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 (November &  December 2002 / January & February 2003)

No Stars: Useless
1 star: Poor
2 stars: Average
3 stars: Good
4 stars: Excellent
5 stars: Masterpiece 

BOBBY LEAL: “Journey from the planet freestyle” (CD album) CLUB RED ENTERTAINMENT  [USA]
Score: 3 stars

It is really sad to see that this album was released in total indifference, and honestly that seemed to me incomprehensible. I sincerely invite all Freestylers to buy this good album as fast as possible, even directly from Bobby Leal’s label.

This first album from Bobby Leal gathers all the tracks sung from this Bay Area’s artist from his beginnings (1990) until our days, and will permit you to hear Bobby Leal’s style whose low, raucous and smooth voice is very close from the voice of Kenny “KennyFreestyle” Moulton. Most of the 15 tracks are Freestyle except for 3 House tunes “That’s why I love you”, “Blue” and “Mind games” and a R&B song “Feels so good” which left me a little bit indifferent, to be honest with you!

As for Freestyle music, there are splendid and thrilling songs that will irremediably seduce many of you and especially the Old School Freestyle and Miami Sound amateurs with some titles as “For you”, “No more waiting”, “This love”, “One more chance ’96” (the remixed version out on Tolga Katas’ record company “Summit Entertainment” in 1995), “Take me away”, the live version of “Where is the love”, the reprise of “Take me away” and the bonus track “One more chance”, the 1990’s version from the label Red Entertainment. “Misdirected love” offers a vocal performance and Planet Rock beat fairly convincing. And at least, the two remakes of Judy Torres “No reason to cry” and “Holdin’ on” didn’t not convinced either. Bobby Leal, this time, doesn’t sing well! I also have to stress to you that the “Intro”, “Outro” and the “Interludes” are excellent and superbly composed.

Bobby Leal has certainly committed a few mistakes about his musical choices and sometimes also on his way to sing for a few songs. It’s also a little bit prejudicial that a few tracks are not always well recorded. Otherwise, his album deserves listening and most importantly be bought because in a few months it will have become an indispensable collector with indispensable tracks…some titles are really terrific! 


BOBBY LEAL: “3 plus 1 CD” (EP CD single -Limited edition-) BFLY PRODUCTIONS  [USA]Score: 3 stars

This is the third limited edition EP CD from Bobby Leal. Once again, it’s a product to get quickly!

The Old School Freestyle fans, and in particular those who adore the Miami Sound, should enjoy the track “Take me away”. In a more New School Freestyle genre “No more waiting” is a collaboration between Bobby Leal, and Chako Beilin on the backing vocals, whose manner of singing will remind you of Miguel Reyes. “Love to love you” is a New School song that uses a low tempo which also includes a catchy chorus dedicated to a fantastic 70’s hit “Love to love you baby” from the Soul diva Donna Summer. The last superb track “Your love (feels so good) contains a low Old School Freestyle beat and it’s sung by the divine Danielle Martinez. She simply has a beautiful and sensual voice.

You know what you have to do…BUY IT! 


CERES: “Deep from my heart” (CD album) FLIC FLAC RECORDS / DMG / SONY MUSIC  [Germany]
Score: 3 stars

It’s true; her manner of singing comes deep from her heart! And each time you listen to this album you will hear it and feel it by yourself…believe me.

She sings with plenty of enthusiasm and passion each song of her repertoire. Her first full-length album plebiscites Freestyle and Dance music, and not only Freestyle music. Her enthusiasm is very communicative, I only want to say beautiful things about this album! Vocally, she feels comfortable whatever the musical genres, and it is certainly her strength and asset. She distinguishes herself in Euro Dance with her two hits “Inside to outside” and “Open your eyes”, in Ballad “Te quiero”, in Latin Dance with the convincing remake of Shannon’s “Give me tonight” or finally in commercial Trance with “Deep from my heart”. But it is in Freestyle music that you will succumb to her charm with some tracks as “Inside to outside” (Lady Violet’s reprise), “Open your eyes”, “Show me your love” or maybe for her two duets with M.C.G. Gabriel: “Dancing with an angel” (Double You’s remake) and “Self control” (Laura Braningan’s remake). In my opinion, as far as these two duets are concerned, it’s not the best thing she’s done. Personally, I’m not a big fan of M.C. G. Gabriel’s voice.

I sincerely hope that this album will encounter a quick and big success because she definitely deserves it. Deep from my heart…I wish you good luck Ceres!


