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Score: 2 stars

Unusual as it is, the title of this album (compilation?) says it all: Dramatic Dances has a, err, dramatic mood which, even if it shows off in several musical styles (Deep House, Freestyle, Bass, etc.), is worth for only one thing: Ardella's charming and charismatic voice, who gives the songs all their emotional values. Steve R.Jimenez producer's work is strong and vivid, giving us some really intensive keyboard compositions, enhancing the dramatic atmosphere one step further. Yet, this album is featuring only three freestyle parts: "If you say", "I'll never let you go" and the intriguing "Therapeutic Dreams". Is it worth the buy?

The answer is yes, because "If you say" and "I'll never let you go" are two pieces one must have in his collection. The other songs, some of theme really beautiful, are far less convincing.

VICTORIA ANGELES: "I'll give you everything" (CD single) ROBBINS ENTERTAINMENT LLC

Score: 4 stars

Some names in Freestyle are always a mark of quality and inspiration. The producer Carlos Berrios is one of the few people that can really fulfill the freestyle fan's asking. His devotion, his passion, fot this music is so admirable that, every new song, he tries to bring with him new sounds, new artists, all differents, all brilliants, and never fail to the facility.

With "I'll give you everything", he gives us a glimpse of his huge talent: incredible rhythm beat in New School (for the East Coast Mix) or in Old School (for the West Coast Mix), perfect harmony between keyboards and the Victoria Angeles' amazing vocal performance (who doesn't hesitate to shout to make things clear). All of this makes a hell of a song, a priceless freestyle piece, shining with all his might on the freestyle scene.

Indubitably, Carlos Berrios and ROBBINS ENTERTAINMENT LLC are two of the majors craftsmen of Freestyle's rebirth.


Score: 2 stars

If you enjoyed, like me, the "Club Sensation vol.1" and the "Freestyle Sensation vol.1" (two SYNTHETIC RHYME’s compilations), you must have waited for this third opus, proposed by Daniel Bijan, one the rising star of Freestyle, with growing impatience.

Sadly, it let me starving to death. Even if the production's work is real and smart, some songs are rather messy - maybe because of the artist's silly voice. To be honest, even if the miss is there, Daniel Bijan is a worthy composer. So bad for the spilling... But some things here, like Domenico's "I wish", Irene's "Without your love" or Paula Upuraski's "Every time I look in your eyes" are quite interesting, even, to say the less, really beautiful.

All in all, an album of bad and good. Alas!


Score: 3 stars

What a surprising compilation it is, a blend of musical genres mixed together with, yes, originality and harmony. It is also a very good way of discovering Electro music (very hype in Germany) through others Techno and Rap.

Eclectic as it is, two tendencies are pushed forward: Electro (7 titles) and Dance music of all kind (6 titles). Even if the Dance titles are rather good, I was particularly interested by the Electro kind: most of the songs work in the same area as bands like Freestyle, addictive pieces of music one could listen all day long - just listen to the chorus of Freestyle Project’s "Get on da floor", Freakstyle’s "Check your body" or Envelope’s "Electronic Love".

MARIO: "It’s about tyme-EP" (Demo Tape) 5-STARR PRODUCTIONS / MUSS MUZIK

Score: 4 stars

When you’ve heard this fantastic tape, you can’t but say that the road of this singer is paved of success. You can only be admiring and contemplative in front the job made by Mario. It is the best example of what Freestyle music must be.

This EP is even more unique and original that Mario seems to possess some sort of ability to make this way through Freestyle as well as through Dance music, or even ballad. On the five pieces included on this tape (already a collector!) you will doubtless brake for the great Latin Hip Hop title "I can’t go on". By the way, Mario believes so much in this song that he has already made a few modifications (add background vocals)."I can’t go on" is available on the compilation "Freestyle a new dimension in tyme vol.2" on X-ESS /PRYME TYME RECORDS.

