by: Francis Tanneur
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CAPRICE: "There goes your heart" (12 inch) FINETUNE RECORDINGS INC

Score: 3 stars

The real singularity of this first single is its overflowing energy. But the style is, without doubt, reminiscing of the Paradigm’s "Higher love" with a touch of Rockell for the voice and the style. But the rhythm beat is faster, and the use of keyboards, probably aiming at the Euro Dance, give the whole a strong dynamism, notably on the Freestyle versions. The captivating musical strength of Caprice’s voice wrapped everything in a neat emotional way.

Even if this song isn’t really original, it sure deserves a wide audience with its groovy seduction. Definitely a fine tune!


CYNTHIA: "Thinking about you" (CD album) ROBINS ENTERTAINMENT LLC

Score: 4 stars

What indubitably distinguish Cynthia from the rest of the actual Freestyle singers is her irresistible elegance, her hypnotic beauty, her unique voice and her eternal devotion for this music who can’t but buy respect.

With years, she managed to follow and adapt to every music style. This album, which every fan will be eager to buy, is a wide panel, rich and various, of what Freestyle music must be. To improve the production, Cynthia has surrounded herself with real big names, like Tony Moran (with the Old School never-berfore-released of "If I had a chance", an admirable little thing), Victor Franco (and his marvelous "Save your love for me", by far the best track), Joey Gardner (his hit "How I love him" is in all the memories) and Kenny Diaz ("I never said", and its very 80’s Latin Hip-Hop sound), that gives the album a unbelievable richness.

So, no matter what is your thing, this fourth album is sure to satisfy the most demanding Freestyle fan.



Score: 3 stars

Now for a cool collections of legendary items whose origin principally is Miami and its close suburbs. Indeed MAX MUSIC &ENTERTAINMENT label (Miami based) puts "home products" to the fore for this first compilation: Debbie Deb’s "Lookout weekend", Willy & Waseem’s "Promise me" and Trinere’s "I’ll be all you ever need" (PANDISC MUSIC CORP.), Meg’s "Lover girl" and Sasha’s "So good for you" (HOT PRODUCTIONS, INC), Sequal’s "It’s not too late" and Erotic Exotic’s "L.O.V.E" (JOEY BOY RECORDS), Nice 1 Wild’s Diamond girl" (ANGEL EYES RECORDS), Secret Society’s "We belong together" (VISIONS RECORDS), Voice In Fashion’s "Give me your love", Tolga’s "Sending all my love",…

Moreover, you’ll be listening to a superb 4’52 megamix produced and mixed by Frank Lords. That’s the sugar on the top of the cake.



Score: 4 stars

Just imagine producers Michael Lunn and Dennis Ciallela as two cooks, and that you are just entering the "Pryme Tyme" restaurant. You’ve entered with the sole hope that they created meals out of the ordinary. As for the chosen place, that’s already a good call. Now, as for the menu…

At first sight, you are undoubtedly seduced by the luxury of the Old School scent courses (15 of them) at your disposal, everyone of them more tasteful than the other. Now, you have to taste them…

To begin the culinary festival, you call the waiter, Artie Rodriguez, who treats you with no less than 7 appetizers, rather succulent and artistically displayed, such as Tara & Artie’s "I’ll be there for you", Ury’s "Once in every time", Mirage’s "Anything for your love", Saint’s "I need" or Tara ‘s "Waiting for your love". You already surrender in front of such a wealth…

But this is only for starter, and the best part is yet to come, with, in a first time Brian M. Wynne and Albert LeSerra who give you the extraordinary Cheree with "Spinnin’ round & round" and the amazing reprise of "What about me" interpreted this time by Angela, followed by a newcomer, Mario, and his wonderful "I can’t go on".

Almost fed up, you decide, however to go for a dessert (after all, you’re a healthy guy!) with Chris Sammarco and his two excellent gourmets: Christine Turner’s "Love at first sight" and Natural’s "The night". Then, you can’t go any further, but you know you’ll come back later to savor the remaining courses…

Don’t hesitate and discover the Pryme Tyme recipe, you’ll find it delicious!


GINA DEE: "Leave me not alone" (CD single) ZYX MUSIC (Germany)

Score: 4 stars

Compared to his previous "Limelight", the new Gina Dee single is far more convincing!

The rhythm beat is much faster and kicking, either on the two New School versions or on the two Dance mixes, who will definitely rock the dance floors. The melodies are more elaborate, Gina’s voice seems to be in a full maturity and the use of vocoder for the chorus is bringing a really pleasant touch to this excellent single, which will probably give this brilliant singer a growing notoriety.

Indubitably, a talent’s seed to keep on watching...



Score: 4 stars

Here is a mix of various medleys, which will please all the Latin Hip-Hop sound purists.

In four CDs, the REMIX RECORDS label (from Pennsylvania) manages to assemble 75 tracks that made this music glory. Each medley is 1h15 long and has the particularity of being the dazzling work of a true artisan mixer (some versions are quite stunning). The DJs find a funny pleasure mixing accapellas and original club versions. The result is really surprising.

Few are the labels that can offer us such as long megamixes while maintaining a smashing quality. One can only run to buy this extraordinary collection, already considered by many like one the best ever made.