CERES: “Open your eyes” (CD single) FLIC FLAC RECORDS / DMG / SONY MUSIC  [Germany]
Score: 2 stars

So, we have had to wait 2 years before this new single from the “beautiful Italian lady”! After waiting this long, we should be very satisfied by her second CD single? Hmm… “YES” and “NO”.

“YES”, because she always sings so marvelously well with her little arousing accent, and whatever the musical style she decided to go, she managed to convince us. And because the Freestyle version is lively and entertaining too. “NO”, because unfortunately there is only one Freestyle mix for 4 Euro Dance mixes. And this news will be certainly a big disappointment for most of you.

Okay, but do I have to incite you not to buy this CD? Well, once again….”YES” and “NO”!

“YES” if don’t like Euro Dance and you think that only one Freestyle version is unacceptable and too much expensive for one CD. “NO” if, like myself you are not an Euro Dance fan but nevertheless you think that those Dance versions are agreeable to listen to.

Of course, the Freestylers will be disappointed to see on this CD only one mix. But I’m sure that you will understand that a label or an artist doesn’t make the decision to release a song after two years (that was already available as a bonus track on her first CD single “Inside to outside”) only to propose new Freestyle remixes.

Apparently, Ceres’ producers have opted for the Dance market. Can we forgive them?!? Well, “YES” and “NO”, because the disappointment is palpable and easy to perceive…in my humble opinion!

We can just expect that next time, the Freestylers will be less forgotten because this single is not bad…in my humble opinion!


CHRISTINA MARIE: “Turn the lights down low” (CD album) VAZRAM RECORDS  [USA]
Score: 4 stars

Christina Marie has “finally” released her first album! I say “finally” because since her promising beginnings in 2001 with the splendid hit “Turning away” and most recently with her both sided single “Turn the lights down low” and “Beautiful night”, we have come to expect many great things about this announced album. What a great surprise this album gave me!

Over 12 titles, she offers you a nice and succulent summary of her talent and she will mainly ravish the Freestyle fans. In fact, there are only two non-Freestyle songs on this album, one is a Latin Pop track “Do you want me” and the other one is “Teardrops”, a song which marries Trance and Dance styles.

Even if you have a few Old School versions of some tracks, this album privileges the West Coast sound. But the West Coast Freestyle sound, this time, allows however some musical variations due to the ingenuity of all the producers (Willie Valentin, Mario Vazquez and Shonn “Moox” Bonnett) who brought their own personal touch. They mixed different kinds of sonorities of Old School Freestyle and West Coast Freestyle, and the final result we obtain is an innovative, wise and refreshing new sound of West Coast Freestyle. Each producer did a remarkable work.

As for the Freestyle content of this CD, you will find the first 3 songs “Turning away”, “Turn the lights down low” and “Beautiful night”, each of those 3 gems are proposed in two different versions (the ones available on the singles). But also two excellent productions from Willie Valentin (“In my dreams” & “Summer thang”) and from Moox (“Now I know” & You’re my life”).

So, we can thank her uncle John “Milo” Pro (one of the Spanish Fly’s members) who discovered her singing skills and talent and pushed her to sing; thank you to Mario Vazquez who has believed enough in Christina Marie, and of course thank you very much Christina Marie for your incredible energy and talent. But also thank you to the other contributors to this wonderful album, such as the producers (Willie Valentin & Moox) and the writers (Willie Valentin, Kenny “KF” Moulton, Michael Anthony Bertot & Hugo Gomez).

Thank you for this magnificent and remarkable album…


Score: 3 stars

It’s certainly the first compilation which has ever been created and produced (at the beginning of the last summer) on the Internet by some fans and Freestyle pros, and the initiator of which is CPR Jose Ortiz.

It contains some productions from artists and bands from the Massachusetts state. I found the idea very good since this state also produced Freestyle music, but it seems to be less famous than some other states as New York, Florida, California, Texas, etc.

This CD produced by CPR Jose Ortiz, who hadn’t produced any new compilation since the one on Artistik Records (“CPR’s Clubhouse Freestyle Madness in 1998), proposes a panel representative enough of New England’s Freestyle music (Old School & New School Freestyle) throughout a whole series of excellent Classics as “Release me” by Adelis, “Beginning of the end” by Marisol, “Those lonely nights” by 3 To Da Max, “Don’t let me go” by Ashley, “Let me know” by Poze, “Have I lost you” by Mystic. But also some interesting titles (less known or renown) as “Without your love” by Vocal Image, “I know” by Omar or “If tomorrow” by Da Fellaz.

