2 (Album) - ADM RECORDS [USA]

- Freebase: “Derivation” (Album) - INTER MEDIA WARE [Germany]

- Hanson & Davis: “Can't Stop” -20th Anniversary Edition- (Compilation) ACROBAT MUSIC GROUP LTD [UK]

- Joyce Sims: “Come into my life” -Her greatest hits- (Compilation) ACROBAT MUSIC GROUP LTD [UK]

- Sharyn Maceren: "Nighttime Land" (Album) - PLANET HYPE [USA]

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