Score: 2 stars

As the crystal box of that CD announces it, the TEN-LION RECORDS crew (Vic Ten & Jorge A. Ojeda) has selected a collection of musically diverse titles (Bass, Rap, Electro, Salsa, Latin House…and of course Freestyle music) all bathing into the Latin music influence.

For my own part, I didn’t like the non-Freestyle songs (except for the Salsa version of "I was the one" by Teaz II Pleaz. And to be honest, I ain’t quite fond of this musical style either!

As for the genre interesting us, there really are splendid Latin Hip-Hop gems with a Miami sound like "Diamond eyes" by Hilda Mariee, "Out of control" by Mara, "Naughty girls" by Hollywood, "Next 2 me" by 2 Sex Z, and especially Chevere’s jewel "Let me go".

To listen to for the Freestyle pieces particularly.



Score: 3 stars

The first thing that comes to the mind about this second compilation produced by Atilla C. Uyanik is the abundant proportion of songs composed of a Planet Rock beat (12 titles, isn’t that a bit too much?), the similarity of the keys, and the lack of new songs (4 reprises and 4 remixes)!

Those few reproaches stated, the final result is nonetheless of good quality, because Atilla is a fine artisan (I keep repeating it!). He offers us once again the opportunity to discover really good products, such as Frankie Boy (what a talent!), the wonderful "If you could be mine" by the no less wonderful Tolga, the Nickie’s great comeback (a.k.a. Vickie) and gracious Irene who interprets 3 reprises ("Miracles", "Only in my dreams" and "Where are you know").

Let’s only hope that "Maximum Freestyle vol.2" won’t get lost in the jungle of Canadian compilations, which most of them are definitely oriented towards beat Planet Rock. Therefore the importance for Atilla to change his style, ‘cause he deserves undoubtedly to recover his past glory.


M:G: "Think twice" ( CD single) CLASSIFIED RECORDS

Score: 3 stars

Although the song on the "Make a little noise" album had left me rather bored, I can only admit that these new versions are far from being uninteresting. They even bluffed me…in the good sense of the term!

Indeed, a more thorough work and new mixes are sometimes enough to have a different insight on the song. And I must say that these remixes are really a success, be it those Willie Valentin or Glenn Gutierrez.



Score: 4 stars

This new compilation wisely devised by the Phillips family (Chris and his father Gus) stands out of other compilations-especially those on the Canadian market-because the amazing quality of the production and the great variety of sounds. Indeed, there are numerous musical styles and can’t be summed up to mere Planet Rock rhythm beat. Only for that, it’s already a good news!

Then, the proposed selection will spellbound you, as it is generally very good. Listen particularly to the captivating tracks by Alexia Phillips, Maurizio, Caprice, Cari-Mae, and the fantastic reprise of Jody Whatley ("Do you want me?") by Kim Esty.

A compilation that deserves the best greetings.


PRAVINA: "Let me be the one" (CD single) STARCREST RECORDS

Score: 3 stars

With this production, the extremes are meeting. First there is "The Hit Party Anthem mix" by Sam Maxion which puts rhythm beat to the fore, with clear-cut sounds, to Progressive Freestyle, which is detrimental to Pravina’s magnificent voice. But Sam Maxion’s mix remains interesting. Then there is the original mix composed by Lenny "Linus" Douglas (definitely a name to remember!) which is the opposite. There, we can justly appreciate the powerful, beautiful organ of Pravina (she really sings in that version!) which is sure to move more than one Dance Music amateurs. Especially since this version is much more melodious. It includes terrific keys bringing an even greater emotion to the song.

A first gem, vibrating and overwhelming. We can’t but wait impatiently his next production.


STEVIE B VS JOHNNY O: "Mega Freestyle" (CD medley) ZYX MUSIC (Germany)

Score: 3 stars

Staging an encounter between two Freestyle legends in the same medley is an original idea.

For 12’30", mixer Snapshots alternates Stevie B’s songs ("Pump that body", "Party your body", "Summer nights" and "Funky melody") with those of Johnny O ("Freestyle", "Fantasy girl", "Runaway love" and "Memories").

For sure, the mix is quite simple, but up to the point. It’s also efficient ‘cause Snapshot knows these artists like the back of his hand as he already has remixed both of them in the past (Stevie B ‘s megamix vol.1 & 2, "Fantasy girl", etc.).


THE ULTIMATE FREESTYLE MIX VOL.4, 5, 6,7 & 8: "A collection of Freestyle hits" (CDs medley) NYC RECORDS / HOT PRODUCTIONS, INC

Score: 2 stars

After listening to the first three volumes, rather plain, of this series of medleys, it is with a certain hesitation, not to say sheer distrust, that I was awaiting these five new CDs.

We must admit that the interest only comes from the selection of the DJs (from HOT PRODUCTIONS, INC label, needless to say!) who have taken the liberty to choose pieces coming from other existing compilations, by affiliated labels, never before released (for most of them that is) in 12 inch or CD single.

If you don’t have these compilations, buy them, for the selected titles are rather good, all in all. But for those who already own them, the usefulness is dubious at best, even though these mixers are quite talented. Yet the mix is quite simple. Make your own choice…