As for the other titles, they spoke less to me, as “Surrender” by X-Cel, “My summer love” by Touch of Quality, “Play it right” by Bibi, “Memories” by Freeze, “Hold back your tears” by J. Alams. And finally the three 2002 releases (“You’ll never know” by Ruben Gonzalez, “I thank” you” by Nathan and “Endless” by Jay) aren’t bad, but they didn’t totally convince me.

I only regretted not to see in the content of this good CD two formidable Freestyle anthems by Billy Ray “I need to know” on Premiere Records (the same label than 3 To Da Max) and “No more tears” on X-Clusive (Florida), certainly one of the most talented singer from this state.


FLYING STEPS: “Greatest hits” (CD compilation) DANCE STREET GMBH / ZYX MUSIC  [Germany]
Score: 3 stars

No doubt that Flying Steps is one of the most idolized German Electro Hip-Hop bands (with Music Instructor and Freestyle Project) by the B-Boys and B-Girls of the beginning of this millennium. Since their solo musical career (which started in 2000), they have enchanted more than one Breakdancer and more than one amateur of this Freestyle genre.

This “Greatest hits” will delight mainly those who don’t know very well this band. Except for the 2002 remixed version of “We gonna rock it”, all the extracts from this compilation are available on their three singles or on their album “B-town” (out in 2001). In order, here is the “playlist” that Flying Steps and Dance Street’s label propose you: “Breakin’it down” (Extended mix), “We gonna rock it” (2001 remix), “In da arena” (Video show cut), “King of rock” (Zip mix), “We are electric” (Radio mix), “B-Unitor 2” (DJ Mesia mix), “Body rockin’” (Crashi cut) , “Elektrik” (Sonixtended), “B-town power” (Bassheadz edit), “We are robotic” (Radio mix), “In da arena” (Bassheadz remix), “We gonna rock it” (Jetset remix) and “We are electric” (Bassheadz remix).

And if you are an eternally unsatisfied person, you will also find 4 video clips of their main success: “Breakin’it down”, “In da arena”, “We gonna rock it” and “We are electric”. Those videos will permit you to appreciate their agility and quality as Breakdancers. Some pure talents on the Dance floors, you will be amazed!!!!

I just hope that this CD doesn’t mean their retirement, but just a break! Whatever their decision, Flying Steps will remain one of the most outstanding and talented band of this musical movement.


FREESTYLE PROJECT: “Don’t stop 2 body rock” / “Megamix 1 & 2” (CD single) MNF RECORDS / ZYX MUSIC  [Germany]
Score: 2 stars

Well, Freestyle Project continues releasing their singles to an insane and amazing speed. Maybe it will be time to slow down a little guys, because the style doesn’t differ from a title to another. Of course, the melodies and keys are still superb, and the chorus are still very catchy. But this time I have a big problem concerning the vocoders: I don’t understand all the lyrics and you really need to prick up your ear to understand some scraps about what the “singer” says!

If you know their style, I agree with you, this is the kind of track that always makes a good score during a party or in the nightclubs, and you always have fun and rock your body on their singles! But the main difficulty for Freestyle Project is to renew their music. Even if I adore this band, I really start to be bothered to hear the same thing over and over again.

As far as the two bonus tracks are concerned, it’s simply the radio versions of the two megamixes; both are already out on maxi CD singles!

So guys, give us something different and more original whenever you want… ‘coz there, it’s the same old thing.

Is it too much to ask?


Score: 2 stars

This new single from Jesika is definitely more interesting than the first track “Tonight” out two years ago on Phat Cat Records.

Her style is oriented to this new form of Freestyle music which mixes different styles as an accelerated Electro beat and especially the Breakbeat genre but also some Dance keys and sound effects. It’s DJ X (a.k.a. Eric Muniz) who took care of remixing Jesika once more, and who certainly appears as one of the best representatives in this Breakbeat style. Maybe he thinks that it’s Breakbeat, but other people will tell that it’s a faster and Dance form of Freestyle music. Personally, I will favor this second solution even if, to me, Breakbeat is close to the Freestyle genre.

Anyway, the style of this song sounds nearer to some products of artists as Plummet, La Rissa, Paradigm, Star and Robin Fox to name but a few. I said “nearer”, not exactly the same!!! You have three mixes to make your own opinion.

