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APRIL 2005
The end of the Music Reviews column.

Hi there! 

Through the following message, I want to let you know that I’ve decided to end the Music Reviews column I had originally started in October 1998. As you can probably imagine, this has been a particularly tough decision to take, owing to the continuously growing number of readers. Yet, I think that it had to end, for several reasons indeed:

The overall quality (be it quantity or quality wise) of Freestyle productions, that has accelerated those last three years, so much so that the bottom of the pit is near!

That lack of originality and creation gives me the feeling that that I keep repeating myself in my articles.

Finally, for private reasons (linked to my private life). 

From the depth of my heart, I wish to thank those fans and professionals that have helped me through those six long years. But I also wish to thank more particularly those who didn’t help or who even tried to hamper, to no avail, my work! Unknowingly, you helped me to persevere all through these years! 

Do not feel any rebuke or bitterness in these words, for I felt a lot of pleasure writing these articles publishing them as the latest releases allowed. But the time has come for me to really say thanks and bow down! 

Thanks again to you all… 

My greatest thanks to Jorge (Ojeda) who gave me «carte blanche» to write the way I wished it; to Vic (Ten) who encouraged me to write for and to Jonpito for his friendship and great knowledge of Freestyle. I dearly hope you’ll soon relaunch Destune Records label! (?) 

Besides, I remain a contributor for and shall focus my upcoming work on interviews and general news! 

Faithfully yours, 

Francis Tanneur 

For any information or question, feel free to e-mail at:

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