After "I can’t go on" comes the very good "Givin’up on you" (Dance music track) and "Mystery love" that stands out because of its New School beat and a splendid melody. The emotion and the pleasure reach their highest with "Only lonely" (New School rhythm beat again, very frantic and powerful), and the magnificent ballad "Every day I pray" which ends this EP in beauty.

Mario is a singer that breathes out a new lively freshness to Freestyle music, especially to Latin Hip-Hop. You can’t but say "thanks" to Mario who deserves plain and simply respect and glory. Go head Mario, make ‘em all dizzy!

TO KOOL CHRIS: "Freestyle forever Vol.1" (CD medley) RENEGADE RECORDS

Score: 3 stars

Contrary to the CD cover, To Kool Chris is far from being a kid and even further from being a newcomer in that job. Even if he already has a few compilation in store (mainly in the House music and Dance music fields) that is his first try in the freestyle music. He realizes a great megamix, more that 70 minutes long, by mixing with efficiency, dexterity and success, more than 43 titles.

Rare are the DJs using so many recent cuts (Lisette Melendez: "Make the way", Chase: "Forget me not", Jesse: "Vision of love", Pure Pleazure: "Bring me back", Savour: "Don’t take your love away", Innervoice: "Days gone by", DTU: "My broken heart" & "look into my eyes", Isaac: "In my heart", Willie Crespo: "Where have you gone", Laura: "Only in my dreams", LAW: "One more chance", etc.) thus avoiding to give us again with a medley composed of Old School classics.

My only little rebuke to TKC would be that, later, it’d be better to avoid some jingles (To Kool Chris in the mix, etc.) ‘cause it leaves us the feeling that you’re listening to a radio broacast.When you buy a CD, it’s not really what you’re expecting. Think it over…

ANGELA MARTINEZ: "My heart is here" (CD single) GET SHORTY RECORDS

Score: 4 stars

This song warms the heart because it reconciles me with a genre I’m not really fond of: Progressive Freestyle. Angela Martinez is what have happened best to this style of music, which, whatever could be said, has problem with renewal since everybody does the same thing!

Fortunately, it’s an exception to the rule and "my heart is here" is already considered by many Freestylers as a jewel of the Progressive Freestyle. This success is doubtless due to the sumptuous voice (that can go high in the trebles) which is the peculiarity and the wealth of that single.

However, it’d be unfair to forget the wonderful work by Slammin’ Sam Maxion (S.E Enterprises) that remains also very important for the success of that song. He had composed beautiful sequences with the synth and the piano, wisely including Electro beat and an acid bassline, rather faint, that gives us all its substance and interest to a leading Freestyle title.

Angela Martinez should catch the attention of many Freestylers, whatever his favorite genre. If you miss that CD, you might regret it deeply for the rest of your life!


Score: 4 stars

To those of you who’ve missed the first volume (you won’t be forgiven), know that The Mixtress is back, and she’s gonna kick ass!

"The turntables diva" deserves to become even more famous with this second medley, much better than the former one. Firstly she makes excellent choices by selecting yesterday’s Freestyle cream of the cream (George Lamond’s "Bad of the heart", Shannon’s

"Let the music play", Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam featuring Full Force’s "I wonder if I take you home", Sandee’s "Notice me", Noel’s "Silent morning", Exposť’s "Point of no return", SaFire’s "Boy I’ve been told", Lisette Melendez’s "Together forever", Debbie Deb’s "When I hear music" and Spanish Fly’s "Treasure of my heart") and today’s one (Lil Suzy’s "I can’t get out of my mind" and Angelina’s " Without your love"). Then, the musical breaks (Divas of freestyle beats, Mixtress beats, etc.) are remarkably performed and even more carefully done than the first megamix.

With an undeniable know-how and that mix hegemony characterizing her, The Mixtress should reach the highest spheres of renown…if it’s not already done.