The 4 other Dance and House mixes have been composed by Jesika’s producer, Chris “The Greek” Panaghi, who’s been following her since her first steps as a singer!

It’s fairly good, but nothing to go bonkers though!


Score: 4 stars

Since the beginning of his career in Freestyle music in 1996, Geraldo Cotton has only realized one single “It’s not over”, and his other songs “The moment”, “Let me know” & “Know”, have been only available on compilations (“Freestyle Parade” series) produced by Artistik Records, Willie Valentin’s record company. And in 2001, he released his last track “Come back to me my love” on “Freestyle Parade 2K1” compilation. After that, nothing new, which started to worry me because Poze possesses one of the most beautiful voices from the Artistik camp.

So, I was extremely happy to hear that he was back with this time a new single release “You are the one” from the young and new label “State Of Mass Entertainment” (located in Massachusetts).

This time, his new single is a family affair because his cousin Joey “Danger” Altura has produced, written and remixed Poze’s gem. And I have to say that it is assuredly his best song, even if he sang nice songs with producer Willie Valentin.

We can only be satisfied and happy with this single. Everything is here to seduce a maximum of Freestylers: he interprets magnificently well this song, and his way to sing is irresistible and you will be submerged by the emotion that follows. It’s ineffable and so good! Joey Altura’s work is also formidable, he composed a sublime melody and the Old School beat perfectly suits Poze’s moving voice.

Even if my choice goes to the “Radio mix”, all the other versions possess his own charm and quality. You will find three vocal versions, two instrumental versions and a version called “Drums beat” but that includes vocals, and the last version from this CD is a mix dedicated to the fans of edits that are more and more numerous. For this last multi-edited mix, I will only have one remark to address to Joey; he should just structure a little bit better his edits sessions and different effects, because sometimes it grows confused.

After you have listened these seven mixes you will corroborate my words, this is a terrific single!


Score: 4 stars (Freestyle versions)
Score: 2 stars (Dance versions)

It’s been a while since we hadn’t seen a new production from Chris Phillips! He came back in great health, and once again in family with his wife, Kathy Phillips.

Even if they are lively and interesting, I will nevertheless pass quickly on the 6 Dance mixes composed by Chris “Euro Dance” Phillips and Giuseppe “Trance/Dance” D. (the “home” remixer of Robbins Entertainment) to stop longer on the Freestyle mixes proposed by Chris “Old School Freestyle” Phillips. When you listen to these two versions (Radio & Club) sublimely and powerfully sung by Kathy Phillips, you can only be seduced and charmed.

Chris Phillips offers a style similar to the 80’s sound. The beat is extremely percussive but slower that, for instance “Let the music play” by Shannon to which it might be compared. The beautiful Kathy Phillips makes a resounding entry into the Freestyle world thanks to her brother Chris. So, to whom do you have to say “Thank you” eh?

Thank you Chris…


MR. SUMMERJAM: “I just called to say I love you” (Promo CD single) MIAMI BASS RECORDS / DMG/ SONY MUSIC  [Germany]
Score: 2 stars

Who is hiding behind the name of Mr. Summerjam?

What a tough question isn’t it?


You have no idea?

Well, I won’t make you wait any longer, it’s Vick Krishna.

Who is this guy by the way?

What! You don’t know either? You really surprise me guys!!!

He’s simply the man behind the “The Underdog Project” band.

At least, now you see who I’m talking about!!!!

After having invaded most of the playlists of DJs and radios from all around the world with their huge hit “Summer jam”, this year he’s starting a solo career with this first jam “I just called to say I love you” originally sung by the Soul music legend: Stevie Wonder. Obviously, this remake and his 4 versions are in the same style as his old hits with The Underdog Project. Otherwise the Freestyle version “Freestyle remix” uses a Planet Rock beat that marries very well with smooth and sensitive Vick Krishna’s voice. This song is pleasant to listen to, but it’s too bad that the genre is so close from his previous productions, musically and vocally speaking!


SHARYN MACEREN: “Always dreamin’” (CD album) PLANET HYPE   [USA]
Score: 4 stars

When she appeared to the Freestyle community eyes in 1997 with her first title “Hard to get”, she was still a young teen perfectly unknown who was singing with the The S Factor’s band distributed by S.E. Records (the Slammin’ Sam Maxion’s label). Many people started to be puzzled by this mysterious voice. It is only 3 years later with her second and splendid single “One and one” on Captaur Records (Jeremy Davis and Mario Bonilla’s label) that Sharyn Maceren earned bigger notoriety and respectability; and it’s also at this occasion that many Freestyle fans recognized the “mysterious” voice behind The S Factor. But it’s really in 2002 that the career of Sharyn Maceren was to be launched after she met one of the most famous Bay Area Freestyle producer Glenn Gutierrez (who has produced Stevie B, Jaya, Jocelyn Enriquez, M:G to name a few). A friendship was born, and a few months later this fructuous collaboration provoked the first project of Glenn Gutierrez on his new record company “Planet Hype” and the first album of Sharyn Maceren.

The quality of this album “Always dreamin’” is a real pleasure to see because Sharyn Maceren has composed and written with maturity, sensuality, passion and pleasure 12 brand new songs. Her preceding hits “Hard to get” and “One and one” are of course available on this album, and also one Dance remix of “A little more time” and a New School Freestyle version of “Rainbow” concocted by the talented Joe C. Grandberg. I‘ve never stopped to thinking personally that Joe C. Grandberg has largely contributed to Sharyn Maceren’s success by proposing good Freestyle and Dance remixes as for instance on the “One and one” single or on “A little more time”, a title which is only available on some compilations). I also advise you not to miss the bonus track “Sharyn uncovered”, Sharyn uncovers herself (musically and vocally speaking of course!); she offers us a studio and an acoustic version of “Hard to get”, “One and one” and of “I love to…”. It’s really captivating, and I especially love her giggling laugh!!!

What is very astonishing and satisfying is the quality of the songs on this album. She wrote the music and the lyrics of the whole album while Glenn Gutierrez worked on the musical composition and on the production of each track. Both have done a wonderful and superb work. Besides, Sharyn Maceren has this personal and unique way to sing that will charm everybody. And this sensuality and beauty which emanates from this original artist and album just do the rest.

Over the 12 tracks, most of them are Freestyle, and the style of most of these gems is really good quality and extremely innovative, particularly in the West Coast Freestyle genre. Sharyn Maceren and Glenn Gutierrez simply brought a new and renewing look on this style (well appreciated in California and also in Texas, particularly) but also in the Old School Freestyle.

This Freestyle album is undeniably one of the most original albums of the year 2002 in West Coast Freestyle. Many Freestylers compare Sharyn Maceren to Jocelyn Enriquez! Honestly, I would say that Sharyn Maceren possesses her own style. And if she encounters in a near future the same fame as Jocelyn Enriquez, good for her, she simply deserves it!

Bravo Sharyn and Glenn!!!


SHARYN MACEREN: “In just one night” (12” vinyl) PLANET HYPE   [USA]
Score: 4 stars (Freestyle mixes)
Score: 2 stars (House mix)

This is an amazing gem which proposes with efficacy an Old School Freestyle mix: the “Extended mix” is very close from the Latin Hip-Hop sound of the eighties and it allows a very powerful beat, a few wonderful sessions of edits and a few samples wisely used by Glenn Gutierrez as “Hooked on you” by Sweet Sensation and “Dreamin’ of love” by Stevie B. While the West Coast version, a sound mostly privileged by the Freestylers from the Bay Area and Texas, is more convincing and thrilling way than the “cheesy” and “mediocre” productions that we regularly listen to on local compilations. It’s simply ideal and cheering.

Glenn Gutierrez did a superb and wonderful job, and Sharyn Maceren, as usual, serves divinely well the work of Glenn Gutierrez’s composition. And if I’m so enthusiast for this title, it’s only for one reason, because it is VERY exciting. You can only be positive for this kind of heady, gripping and exciting products.



Score: 3 stars

This compilation is definitely destined to the German market, but should interest a bunch of non European fans because there is an amount of hard to find and very rare tracks. Some of the titles are from the end of the eighties and others feature on compilations from labels that don’t exist anymore.

For this first compilation, there is a bunch of productions from labels as Ten-Lion Records (Teaz II Pleaz “I want you”, 2-Sex-Z “Next 2 me”, Kaadanz “Feel the magic”, Teaz II Pleaz “I was the one”, Mara “Games of love”, Felix “Don’t cry over him”; as Epicenter Records (Serrani “Till the end of the time”, Giana “This isn’t love”, Modern Energy Feat. Kenny Moulton “Angel”). And also from some tracks from Tolga Katas (Ray Guell “You took my heart”, Tony Marino “Love you feel” and Dr. Lateness Feat. Anti-Clock “Rivers of passion”).