Score: 4 stars

When you listen to the two megamixes in that, you regret that DJ Richie Rich (a.k.a. Rich Rizzo) doesn’t possess the talent and the touch of Mike Ferullo who had formerly remixed all the medleys for TAZMANIA RECORDS.

He’s not rigorous enough in his mixing, and the reverberation and echo effects are a bit repeating, showing that DJ Richie Rich seems to be rather limited on the mix level.

All this rapidly becomes boring to listen and you only desire is to press the off button and slip the CD back in its sleeve to forget it (which I did without regret).


Score: 3 stars

For that last compilation by TAZMANIA RECORDS, the TAZ touch that made its reputation (great melodies, splendid keys by Anthony Ponzio, and a rhythm beat oscillating between New School and Old School…) is less obvious.

Among the 10 tracks in this CD, you can notice a greater musical diversity, which leaves you with the pleasant feeling that you ‘re not listening to the same song. You’ll be amazed to discover two staggering Latin Hip-Hop gems (Jem Mallilo’s "Give me one more chance" & Natural’s "Reveal your love"), the beautiful reprise of Mark Milan "Foolish pride" by Pure Pleazure, the superb songs "U came when" by Joe Zangie and "I just wanna love you" by Jonelle, along with the ballad "Just once" interpreted by one of the most tremendous Freestyle voice: Miguel Reyes.

In a nutshell, a good compilation to discover, whether you are a Die Hard Freestyle fan or an amateur.

STEVIE B: "Right here, right now" (CD album) DANCE 2000 RECORDS / 805 MUSIC

Score: 4 stars

How the hell couldn’t you be dazzled by the new album by the legendary Stevie B? Thanks to his unquestionable talent, and surrending himself with the Freestyle greatest names (Glenn Gutierrez, Dadgel Atabay and Tolga Katas) he treat us with an outstanding album, and this at every level."Right here, right now" combines all the genres, from Ballad to R & B, to Dance music, lingering longer on a music that made his reputation: Freestyle music.

On the 16 gems composing this marvelous full-length, 10 are in the Freestyle vein. But what Stevie B maybe be proud about, is that inspiration making him always more creative be it in music composition, rhythm, or the writing of the lyrics of his texts. This album demonstrates that he’s reached full maturity. It’s been a long time- an endless time- since I had been given the opportunity to hear so blissful tracks, something that should lighten up all the freestyle hearts (especially Latin Hip-Hop lovers) and which should reconcile Dance music amateurs with Freestyle.

Let’s just hope that we won’t have to wait another 3 years for a new album because Stevie B remains one of those rare artists capable of rekindling the flame of a music whose light is on the verge of being blown off by the fetid breath of indifference.


Score: 4 stars

By listening to this record, one can simply be impressed by the numerous mixes (10) and by the range of version it offers (all kinds are gathered: House music, Freestyle, Dance music) which is satisfying all the Dance music lovers. Anyone will find something to suit his tastes.

Then you will remain astonished with the high singularity, richness and quality of the Kromozone Project music and vocals.

On the Freestyle side, "Elektro Funk mix" and "Elektro Funk countdown mix" are simply brilliant. These have a Planet Rock beat combined with extremely powerful vocals (which are quite aimed at House music but suit perfectly this time Freestyle on this track) and a musical composition very similar to those you can listen to in a church. This enlightens a bit more and brings some spiritual ambiance to this single.

If the Freestyle and Dance music genres are in you, no doubt you will love The Kromozone Project.

Be among the first to discover "Take my love", a title which will surely often be heard on dance floors all over the world.


Score: 3 stars

Produced by Adam Marano, Jenni’s first record will be a Dance music and Freestyle success for its good quality.

Though Adam Marano chose a Planet Rock beat which has already been heard many times before, this track is different thanks to its great melody accompanied by Jenni’s beautiful voice.

It is really a pleasure to see that Adam Marano is recovering bit by bit its artistic capacities.