Other producers and artists are also on this CD as Tommy “With all my heart” (produced by Giuseppe D & Frank Lords), Christine Turner “Lost in love” (produced by Chris Sammarco), The KromOzone Project “Energy” (produced by Randy Lance) and Bobby Leal “Misdirected love”.

In a near future, we can expect other volumes dedicated to the American productions and classics. So the ball is in your camp dear American producers to let the European fans discover your productions!


WILLIE VALENTIN: “Nothing but Freestyle (10 years of music)” (CD album) ARTISTIK PRODUCTIONS / GROOVE EAST MUSIC INC.  [USA]
Score: 2 stars

It will be extremely difficult, but certainly Pharaonic and impossible to resume the huge work built by Willie “Valentin” Rivera throughout these 14 years of Music business (if I don’t make any mistake). Even if his Freestyle career really began in 1992 as a singer of Self Image and his classic “One true love affair” on Reiter records / Onna Roll Records (this track is on this album, available in a multi-edit by Freddy “The Edit” Rivera), Willie Valentin spent most of his time producing other singers. To sum up, he looped the loop because he started as a singer and will finish his career as a singer too. I remind you that this CD means his retirement. Personally, I would talk about a break instead of a retirement!

This album contains 15 titles all interpreted by Willie “Valentin” Rivera but some of them are sung in solo or in duet (Daisey, Henry Vargas, Synthia Figueroa, Freeze, Olga Rivera). All of those who have followed and, in general, loved his songs and his style should completely adhere to this new album. As for me, well, I remain mitigated because I simply cared less about some songs while others deeply enchanted me as Isaac’s remake “In my heart”, “Can’t take it anymore”, “She’s mine”, “You”, “I’ll never leave you”. For the songs that appeal to me less, I don’t hate them, they simply didn’t speak to me.

The main problem with Willie Valentin’s style and productions it’s that in my opinion he locked up himself rapidly in an Old or New School Freestyle genre rarely innovating but on the contrary redundant. I always had the bad impression to listen to the same old thing (same rhythm beats, same keys or melodies) whatever the song or the artist. This is for this main reason that I didn’t often talk about his products in my column. I have nothing to say unfortunately! That’s always really bothered me because Willie “Valentin” Rivera is definitely a Freestyle fanatic and he gave a lot of his time and energy to this music.

On the contrary, we only can be enthusiast and happy when he proposes us such superb productions as for instance those available on Christina Marie’s album.

I hope that this break will be profitable, and will permit him to get his innovating spirit and inspiration back, as he had at the beginning of his career. I won’t ever talk about retirement because when you spent more than 10 years in the Freestyle business, you don’t leave it like that, do you Mr. Willie Valentin?


My Top 5
(12” & CD singles)

1] Nu Image: “I’ll always love you” (Multi Edit) Aria Records [USA]

2] Christina Marie: “Beautiful night” (Moox’s darkgroove mix) Vazram Records [USA]

3] Joey Altura Featuring Poze: “You are the only one” State Of Mass Entertainment [USA]

4] Sharyn Maceren: “In just one night” (Extended mix) Planet Hype [USA]

5] Kathy Phillips: “I wish” (Freestyle club) Robbins Entertainment LLC / BMG Distribution [USA]

My Top 5
(Compilations & medleys)

1] DMA Dance Best of Freestyle File volume 1 (medley) Tantrum Music, Inc. [USA]

2] Stylin’ Free Presents Metropolitan’s Ladies Of Freestyle Vol.1, 2, & 3 (medleys) Metropolitan Recording Corporation [USA]

3] Bad Boy Joe Presents The Best Of Freestyle Megamix Vol.2 (medley) What If Productions / E-Lastik Recordings, Inc. [USA]

4] Freestyle Fever’s Divas vol.1 (medley) Fever Records / Warlock Records [USA]

5] Freestyle Heaven vol.4 (medley) SPG Music LTD [Canada]


My Top 5

1] Aby: “The Greatest hits” Empire Music Werks / Hot JWP Music [USA]

2] Christina Marie: “Turn the lights down low” Vazram Records [USA]

3] Sharyn Maceren: “Always dreamin’” Planet Hype [USA]

4] Lil Suzy: “The greatest hits” Empire Music Werks / Hot JWP Music / BMG Music [USA]

[5] Ceres: “Deep from my heart” Flic Flac Records / DMG / Sony Music [Germany]